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2019-07-10: 1888 map of Western Texas

2019-07-10: 1529 Map of the World - by Diego Ribero [9568 × 4028]

2019-07-10: 1529 Map of America - by Diego Ribero [5701 × 7674]

2019-07-09: Population comparison redd.it/c8wedu “UK has the same population as the entire northeast …

2019-07-09: Knowledge of French in Canada redd.it/c8vyo5 “There used to be much more French on the prairies”–]wild0ats

2019-07-09: Year of admission into the Union redd.it/c950zx “Should include readmission dates for the …

2019-07-09: Where are the woods in The Netherlands? redd.it/c90lrg “note that a lot of non-urban areas in the west are polders and thus there are …

2019-07-09: Denmark drawn up by roads redd.it/c9959s “Damn that’s actually super cool!”–ThaDonkey

2019-07-09: Nova Scotia redd.it/c98ltr “This is very, very exaggerated. I grew up on one of those “highs” …

2019-07-09: Volcanoes of Japan redd.it/c9f2eu “volcanic country”–madrid987

2019-07-09: Map of the Ferghana Valley region redd.it/c9i1ir “Really shows how silly those Soviet-era borders are”–poktanju

2019-07-09: Thailand drawn up by roads redd.it/c9mcl6 “the purple indicates traffic jams”–eojhcnip

2019-07-09: Spanish and Portugese Empires c. 1790 redd.it/c9n27g “hard to imagaine that spain owned 2/3 of the us …

2019-07-09: Road Map of Illinois

2019-07-09: Roads of Tokyo, Japan

2019-07-09: Global Biodiversity - Species Numbers of Vascular Plants redd.it/carxcd

2019-07-09: Territories annexed by horthyst Hungary through the Vienna Diktat(1938-1940), at german nazi pressure redd.it/caijhf “They pressured Romania and Slovakia to give land to …

2019-07-09: Northern Eurasia Land Cover (2000) redd.it/capazp “Yellow has largest population density”–Sibiras

2019-07-09: Croatia drawn up by roads redd.it/caon9j “Those are not roads, those are potholes”–DarthFikus

2019-07-09: Topographic map of Australia (1952) [7684 × 5323]

2019-07-08: Greece drawn up by roads redd.it/cajkwg

2019-07-08: Percentage of population with Internet access in Asia redd.it/cainrj “You have to applaud North Korea for how effectively they’ve been able …

2019-07-08: 1735 map of Lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland and the surrounding area [7466 × 5203]

2019-07-08: 1735 map of Lithuania [9232 × 7978]

2019-07-08: 1793 map of Istria [4721 × 6889]

2019-07-08: An historical and geographical map of Arkansas (1938) [5580 × 4232]

2019-07-08: Global Seismic Risk Map redd.it/ca91dx “Central China is actually a surprise”–freemiumxxx

2019-07-07: 1556 map of Africa - by Sebastian Münster [1713 × 1307]

2019-07-07: 1829 map of Oceania [9379 × 6306]

2019-07-07: 1829 map of Germany and the Austrian Empire [8954 × 6137]

2019-07-07: 1556 map of Genoa [7995 × 5928]

2019-07-07: 1556 map of Great Britain and Ireland [5567 × 7960]

2019-07-06: 1734 map of Sardinia - by Johann Baptist Homann

2019-07-06: 1733 map of Sri Lanka - by Guillaume de L'Isle [6800 × 5585]

2019-07-06: 1732 map of the Netherlands - by Herman Moll [6096 × 3697]

2019-07-06: 1731 map of the Caribbean and Central America - by Johann Baptist Homann [8078 × 9527]

2019-07-06: 1863 map of the world : showing sea routes of various explorers, includes list of European possessions in colour size: 9267 × 7022

2019-07-06: 1863 map of Europe size: 9261 × 6930

2019-07-06: Europe in 1812 (produced in 1863) size: 9318 × 6919

2019-07-06: Europe in 1789 (produced in 1863) size: 9344 × 6880

2019-07-06: Europe during the time of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (produced in 1863) size: 9370 × 6871

2019-07-06: Europe during the time of Charlemagne (produced in 1863) size: 9328 × 6897

2019-07-05: Map showing the Roman Empire (produced in 1862) size: 9268 × 6877

2019-07-05: 1864 map of the United States size: 8407 × 5321

2019-07-05: 1864 map of China - by Samuel Augustus Mitchell size: 6080 × 4765

2019-07-05: 1864 map showing the advance of the Union army under the command of Lieut.-Gen. Grant in eastern Virginia : also showing fortifications and radial distances from the city of Richmond size: 6784 × 9570

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Egypt - by Samuel Augustus Mitchell size: 5209 × 6345

2019-07-05: 1864 map of the Pacific Ocean including Oceania - by Samuel Augustus Mitchell size: 6604 × 5263

2019-07-05: 1864 map of the City and County of San Francisco - by James Butler size: 8945 × 7762

2019-07-05: 1864 Stanford's map of Australia - embracing the discoveries of A. & F. Gregory, Burke & Wills, Stuart, Landsborough, Walker and McKinlay size: 9362 × 8573

2019-07-05: 1864 map of the southern part of the province of Auckland, New Zealand - by Dr Ferdinand von Hochstetter size: 7143 × 8717

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Polynesia - by J. Batholomew size: 7480 × 6270

2019-07-05: 1864 map of New Zealand - by James Wyld size: 6567 × 9353

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Tasmania - by J. Batholomew size: 3798 × 6115

2019-07-05: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia (1864) - by J. Bartholomew size: 6336 × 7406 redd.it/c9boyy

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Victoria - by J. Bartholomew size: 7485 × 6171

2019-07-05: 1864 map of British possessions of North America - by James Wyld

2019-07-05: 1864 map of the United States of North America - by James Wyld

2019-07-05: 1864 map of the West India Islands - by James Wyld

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Brazil- by James Wyld

2019-07-05: 1864 map of the Republic of Peru and Bolivia - by James Wyld

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Colombia, British Guyana, Including the States of New Granada, Venezuela & Ecuador - by James Wyld

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Mexico and Texas - by James Wyld

2019-07-05: 1864 map of Central America - by James Wyld

2019-07-04: 1864 map of Australia - by James Wyld

2019-07-04: Germany the Empire of Austria and the Kingdoms of Prussia and Poland (1864) - by James Wyld

2019-07-04: 1864 map of New England

2019-07-03: Where libraries shelve history books, by region - Dewey Decimal & Library of Congress comparison redd.it/c3lwjo “Dewey Decimal: 940s Europe; 950s Asia; 960s Africa; 970s North America; 980s …

2019-07-03: A map of what Columbus expected the world to look like redd.it/c6l3do “Cippangu = Japan Cathay = Northern China Mangi = Southern China Quinsay = …

2019-07-03: Forest cover in Russia redd.it/c71emv “Basically there’s the steppe in the south, tundra in the north and a …

2019-07-03: France drawn up by roads redd.it/c76pts “Looks like France composed of blood vessels”–olterpneuma

2019-07-03: Unrecognised states in Africa redd.it/c7506w “Bir Tawil is just unclaimed land over a border dispute between Egypt and …

2019-07-03: Railways of Australia and New Zealand redd.it/c7bjig “The Taswegian railways only really exist for freight these days; I’ve …

2019-07-03: New Brunswick drawn up by watercourses redd.it/c7z3ri

2019-07-03: New Brunswick drawn up by roads redd.it/c7yuwr

2019-07-03: Belgium drawn up by roads redd.it/c80kns

2019-07-03: The Netherlands drawn up by roads redd.it/c7qh0u “I can actually see my hometown on this map!”–meneerfriday

2019-07-03: Norway drawn by roads redd.it/c8ezuj

2019-07-01: Tropical Moist Forests redd.it/c7mykx “m o i s t”–drcanislupus

2019-07-01: Afghanistan population density 2009 redd.it/c7mofr

2019-07-01: 1834 map of Western Australia showing counties and routes of explorers - by John Arrowsmith redd.it/c6ru58

2019-07-01: Japanese river basins in rainbow colours redd.it/c6rh2g “Love it”–venetiandeath

2019-07-01: Dispersal of horses in western United States, 1600-1775 redd.it/c6f619 “Fun fact: horses (and camels, actually) evolved in North America, so horses …

2019-07-01: Light pollution map of Sri Lanka redd.it/c5zl87 “Interesting”–CAT_FISHED_BY_PROF3

2019-07-01: Light pollution map of South Australia redd.it/c5z9m1

2019-07-01: Australian topographic drainage divisions and river regions redd.it/c5w6jw

2019-07-01: Length of the summer break in Primary Education across Europe redd.it/c7bgk4 |Holy shit. I’ve been wronged my whole youth. 6 weeks. 😭”–Bardesss

2019-07-01: Australia drawn up by roads

2019-07-01: Norway, Sweden, Finland drawn up by roads

2019-07-01: India drawn up by roads

2019-07-01: Malaysia drawn up by roads

2019-07-01: Switzerland drawn up by roads

2019-07-01: Poland drawn up by roads redd.it/c7a0ml “You can sort of see the border between Lower Silesia and Greater Poland on …

2019-07-01: Brazil drawn up by roads redd.it/c7k00z

2019-07-01: Mexico drawn up by roads redd.it/c76gm3 “it could be nice if you could travel thru mexico on your car without getting …

2019-07-01: Ireland drawn up by roads redd.it/c76lo8

2019-07-01: Portugal drawn by roads redd.it/c76g4d “Wow, didnt know there was a lot of covered land in …

2019-07-01: Spain drawn up by roads redd.it/c6wjsq “All roads lead to Madrid I suppose”–DarthCloakedGuy

2019-07-01: North Korea / South Korea drawn up by roads redd.it/c7gh16 “Until you realize those roads are probably all poorly maintained and not …

2019-07-01: Germany drawn up by roads redd.it/c7g0gd “The Rhinelands though”–Waddle_Dynasty

2019-07-01: Iceland (hardly) drawn up by roads redd.it/c7jftq “Wouldn’t guess there would be roads that cut from north to south directly. …

2019-07-01: Ohio drawn up only by roads redd.it/c7jfls “I can see norwalk”–mcalladin

2019-06-29: 1832 map of India - by John Arrowsmith

2019-06-29: 1942 map of East Prussia - by Adolf Stieler

2019-06-29: Texas Centennial Exhibition, 1836-1936

2019-06-29: It's a Real War -- with Supply Lines the Key to Victory (1942)

2019-06-29: Afghanistan country profile

2019-06-29: 1834 map of the Falkland Islands

2019-06-29: 1740 map of Japan - by Matthias Seutter

2019-06-28: European countries by forest cover redd.it/akwsj6 “Spain is always a marvel. Almost everybody thinks that is a very hot, dry, …

2019-06-28: Somalia country profile (2012)

2019-06-28: Population density of Somalia (2009)

2019-06-28: Clan distribution in the Horn of Africa (2012)

2019-06-28: Area of the Commonwealth of Australia compared with that of Europe (1910s) redd.it/c6d13w “Tasmania is my favourite European country”

2019-06-28: 1786 map of New Mexico, Louisiana, Canada, and the United States - by Louis Brion de La Tour and Louis Charles Desnos

2019-06-28: Australia split into 4 parts of equal population redd.it/b7jutd “Mmmm, now I would understand why Federal government was going to put up …

2019-06-28: Australia vs US - with US flipped upside down redd.it/bio3tn “Ah yes, Toronto, my favorite US city!”–MrPlow216

2019-06-28: Western Australia Discrete Indigenous Communities By Usual Population (2006) redd.it/bjcdcy

2019-06-28: The World in 1800 redd.it/bkhov4 “Champa was no longer exist in 1800. Panduranga, the last Cham kingdom was …

2019-06-28: Vegetation of Australia redd.it/bktfya

2019-06-28: The dingo fence in Australia. This is the longest fence in the world, at a length of 5,614 km redd.it/bq926v “Doesnt seem very dingo proof”–keyserthedudesoze

2019-06-28: 3D population density of Brisbane, Queensland redd.it/5f2n7e “Love to see it top-down”

2019-06-28: Vegetation Classes in New South Wales and Victoria redd.it/bvqme3 “I wonder what sort of vegetation all that cropland was 220 years ago… …

2019-06-28: Nearly 80% of Victorians live in these areas redd.it/bwiyjz “Historically its probably always been about the same. Take away Ballarat and …

2019-06-28: 1897 map of Australia redd.it/bxc2x1 “Is that to scale?”–merlincat007

2019-06-28: Urban Areas of Australia redd.it/9vt9y7 “Looks like a fuckin’ party in Alice!”–CyberBlaed

2019-06-28: 1852 map of Australia redd.it/bz1x9k “I imagine it would have been very expensive and time consuming to send teams …

2019-06-27: Animals of New Holland (1845) redd.it/c131u9 “What is that nameless animal?”–bsncubed

2019-06-27: Distribution of the Brumby (free-roaming feral horse) in Australia redd.it/c1ri18 “I would not have guessed that one of the largest ranges was around the Gulf …

2019-06-27: New Zealand Watersheds redd.it/c3v32m “Moist Noice Choice bro”

2019-06-27: Queensland River Basins redd.it/c3vluc “That is beautiful”–RootOfMinusOneCubed

2019-06-27: Languages in Schleswig (1838) redd.it/c4buf8 “Makes me wonder how alike (or not) those three languages sounded in the …

2019-06-27: Northern Territory of South Australia, 1886 redd.it/c4eklt “we don’t discriminate about northern south australia …

2019-06-27: The Guyanas redd.it/c4rtfs “Five Guyanas Burgers and Ananas”–Tacoman404

2019-06-27: 1934 pictorial map of Melbourne redd.it/7a67so “Melbourne has an average of 2,262 hours of sunshine each month. We live on …

2019-06-27: Australian topographic drainage divisions and river regions redd.it/c5w6jw

2019-06-27: Map of Sketch Shewing the relative Positions of the Lands under Survey to the Northward of Port Macquarie from 1841 redd.it/c5ng5k

2019-06-27: Light pollution map of South Australia redd.it/c5z9m1

2019-06-27: Light pollution map of Sri Lanka redd.it/c5zl87

2019-06-27: Land Cover Map of the Korean Peninsula redd.it/c4d74h “I’ve taken dozens and dozens of bus trips and train trips up and down …

2019-06-27: Departments of Paraguay redd.it/c4nby3 “iirc Rutherford B. Hayes mediated the end of a war they had with …

2019-06-27: Detailed World Flag Map redd.it/c4zwvo “Nepal done right! I appreciate!”–Samosmapper

2019-06-27: Prussia and Austria 1815-1866

2019-06-27: Map of the United States Numbered Highway System redd.it/c5p4vm

2019-06-27: 1918 Hunger map of Europe redd.it/c56ml2 “Unclassified = We won’t help this country, to be …

2019-06-27: Cantons of the Swiss Confederation redd.it/c5y963

2019-06-27: Celtic Languages as currently spoken redd.it/c59efy “That tiny spot in the central eastern part of Ireland is called Ráth Chairn. …

2019-06-27: Soil types worldwide redd.it/c5x41n

2019-06-27: Global warming stripes for Europe redd.it/c5xsqr twitter.com/JacobSchf…

2019-06-27: Origin of the words 'city' in various European Languages redd.it/c5odc8 “So the Borg have assimilated Iceland already?”–Im_int

2019-06-27: Map of Europe 1815 showing countries population redd.it/c5piuf “Just looking at countries that have roughly the same borders then as today, …

2019-06-27: South Asia at night as seen in 2016 redd.it/c5nsa9 “What’s interesting is that UAE and Oman appears more bright than …

2019-06-27: The World of Infrastructure redd.it/c5pia0 “Sea port really make the map of the world”–sajaypal007

2019-06-26: 1730 map of Asia - by Gerard van Keulen

2019-06-26: 1729 map of the Philippine islands and others of the East Indies - by Herman Moll

2019-06-26: 1728 map of the world - by Gerard van Keulen

2019-06-26: 1728 double hemispherical world map - by Rudolf Wetstein

2019-06-26: 1727 map of Switzerland - by Matthaeus Seutter

2019-06-26: 1818 map of northern Italy

2019-06-25: All the roads & streets of Canada

2019-06-25: 1665 map of Normandy, France - by Joan Blaeu

2019-06-24: 1726 double hemispherical map of the world - by M. Burghers

2019-06-24: 1725 map of Java, Indonesia

2019-06-24: 1724 map of Denmark - by Nicolas de Fer

2019-06-24: 1726 map of the southern islands of Indonesia and northern coast of Australia

2019-06-24: 1723 map of India - by Guillaume de L'Isle

2019-06-24: 1493 Ptolemy map of the world

2019-06-24: 1511 map showing the region of southeast Asia with the Ganges River in the west, the "Sinae" (China) in the east

2019-06-24: 1513 map of Lorraine

2019-06-24: 1530 map of the world - by Johannes Honter

2019-06-24: 1538 map of Asia

2019-06-24: 1534 allegorical map of Europe, Africa and Asia with four windheads - by Hans Lufft

2019-06-24: 1541 map of the Map of the Malay Peninsula and Thailand

2019-06-23: 1722 map of Africa - by Guillaume de L'Isle “This is an extraordinary example of Guillaume Delisle’s 1722 important and influential …

2019-06-23: 1721 map of the English Empire in America - by John Senex

2019-06-23: 1720 map of the Western Hemisphere - by Johannes Condet

2019-06-23: New Zealand River Basins redd.it/c3v4tf “Pretty dope! I’d love to see one for Big Island …

2019-06-23: 1719 map of Asia - by Henri Abraham Chatelain

2019-06-22: 1718 double hemispherical world map - by Nicolas de Fer

2019-06-22: 1717 map of Provence (France) - by Nicolas de Fer

2019-06-22: 1716 map of the world - by Johann Baptist Homann

2019-06-22: 1715 map of Hispaniola - by Nicolas de Fer

2019-06-22: 1550 map of Poland

2019-06-22: 1551 cordiform world map showing climatic zones - by Peter Apian

2019-06-22: All the roads & streets of Australia

2019-06-22: Come to beautiful Wales : tourist map from 1953

2019-06-22: European Ancestry in the US by County redd.it/c351l3 “And then there’s the Mormons”–sunburntredneck

2019-06-22: Highs & Lows : The Highest and Lowest areas on Earth redd.it/c3anuv “I wish there was a blurb about what’s going on down there in …

2019-06-22: Most common surname in Europe by country redd.it/c143ea “More specifically for the UK: England: Smith Wales: Jones (father’s …

2019-06-22: Map of Europe during WW1 with countries propaganda posters redd.it/c19evp “Sweden will just be sweden”–FedeDiBa

2019-06-22: France under German and Italian control late in 1942 redd.it/c192ca “A professor told me those borders were fun because it looks like the Germans …

2019-06-22: Most common surname in the United States by state redd.it/c114cl “The surname “Lee” could be English, Korean, or …

2019-06-22: The Christianization of Europe and surrounding areas redd.it/c18zo9 “Estonia wasnt officially christianized until 1227 but in reality remained …

2019-06-21: 1756 map of Australia

2019-06-21: Etymology of Ohio Counties redd.it/c2128k ”“foreign term”… “Genauga” (a native American …

2019-06-21: Languages Spoken in North America (mother tongue) redd.it/c1ss36 “What happened to Mexico?”–Substantial_Papaya

2019-06-21: U.S. Counties by Highest Point redd.it/c1uiga “A map like this for the most prominent peak in each county would be …

2019-06-21: Gulf of Venice (Adriatic Sea) circa 1677 redd.it/c2qa96 “via Beinecke Library”–Petrarch1603

2019-06-21: Predominant language family by province of Asia redd.it/c2fg39 “Korean and dravidian confused me for a second”–Leathergoose8

2019-06-21: Artificial sky brightness in North America redd.it/c31wg3 “Where you at Canada? We can’t do all the light pollution on our own”

2019-06-21: If England was a movie franchise redd.it/c2msjc “I hear they’re trying to retcon that shared cinematic universe lately, …

2019-06-21: Map of all internet activity in the world during the course of a day (2012) redd.it/c2ucul “Interesting. The usage in the States peaks during the day and falls off well …

2019-06-20: 1552 Map of Asia by Sebastian Munster

2019-06-20: 1553 Map of America by Sebastian Munster

2019-06-20: 1554 map of Malta - by Battista Agnes

2019-06-20: 1555 map of the East Mediterranean and Black Sea - by Angelo de Conte Freducci

2019-06-20: 1556 map of the world - by Geronimo Girava

2019-06-20: 1753 map of Egypt

2019-06-20: 1557 Map of Venice - by Cristoforo Sabbadino

2019-06-20: 1750 map of Japan

2019-06-20: Map of South America drawn 1558 by Diogo Homem

2019-06-19: Bavarian land boards from 1568

2019-06-19: 1559 map of district of the city Kuppenheim, Germany

2019-06-19: 1560 early Spanish map of Guiana

2019-06-19: 1561 map of the world - by Girolamo Ruscelli

2019-06-19: 1562 map of Africa - by Paolo Forlani

2019-06-19: 1563 Portolan chart by Diogo Homem

2019-06-19: 1564 world map drawn on a polar hemispherical projection - by Jost Amman

2019-06-19: 1565 map of the world

2019-06-19: 1566 world map of Nicolas Desliens

2019-06-19: 1567 map of the world - by Sebastian Munster

2019-06-19: 1568 map of the world - by Donato Bertelli

2019-06-19: 1569 map of western South America

2019-06-19: 1570 map of Africa - by Abraham Ortelius

2019-06-19: 1571 map of west Africa - by Portuguese cartographer Fernão Vaz Dourado

2019-06-19: 1850 map of Mexico and Guatemala - by Samuel Augustus Mitchell

2019-06-19: 1572 map of the world - showing how the descendants of Noah repopulated the Earth following the Great Flood - by Benito Arias Montano

2019-06-19: 1573 map of Cyprus - by Abraham Ortelius

2019-06-19: 1574 map of Asia - by Giacomo Gastaldi

2019-06-19: 1575 map of the world - by Franc̜ois de Belleforest

2019-06-19: 1576 map of Indonesia - by Tomaso Porcacchi

2019-06-19: 1873 map of the German Empire

2019-06-19: 1752 map of Denmark - by Johann Baptist Homann

2019-06-19: 1752 map of eastern Asia - by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon Anville

2019-06-18: Bonsignori's Map of Spain 1577

2019-06-18: 1578 map of North Africa - by Gerardus Mercator

2019-06-18: 1579 map of the Americas - by Abraham Ortelius

2019-06-18: 1580 copy of a Ptolemy map showing Sri Lanka as the mythical island of Taprobana - by Sebastian Munster

2019-06-18: 1865 emigration map of New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia - by W. & A.K. Johnston

2019-06-18: Geological map of Oceania (1892) - by Hermann Berghaus

2019-06-18: Geological map of Europe (1906)

2019-06-18: Mountains, Table Lands, Plains & Valleys of Europe (1906)

2019-06-18: 1581 woodcut map of the world - by Heinrich Bunting

2019-06-18: 1682 map of Iceland - by Pierre Du Val

2019-06-17: 1582 map of Verona, Italy - by Georg Braun

2019-06-17: 1583 map of Romania & Bulgaria - by Ortelius Ortelius

2019-06-17: 1584 historical map of Sicily - by Ortelius Ortelius

2019-06-17: 1585 map of Greece and western Turkey - by Abraham Ortelius

2019-06-17: 1586 map of Van, Sweden - by Braun and Hogenberg

2019-06-16: Five Japans (1936) - by Richard Edes Harrison

2019-06-16: Etymology of Greek provinces redd.it/c0wihz “Thessaloniki doesn’t mean “victory over Thessaly” - more …

2019-06-15: 1587 historical map of Germany

2019-06-15: 1588 map of the world - by Sebastian Munster

2019-06-15: 1589 - Santiago, Cape Verde

2019-06-15: 1590 map of the Black sea Region

2019-06-15: 1591 map of Florida and Cuba

2019-06-15: 1592 map of the Pacific Ocean showing part of south-east Asia, America, New Guinea and Terra Australis - by Abraham Ortelius

2019-06-15: 1593 map of East New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the [imaginary] coast of Australia showing mythical beasts - by Cornelis de Jode

2019-06-15: 1594 map of the world This map is among the first world maps to use highly decorated borders

2019-06-15: 1595 map of the British Isles in Roman times

2019-06-12: Iceland 1926

2019-06-12: Europe and Surrounding Areas in 1155 A.D. redd.it/bxj8uy “York being Yerk is honestly my favorite part of this”–PdAlchemist

2019-06-12: Australian Culture, Settlers Guide, 6 Maps, Part 3 redd.it/bxh015 “Melbourne is AFL Central - it cannot be anything but AFL! (Australian Rules …

2019-06-12: River basins of South America redd.it/bzb86d “Alright, now name them left to right. Ready? Go! Rio de la plata, the Amazon. …

2019-06-11: 1596 map of Greece

2019-06-11: 1346-1353 spread of the Black Death in Europe

2019-06-11: 1665 map of Walachia, Servia, Bulgaria, Romania - by Joan Blaeu

2019-06-11: 1854 world map of religious belief

2019-06-11: 1665 map of Portugal - by Joan Blaeu

2019-06-11: 1727 map of Potugal (and Brazil)

2019-06-10: 1893 Map of the Pacific Islands [Oceania]

2019-06-10: "Race Chart No. 9" (1894) : showing the geographical distribution of the brown Polynesians and the Pelagian blacks

2019-06-10: 1894 Stanford's map of eastern China, Japan and Korea

2019-06-10: 1895 German Map of Oceania

2019-06-10: Sydney 1895

2019-06-09: 1889 Trade Card of Australia

2019-06-09: Population Density Map of Tasmania (1954)

2019-06-09: 1875 map of east-central Asia, Tibet and the surrounding region - by Adolf Stieler and A. Petermann

2019-06-08: 1932 Vegetation Map of Australia (showing the short lived territories of Central Australia and North Australia)

2019-06-07: 1595 map of Asia

2019-06-07: 1596 map of the world - by Lambert Andreas

2019-06-07: Africa Watersheds / River Basins redd.it/bx0plr “North Africa is trippin”– wwwworld

2019-06-07: World Muslim Population redd.it/bx02hs “Great and timely map. Happy end of Ramadan”–chromium0818

2019-06-07: Map of Sicily and Sardinia from 1900

2019-06-06: 1597 map of Brazil

2019-06-06: 1598 map of the Indian Ocean region - by Abraham Ortelius

2019-06-06: 1599 map of the island of Mozambique

2019-06-06: 1600 double hemispherical map of the world showing Sir Francis Drake's voyage

2019-06-06: 1601 Map of South East Asia

2019-06-06: 1602 map of the Orient (Asia) - by Abraham Ortelius

2019-06-06: 1603 map of Italy

2019-06-06: 1898 Rand McNally map of Europe

2019-06-06: 1604 map of the Moluccas Islands in Indonesia

2019-06-06: 1605 Map of the Malay Peninsula and Thailand - by Jodocus Hondius

2019-06-06: 1606 map of Southeast Asia, oriented south - by Giovanni Battista Ramusio,

2019-06-06: 1607 Sundial projection map of the world

2019-06-06: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Tanzania (1980-2016)

2019-06-06: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Kenya (1980-2016)

2019-06-06: 1943 Topographic map of Rottnest Island, Western Australia

2019-06-06: 1780 Chart of Rottnest Island, Western Australia

2019-06-06: 1608 map

2019-06-05: Map of the extermination of the American Bison to 1889

2019-06-05: Colonial American Ancestry in the United States (2000)

2019-06-05: 1609 map of Asia

2019-06-05: Italy and Greece swapped redd.it/bw8fzb “Did the Afsluitdijk get an upgrade?”–strikerxc

2019-06-05: Map of the average climate of currents around the world redd.it/bwtobd

2019-06-05: The annual average temperatures around the world redd.it/bwtk05 “Why is that one spot in Greenland colder than other areas at the same …

2019-06-05: The United States from the perspective of a Brit redd.it/bwsoun “VIRGINia”–TheHarridan

2019-06-05: What if the terrain of Europe was proportionate to its countries' GDP/capita (PPP) redd.it/bwr8nt “rip northern norway, you’re ukraine now”–Roevhaal

2019-06-05: Nine Ways To Divide British Columbia redd.it/bwla0a “Oh cmon Prince George can’t be that bad” *looks up Prince George * …

2019-06-05: Two-way invasion puts Germany in tactical dilemma (Map from February 12th, 1945) - WW2 redd.it/bwj3xj “Hitler is sitting in his bunker feeling like a fool at this …

2019-06-05: 1610 map of Isle of Man - by John Speed

2019-06-04: 1611 map of Africa and south & southeast Asia

2019-06-04: 1612 map of Nuremberg , Ulm, Lindau (Germany) & Salzburg (Austria)

2019-06-04: 1613 Map of the Magellan Straits between Tierra del Fuego and the southern most parts of Chile and Argentina, South America

2019-06-04: 1614 Map of Russia in Europe, and the surrounding area (the Fedor Godunov map)

2019-06-04: 1615 Map of Java, Bali and southern part of Sumatra

2019-06-04: 1616 Map of New Guinea and Solomons - by Petrus Bertius

2019-06-04: Leo Belgicus (1617) The Low Counries in the form of a Lion

2019-06-04: Hitchhiking map with the average waiting times of Europe redd.it/bwf35p “As a Croat, can confirm. Foreign hitchhikers are everywhere, but they just …

2019-06-04: Map of Allied-occupied Austria and Vienna redd.it/bwev2h “the Soviets mainly saw Austria as a diplomatic bargaining chip. After the …

2019-06-04: Europe and Surrounding Areas in 1155 A.D. redd.it/bwa9xp “Great map! A few points about Scandinavia: Lödöse was further inland in …

2019-06-04: Acquisitions of American Territories by President redd.it/bw9zst “If you want to be completest: Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the …

2019-06-04: Mississippi River Meander Belt (1948) redd.it/bw8kfe “Rivers are alive…”–mferretto

2019-06-04: Canada divided into four regions of equal populations (based on 2015 Federal ridings) redd.it/bw6y6g “This is fascinating. TIL Nunavut has more people than …

2019-06-04: How long it takes to drive to all the capitals in mainland Australia redd.it/bw3jpd “12,753km is more of a distance then the distance from Canberra to Las …

2019-06-04: Route Map of Man Who Collected All US Counties redd.it/bw3h3g “Michigan does have a lot of counties”–Jaglicious

2019-06-04: New York City Building Footprint

2019-06-04: Greater Tokyo Area Road Map

2019-06-04: San Francisco Bay Area Road Map redd.it/bvym6y “Haha, you know it’s good when it scrolls …

2019-06-04: Second largest ethnic group in each Romanian county (2019)

2019-06-04: Vegetation Classes in New South Wales and Victoria redd.it/bvtcws “I wonder what sort of vegetation all that cropland was 220 years ago… …

2019-06-03: 1618 Map of the Southern Hemisphere

2019-06-03: 1619 World map showing voyages of Joris van Spilbergen and Jacob le Maire - by Nicolaes van Geelkercken

2019-06-03: 1620 panoramic map of Paris, France

2019-06-03: 1621 map of La Rochelle, France and the surrounding area

2019-06-03: 1886 Map of the counties of Nicholson, Waradgery, Sturt, Boyd, Wakool, Cooper, Townsend, Urana, Denison, Hume, Cadell in New South Wales

2019-06-03: 1622 pictorial map of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, England - by Michael Drayton

2019-06-03: 1622 pictorial map of Lancashire, England - by Michael Drayton

2019-06-03: 1622 pictorial map of Northumberland, England - by Michael Drayton

2019-06-03: 1622 pictorial map of Cumberland and Westmoreland, England - by Michael Drayton

2019-06-03: 1622 pictorial map of Yorkshire, England - by Michael Drayton

2019-06-03: 1623 map made by Arent de Leeuw on the 1623 expedition to New Guinea and the Gulf of Carpentaria in the ships Arnhem and Pera

2019-06-03: 1624 map of Sarlat and the surrounding region, France

2019-06-03: 1625 religious map of the world - by Jodocus Hondius

2019-06-03: 1626 map of the world - by John Speed

2019-06-03: 1627 map covering Cape Leeuwin to Tryal Rocks and Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia - showing the extent of Dutch discoveries 1616-1622 - by Hessel Gerritsz

2019-06-03: 1628 Map of the Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic Pole to latitude 60°N̊orth - by Gerhard Mercator

2019-06-03: 1629 map of Brabant, Belgium North to the right

2019-06-03: 1630 Map of Colombia and Panama - by Jodocus Hondius

2019-06-03: 1631 map of the world - by Willem Janszoon Blaeu

2019-06-03: 1632 map of Luxembourg

2019-06-03: 1633 Map of the Straits of Magellan, South America - by Hendrik Hondius

2019-06-02: 1634 map of south and south east Asia - by Willem Janszoon Blaeu

2019-06-02: 1635 map of Asia - by Willem Janszoon Blaeu

2019-06-02: 1636 map of Asia - by Hendrik Hondius

2019-06-02: Ethnic Composition of the United States (2017) redd.it/bv9pbm

2019-06-02: Global Sea Surface Temperatures at the Start of 2010 Hurricane Season

2019-06-02: "Portugal is not a small country" - 1934 Propaganda redd.it/bvp0wy “Bigger than Spain!”–PodporuchikKJ

2019-06-02: Legality of cannabis in the USA - June 2019 redd.it/bvknwt “America is bizarre”–hirayuri

2019-06-02: French Revolution - 1790 redd.it/bvj458

2019-06-02: French Revolution - 1791 redd.it/bvj4lu “Nice that the flight to Varennes is highlighted”–gattomeow

2019-06-02: China 1931 redd.it/bvba3c “What a beauty”–JottGleichGott

2019-06-01: Africa in 1914 redd.it/bv6i2d “Love the way you did this”–kingslak

2019-06-01: Europe 1803 on the verge of the War of the Third Coalition and showing population of Great Powers redd.it/butfzy “The population ratios are really helpful to explaining France’s …

2019-06-01: Ethnolinguistic Map of Indochina, 1970 redd.it/buideo “Vietnam and Cambodia are pretty ethnically homogenous so all the tribal …

2019-06-01: Anthropomorphic propaganda map from the Russo Japanese War (1904) redd.it/bu02li

2019-06-01: Republic of San Marino redd.it/btypuz “Empire of San Marino”–Walter_Lebowski

2019-06-01: Languages that are secretly different languages redd.it/btwej0 “Today in modern Arabic, german, Chinese and Thai speaking countries everyone …

2019-06-01: International recognition of Israel and Palestine redd.it/btuqhc “It’s funny that Armenia recognises Israel as a sovereign nation but Israel …

2019-06-01: Etymology of County Names in New England redd.it/btq4s9 “Carroll is Irish, it’s an Anglicised form of Ó …

2019-06-01: Etymology of New York County Names redd.it/btaeok “Sullivan is an Irish name, Anglicised from Ó Súilleabháin. If Ulster(Uladh) …

2019-06-01: Fertility rates of EU regions in 2017 redd.it/bt82bm “I like that the scale tops out at the bare minimum for population …

2019-06-01: European colonization of Africa redd.it/bt6dzi “they never got Ethiopia”–TheMulattoMaker

2019-05-30: Countries by Form of Government redd.it/bt3f3d Blue = Presidential republics with a full presidential system Yellow = Presidential …

2019-05-30: Rome in the age of Constantine, at a scale of 1:250 - created by the architect Italo Gismondi across nearly 40 years redd.it/bt0018 “Alright, scan it, upscale it, texture it, finish out the interiors and load …

2019-05-30: Green and green-oriented political party strength and/or popularity per country in Europe + nearby redd.it/bsz33q

2019-05-30: How Fast Do You Earn $1 with an Average Income in Asia redd.it/bsyrm5 “Poor North Korea”–jjdawgs84

2019-05-30: If Appalachia became a State redd.it/bsxizh “The counties chart leaves off 20 or 30 something that it would absorb from …

2019-05-30: Australian Nature, Visitors Guide, 6 Maps - part 2 redd.it/bsv6ht “Please criticise and suggest improvements”

2019-05-30: Australian Nature, Visitors Guide, 6 Maps - part 1

2019-05-30: Legacies of European colonialism: The official status of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian around the world redd.it/bsu70o “Germany: Yup we’re totally not involved with this. [Hans hide the …

2019-05-30: French Revolution - 1789 redd.it/bssr07 “This map looks great. I really love the division of Austria and …

2019-05-30: 1637 Map of the county of Lincolnshire and surroundings

2019-05-29: Territories of Tasmanian Aboriginal nations

2019-05-28: Etymology of Oklahoma County Names redd.it/bsptcm “I thought the Caddo were a native tribe”–MookSmilliams

2019-05-28: Minneapolis, Minnesota was hit by a tornado on May 22, 2011. The tree damage scar is still visible on Google Map redd.it/bsphxa “And a lot of people’s homes”–votenanocratic

2019-05-28: Etymology of Kansas County Names redd.it/bsm9ds “chuckles in Colorado”–Striped_Sponge

2019-05-28: Election in european languages redd.it/bsl692 “In Spanish you would use the plural ‘elecciones’, even referring …

2019-05-28: The 4th reich? (1947) redd.it/bskvgr “I thought the 1st reich was the Holy Roman Empire and the 2nd reich was the …

2019-05-28: Average annual GDP growth per country 2012-2019 redd.it/bskmq4 “sighs in Argentinian”–kidface

2019-05-28: Useful guide on map projections redd.it/bsjz10 “The Mercator projection requires your STRONGEST …

2019-05-28: Irish Family Names by Place of Origin, published in NY Sunday News newspaper on St. Patrick's Day in 1946 redd.it/bshcx6 “Lots of O’s. Lots of, lots of O’s…”–macpad095

2019-05-28: India Elections Results 2019 redd.it/bsdepb “Modi still dominating it seems”–VarysIsAMermaid69

2019-05-28: Soviet map of the American Revolution redd.it/bs9oje “The inset is titled “Colonists’ First Battles Against English …

2019-05-28: Voter turnout for the 2014 European Elections redd.it/bs2zc7 “Turnout varies a lot across countries. In some municipalities of Slovakia it …

2019-05-28: World Map if borders were decided by nearest capital redd.it/bs2ylg “Lesotho to South Africa: Look at me, I’m the Captain …

2019-05-28: World country endonyms : map that uses the names of countries using the countries' local names (where possible) redd.it/bs2s7b “Australia should then be “‘Straya” or something”–AllNewTypeFace

2019-05-28: Agricultural land use redd.it/bs0yim

2019-05-28: Britain, as it looked in 5,500 BC. redd.it/bs0jae “Wow, was it really that different just 7.5k years …

2019-05-28: Homeless people in Australia (Per 10,000 people) redd.it/brxbqw “the traditional lifestyle of nomadicism, which a not-insignificant number of …

2019-05-28: Sign language map redd.it/bruvfy “I was doubting Madagascar but it does apparently share some similarities with …

2019-05-28: Subnational Human Development Index (2018) redd.it/brtac2 “I don’t buy that Wisconsin is less developed than West Virginia or …

2019-05-28: The World’s Population In 1900 redd.it/brsifi “Africa’s population sure skyrocketed since then”–civver3

2019-05-28: Year of independence of countries in America redd.it/brseh5 “This map is gonna piss off some Canadians”–]takkinn

2019-05-28: Jerusalem in the 1st Century redd.it/brpli3

2019-05-28: Subnational Regions with HDI over 0.9 HD redd.it/brnjnu “Flanders, Wallonia divide is strong as usual”–ghastly42

2019-05-28: Prevalence of Christianity worldwide redd.it/brnin0 “the chad Vatican out here with 100%”–jfromstate

2019-05-28: Language difficult rankings in Europe according to the FSI redd.it/brhuvq “I figured the non-German Germanic languages would be easier than romance …

2019-05-28: New Amsterdam (New York City) c. 1660 redd.it/brdumd “I like how canals were one of the first things they …

2019-05-28: Europe 1789 before French Revolution redd.it/brbzk6 “Ireland was a separate kingdom to Britain at the time, it just had the same …

2019-05-28: Officiality of the UN's 6 official languages redd.it/br91b7 “Am I right in saying that making Portuguese the next officia language would …

2019-05-28: 2019 South African general election: leading party by voting district redd.it/br79zb “So EFF isn’t actually doing that well yet?”–holytriplem

2019-05-27: 1638 map of the world - by Matthaeus Merian

2019-05-27: 1639 map of North America

2019-05-27: 1640 map of Straits of Magellan, South America - by Willem Janszoon Blaeu

2019-05-27: 1641 map of the British Isles - by Nicolas Sanson and Guillaume Sanson

2019-05-27: 1642 map of Chile - by Willem Janszoon Blaeu

2019-05-27: 1643 double hemispherical world map - by Melchior Tavernier

2019-05-27: 1644 map of England and Wales

2019-05-27: 1645 map of Hertfordshire in England - by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-26: 1646 map of Denmark

2019-05-26: 1647 map of Dutch Brazil

2019-05-26: 1648 double hemispherical map of the world, showing Tasman's journeys in Australian & NZ waters

2019-05-26: 1654 map of China and Japan - by Willem Janszoon Blaeu

2019-05-26: 1649 map of south east Asia

2019-05-26: 1650 southern hemispherical map - by Jan Jansson

2019-05-26: 1651 double hemispherical map of the world - by Nicolas Sanson

2019-05-26: 1652 map of Kingdom of Vavarre, Spain and France

2019-05-26: 1653 map of Germany - by Pierre-Jean, Mariette

2019-05-26: 1654 map of Pomerania, Germany and Poland

2019-05-26: 1655 map of Pecheli, including Peking, First Imperial Province of China. Map shows Great Wall of China - by Martino Martini]

2019-05-26: 1656 map of Egypt and northern Libya - by Nicolas Sanson

2019-05-25: 1657 map of the Banda Islands in Indonesia

2019-05-25: 1658 world map - by Dancker Danckert'

2019-05-25: 1659 map of the Baltic Sea and surrounding region - by Hendrick Doncker

2019-05-25: 1660 map of Europe and Mediterranean Sea countries

2019-05-25: 1661 map of the Pacific, from Solomon Islands to Peru

2019-05-25: 1662 map of Tartary (central and northern Asia) - by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-25: 1663 double hemispherical world map - by Nicolaes Visscher

2019-05-24: 1644 map of Australia - by Melchisedech Thevenot

2019-05-24: 1648 double hemispherical map of the world - by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-24: 1665 map of the Bosporus Cimmerius or Kerch Strait in Russia and Crimea

2019-05-24: 1666 double hemispherical map of the world - by Johannes van Loon

2019-05-24: 1667 map of Guyana

2019-05-24: 1668 map of Paraguay

2019-05-23: 1669 map of Sweden and Finland

2019-05-23: 1670 map of the Magellan Straits (Chile) - by John Thornton

2019-05-23: 1671 map of the world surrounded by vignettes of biblical scenes - by Joseph Moxon

2019-05-23: 1672 map of the Pacific - by Pieter Goos

2019-05-23: 1673 double hemispherical world map

2019-05-23: 1674 map of the Ottoman Empire

2019-05-23: 1676 map of Britain as it was divided in the time of the English Saxons

2019-05-22: 1675 map of ast Indies showing the area from India to Japan and south to New Guinea and Australia - by J. Seller, J. Colson, W. Fisher, J. Atkinson and J. Thornton

2019-05-22: 1676 A map of Tartary (central and northern Asia) - by John Speed

2019-05-22: 1677 map of London, Rochester, and the River Thames, England - by Mathaeus Merian

2019-05-22: 1678 map of the Arctic

2019-05-22: Public Roads of the contiguous United States (2018)

2019-05-22: Amount of Norwegians who write in dialect instead of standard Norwegian in casual contexts redd.it/br39a3 “It’s a whole bunch of craziness. Norwegian has two official …

2019-05-21: The island of Capri, Italy (1965) - by Heinrich Caesar Berran

2019-05-21: 1679 map of Florida, New Mexico and the island of California

2019-05-21: 1680 map of the Indian Ocean and surrounding countries - by Jan Jansson

2019-05-21: 1681 world map showing time differences with twenty-four time zones marked across the top - in Gothic German

2019-05-21: 1682 map of Asia - by Frederik de Wit

2019-05-21: 1683 map of the Solomon Islands and New Zealand

2019-05-21: 1684 physical map of Eastern Hemisphere

2019-05-21: 1685 map of the Western Hemisphere - by Justus Danckerts

2019-05-21: 1686 map of Malta

2019-05-21: 1687 manuscript map of the Mogul Empire in northern India showing provinces, roads, rivers and towns

2019-05-21: 1688 map of the eastern part of Canada, or New France - Jean Nicolas

2019-05-21: Forests of Czechoslovakia (1966)

2019-05-21: 1689 map of Albania

2019-05-20: 1690 map of south and south east Asia - by Pieter Goos

2019-05-20: 1691 map of Bohemia

2019-05-20: World population density (1967)

2019-05-20: 1692 double hemispherical world map - by Nicolas Sanson

2019-05-20: Switzerland: 63.7% vote to adopt EU gun legislation - May 2019 This includes stricter gun laws for the non-EU state in today’s referendum. Switzerland used …

2019-05-20: Vote strength map for the 2019 Australian federal election. These maps show the first preference vote count, and the final two-party preferred vote

2019-05-20: 1693 world map - by Pierre Mortier

2019-05-20: A Caricature Map of South Carolina (1969) - by Jack Smyrl

2019-05-20: 1694 map of the Principality of Transylvania, Romania - by Nicolas & Guillaume Sanson

2019-05-20: Pictorial map of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (1970)

2019-05-20: 1695 map of Kent in southern England - by Robert Morden

2019-05-20: Panoramic view of the land forms of California and Nevada (1971)

2019-05-20: 1696 map of the Maluku Islands in the Indonesian archipelago - by Vincenzo Coronelli

2019-05-20: 1697 map of the coast of Western Australia originally sketched by Willem de Vlamingh, and stretching from Kalbarri north to Vlamingh Head on North West Cape

2019-05-20: 1699 northern hemispherical map showing the tracks of Magellan in 1522

2019-05-20: 1700 southern hemispherical map - by Henrik Hondius

2019-05-19: Indian Land Cessions (1972) - by Sam B. Hilliard and Dan Irwin

2019-05-19: 1701 Map of India and the South-East Asian peninsula - by Herman Moll

2019-05-19: 1702 map of Asia. It incorporates Nicholas Witsen's Asian and Siberian cartography - Witsen was a prominent politician, Mayor of Amsterdam, scholar and cartographer

2019-05-19: Rand McNally World Portrait Map (1975)

2019-05-19: 1703 double hemispherical map of the world

2019-05-19: 1704 world map showing principal shipping routes

2019-05-19: The dingo fence in Australia. This is the longest fence in the world, at a length of 5,614 km redd.it/bq926v “The Dingo Fence or Dog Fence is a pest-exclusion fence that was built in …

2019-05-19: Size of empires and large countries

2019-05-19: Largest empires in history including all claims on land and sea

2019-05-19: Spanish and Portuguese empires in 1790

2019-05-19: 1976 map of the floor of the world's oceans

2019-05-19: 1705 map of Asia - by John Harris

2019-05-19: 1706 map of New Zealand - by Vincenzo Coronelli

2019-05-19: 1707 map of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - ''t groot eiland Ceilon of Ilanare by d'Arabiers, Persianen en Chineezen, chilan genoemd'

2019-05-19: 1708 world map - by Andreas van Lugtenburg

2019-05-19: Road map of Iran (1977)

2019-05-19: Pictorial map with birds-eye view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1978)

2019-05-19: California Waterscape (1979)

2019-05-19: Pictorial map with birds-eye view of Philadelphia (1980)

2019-05-19: 1709 map of China showing provinces

2019-05-19: 1711 Map of Spain & Portugal- by Herman Moll

2019-05-19: 1711 map of Britttany (France)

2019-05-19: Limits of the South Sea Company, America (1711) - by Herman Moll

2019-05-18: 1712 map of France

2019-05-18: 1712 map of Germany, Hungary, Transilvania and the Suisse - by Herman Moll

2019-05-18: 1714 map of the provinces of the Netherlands

2019-05-18: 1714 map of the Austrian Empire

2019-05-18: The greatness of the United States is founded on agriculture (1922) redd.it/bpm09h ”“As a West Virginian, the first thing I checked was how badly my state …

2019-05-18: US Population by Canadas redd.it/bpkxym “East coast looks like Papa Smurf with the colours”–PkQ-

2019-05-18: Land cover map of North America redd.it/bpkryi “Mexico has a higher population density than the United States, but the red …

2019-05-18: 1920 "The Central European Union" redd.it/bpj5b4 “I’d vote for Vienna to be the European Capital, but otherwise this …

2019-05-18: Lower Manhattan skyscrapers, organized by time period built redd.it/bpf00c “I love how you can see the progression of skyscraper architectural trends …

2019-05-18: Hand drawn map of Scandinavia and Baltic – redd.it/bpdwyz “Man, Norway must have been horrible to draw!”–zinc10

2019-05-18: % of population identifying 'Scottish' as part of their ancestry – redd.it/bpbrrz “Wow, the Falklands are literally South …

2019-05-18: Austrian Dominions, English map from 1816 – redd.it/bpaze3 “The mapmakers seem to have mistakenly assumed that New Galicia would …

2019-05-18: Australia's Forests (2018) – redd.it/bpahcf “If you’ve travelled around Australia’s interior, you’ll know that …

2019-05-18: Map of Aboriginal tribes - derived from ATSIC Map ATSIC Map - https://mgnsw.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/map_col_highres2.jpg – …

2019-05-18: Cities with more than 500 people – redd.it/bp4dnk

2019-05-18: Major Roads in Europe – redd.it/boycbw “I get the impression that all roads lead to …

2019-05-18: Pre-Colonial South America – redd.it/boy4qb “Awesome map. I was reading some time ago about the Peabiru Path, a web …

2019-05-18: The first Köppen climate map, 1884 – redd.it/bosg1q “This was the map attached to the paper that first described what would …

2019-05-18: Land cover map of Europe and surrounding areas – redd.it/boqd8k “Yellow yellow yellow and then we have Scandinavia”– …

2019-05-18: Regions of Asia by GDP (PPP) – redd.it/boq0d0 “Iraq seems decently wealthy for a country that has gone through so …

2019-05-18: A map showcasing the development of most of Brazil’s regions in the last 20 years – redd.it/bople5 “that 2000 -2010 difference THO”–Pictochat101

2019-05-18: Area repartition in the City of Venice – redd.it/bonhqv “Water occupies 57.30% of the total surface. This area is made up …

2019-05-18: Our Country as Traitors & Tyrants Would Have It or Map of the Disunited States (1864) – redd.it/bol691 “Apparently those tyrants in Traverse City were lusting after …

2019-05-18: The United States of What If (All Potential States That Came to Vote Passed) – redd.it/boe31q “Name all the state tests in school would be so overpowered if this was …

2019-05-18: Places with over 1000 inhabitants in Europe redd.it/bofl9p “Schleswig-Holstein is in the lower end in terms of population of the german …

2019-05-18: 1940 map of Slovakia redd.it/bo4mwl ” In 1938-1939 Slovakia lost some lands to Hungary (marked here with a dashed …

2019-05-18: How long it would take to get around the world in 1914 starting in London (from real life lore) redd.it/bo30jr “For the modern day you could probably replace “days” with …

2019-05-18: Deforestation differences between Belize and Guatemala create a straight line along their border visible from space redd.it/bnx5pn “Isn’t that why Guatemalan loggers are crossing into Belize to cut more …

2019-05-17: Colton's 1886 map of Persia and Arabia

2019-05-17: Colton's 1886 map of Dakota

2019-05-17: Agriculture of China (1971)

2019-05-17: Ethnolinguistic Groups of China (1971)

2019-05-17: Precipitation of China (1971)

2019-05-17: Population density map of China (1971)

2019-05-17: 1905 map of southeast Australia - by Richard Andree and Albert Scobel

2019-05-17: 1905 map of Australia - by Richard Andree and Albert Scobel

2019-05-17: 1905 map of Hannover, Oldenburg, Braunschweig and Bremen in Germany - by Richard Andree and Albert Scobel

2019-05-17: Relief map of Europe (1905) - by Richard Andree and Albert Scobel

2019-05-17: 1802 map of The Texel Channel, North Holland - by John Luffman

2019-05-17: 1801 map of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - by John Luffman

2019-05-17: 1801 map of Mauritius - by John Luffman

2019-05-17: Christian's pictorial 1948 map of Honolulu

2019-05-17: Hitler's Next Move! Will He Demand Return of Colonies? (1936) - from the Detroit Times; by G. Hukkala

2019-05-17: 1838 map of the peninsula of India, from the 19th degree of north latitude to Cape Comorin (south sheet) - by James Wyld

2019-05-17: 1838 map of the peninsula of India, from the 19th degree of north latitude to Cape Comorin (north sheet) - by James Wyld

2019-05-17: 1838 map showing places in England & Wales - by James Wyld

2019-05-17: 1786 map of Sardinia and Corsica - by Louis Brion de La Tour and Louis Charles Desnos

2019-05-17: 1786 map of central Italy - by Louis Brion de La Tour and Louis Charles Desnos

2019-05-16: 1765 trigonographic map of France

2019-05-16: 1839 map of the Amercias - by Augustin Legrand

2019-05-16: The popular wireless broadcasting map of the world (1930)

2019-05-15: 1882 map of France showing the rural population in relation to total population by department

2019-05-15: 1858 map of south east Australia and New Zealand - by Francesco C. Marmocchi

2019-05-15: Isothermal Chart Or View Of the Climates & Productions of The Earth (1828)

2019-05-14: 1858 map of Australia - by Francesco C. Marmocchi

2019-05-14: 1715 mao Majorca (Spain) - by Nicolas de Fe

2019-05-14: 1848 map of the Balkans - by Ludwig Ewald and Georg Leonhart Bauerkeller

2019-05-14: 1857 religious map of the world - by Ludwig Ewald and Georg Leonhart Bauerkeller 1857 religious map of the world - 1849 map of Australia and New Zealand - by Ludwig Ewald and Georg …

2019-05-14: 1849 map of Australia and New Zealand - by Ludwig Ewald and Georg Leonhart Bauerkeller

2019-05-14: 1785 map of Ischia Island (Italy) - by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-14: 1785 map of the Tremiti Islands (Italy) - by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-13: 1848 map of the Province of Canada - by James Wyld

2019-05-13: 1607 Double Hemispheres colured map - by Gerhard Mercator

2019-05-13: Pictorial map of Canada (1945)

2019-05-13: 1795 map of Africa

2019-05-13: 1850 map of the United States - by James Wyld

2019-05-13: Japanese 1935 map of Europe and the surrounding region

2019-05-13: New York : The Empire State (1939) - showing some of the history of New York state

2019-05-13: 1850 map of Scotland - by James Wyld

2019-05-13: 1838 pictorial map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

2019-05-13: When Sicily is conquered, where will the Allies strike - 1943 map from the Los Angeles Times

2019-05-13: MacArthur moves into position for assault on Philippines (1944)

2019-05-13: The United States redrawn as Fifty States with Equal Population redd.it/bnl4et ”““GARY” is such a dissapointingly plain name for a …

2019-05-13: Germans, backing toward "Inner Fortress" plan to make peace costly : a 1943 map from the Los Angeles Times

2019-05-12: Alaska Gold Rush Map from 1898 : The Gold and Coal Fields of Alaska

2019-05-12: 1878 Ethnographic map of northern Russia, including Finland - by Lieutenant Aleksandr Fyodorovich Rittikh

2019-05-12: 1878 Ethnographic map of Ukraine, southern Russia and the Caucasus - by Lieutenant Aleksandr Fyodorovich Rittikh

2019-05-12: Relief Map of the United States

2019-05-12: 1929 map of New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, Tasmania, New Caledonia by Touring club italiano

2019-05-12: 1929 map of Australia by Touring club italiano

2019-05-12: Coast to Coast Air Race United Sates. Toddy Travel Series (1933)

2019-05-12: Map of Caspian Sea - by Pirî Reis (1525)

2019-05-12: Map of Corsica - by Pirî Reis (1525)

2019-05-12: A pictorial map of Spain and Portugal (1935) - by Ernest Dudley Chase

2019-05-12: 1848 map of the Province of Canada - by James Wyld

2019-05-12: All Land Ever Owned by the Roman Empire redd.it/bngkf8 “roman powers!!”–madrid987

2019-05-12: Cats vs Dogs in the United States redd.it/bn756u ”““So where it’s cold and people stay inside they prefer …

2019-05-12: Nine ways to divide Croatia redd.it/bn739l “Who would’ve thought most standard Croatian speakers live in Bosnia and …

2019-05-12: Second Largest Nationalities by County in Ireland redd.it/bn5akb “redd.it/bn5akb”– doliam13

2019-05-12: Two Largest Asian Subgroups in US States for 2010 vs 2017

2019-05-12: Map with the designation of the boundaries of all 36 568 communes of France – redd.it/bn3bnw “Dense motherfucker”–marek1893

2019-05-12: Distribution of cattle in Africa redd.it/bmn6ob The border of the Sahara and the Sahel is satisfyingly straight and …

2019-05-12: Territorial Changes of Iran the 19th and the 20th Centuries – redd.it/bmk736 “Bahrain is listed as having been lost as a result of a poll from 1971, …

2019-05-12: The Population of the Baltic States 1935 redd.it/bmhdbt “A pie chart indicating the populations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by …

2019-05-12: The Happiest Countries in Europe 2019 redd.it/bmga4n “That is why we chose comedian as a President in …

2019-05-12: Hand-drawn map of all the counties of California redd.it/bmcsoa “Ah man I hate Nevada not California”–Sir_uranus

2019-05-12: Mythical creatures of Europe – redd.it/bm8i01 “Ah yes, the mighty killer snail.. It is said that no one has ever …

2019-05-12: The true shape of Magellan's circumnavigation path around the Earth redd.it/bm9a3i “Magellan + Elcano. Magellan died half way”–elviajedelmapache

2019-05-12: 1850 map of Scotland - by James Wyld

2019-05-12: China Land lost after the fall of the qing dynasty redd.it/bm8y6t “China has also lost control of Taiwan but conquered Aksai …

2019-05-12: Map of the seven infrastucture mega-regions in the United States redd.it/bm5s0r “I know that the megacity urbancorridor concept really wants to be a thing but …

2019-05-12: Final positions of the allied armies (WWII) redd.it/bm5oot “It’s worth pointing out that although the Soviets did have more men under …

2019-05-12: 1839 map of west and south Asia - by James Wyld

2019-05-12: Hand drawn map of Texas redd.it/blxl2w

2019-05-12: Austrialian life expectancy redd.it/blpj62 “And now let’s guess were most aboriginal people …

2019-05-12: Map of the most advanced education degrees attained by Canadian premiers, as of May 2019 redd.it/blgd9p “An interesting phenomenon that can be observed here, is that in all …

2019-05-12: Map of Ukraine from the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 redd.it/blfbbw “Ah ok - so this is just a proposed map. I was very doubtful that that region …

2019-05-12: World map of lakes redd.it/bldk7v “Baltic shield and Siberia: Check out my water, dude”frostyrusche

2019-05-12: Number of Starbucks stores in Europe As of 2019 redd.it/bld9mj “It’s all moderate or low…until you get to the …

2019-05-12: Map of British Colonies in North America (1755)

2019-05-12: Comparing the latitude of Europe and North America redd.it/blagtz “Buffalo doesn’t feel so Mediterranean to me”–Geigo

2019-05-12: Northern Ireland Local Elections 2019 Results: Sinn Féin redd.it/bl5htx

2019-05-12: Choropleth Map of 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election Results “redd.it/bl54mu“ “Must suck to be president when you have to travel to 10,000 …

2019-05-12: Carte de la Nouvelle France : Canada et Louisiane (1755 ) redd.it/bl271u “I like the weird interpretations of some modern names… Lake …

2019-05-12: Who Knew Giraffes Had Different Patterns? redd.it/bkz0as “Also makes you realize that most of Africa has no giraffes at …

2019-05-12: Maori Place Names Satellite Map of Aotearoa/New Zealand redd.it/bkt9k3 “I would love to see some kinda map or graph comparing different colonized …

2019-05-12: Ethnical composition of Austrian Empire 1855 superimposed over modern borders redd.it/bkqftx “Western powers had the chance to redrew the borders of central Europe to …

2019-05-12: Unemployment rates of european regions in 2018 redd.it/bknue0 “You can really see the difference between flanders and …

2019-05-12: Thuringian States. The north-western Thuringer Wald (1895)

2019-05-11: Color pictorial map of South America - Jaques Liozu (1951)

2019-05-11: Pictorial Map of Mexico (1931)

2019-05-11: Map of Rugen, a small island in the Baltic Sea, Germany - by Joan Blaeu (1665)

2019-05-11: 1665 map of Lapland by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-11: Map of Georgia with Its Canals, Roads & Distances by H.S. Tanner (1837)

2019-05-11: 1911 map of Australia

2019-05-11: 1911 map of New Guinea, Tasmania, New Zealand and French Polynesia

2019-05-09: 1785 map of the Philippines

2019-05-09: 1876 map of the German Empire

2019-05-09: 1652 map of the area around Syria and Iraq

2019-05-09: Pictorial map of Arizona (1942)

2019-05-08: Africa - by Richard Edes Harrison (1954)

2019-05-08: Germany, Austria and Trieste - by Richard Edes Harrison (1954)

2019-05-08: Coloured pictorial map of Nazi Germany, promoting tourism (1935)

2019-05-08: 1829 map of the Adirondacks, New York

2019-05-08: 1636 map of Corsica and Saradinia

2019-05-08: 1681 map of northern Italy

2019-05-08: A sight-seers' map of Manhattan (1946)

2019-05-07: Japanese satirical pictorial map of the world, showing the current world situation at a glance (1922)

2019-05-05: Frequency of 'yall' in the United States redd.it/bkozht “You can clearly see the result of yankee conquest in southern …

2019-05-05: Etymology map for the word "MAMMAL" in Europe redd.it/bkl8wc “It’s sesalec in Slovenian”–Panceltic

2019-05-05: Number of Cities in Each Iranian Province that Have Ever Been a Persian Capital redd.it/bk8raa

2019-05-05: Almost nobody lives here in The Netherlands redd.it/bk67zw “The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the …

2019-05-05: Louisiana and the Mississippi region - 1720 redd.it/bk0y8h “Florida is an island, not a peninsula”–]ineednapkins

2019-05-05: Orange Peel World Map redd.it/bjvvgm “Fun fact! If you cut this thinner and spiral it more, you get less …

2019-05-05: 1665 map of Russia in Europe - by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-04: 1665 map of Nova Zembla (Novaya Zemlya) by Joan Blaeu

2019-05-04: 1570 map of the Americas - by Abraham Ortellius

2019-05-04: 1836 map of Missouri

2019-05-04: Railroad map of Maine. (1894)

2019-05-04: 1902 map of southern western Australia and Victoria

2019-05-04: 1902 map of north western Australia

2019-05-04: 1904 map of Germany

2019-05-03: 1904 map of Cyprus

2019-05-03: Possessions and Territorial Claims of the United States, 1815 - 1912 (1932)

2019-05-03: 1856 map of Virginia

2019-05-03: Map of Turkey in Europe, illustrating the Berlin Congress Treaty, July 1878 - by Samuel Mitchell (1880)

2019-05-03: 1860 map of Prussia and the German states - by Samuel Mitchell

2019-05-03: Tourist map of Louisiana (1930)

2019-05-02: Borders of Austria in 1500, 1804, 2019 redd.it/bjo42y

2019-05-02: Exaggerated relief map of Colorado redd.it/bjnt8s “Seeing the flats of the Arkansas Valley rising up into the Collegiate Peaks …

2019-05-02: 12 ways to divide Brazil redd.it/bjlar0“I refuse to recognize the existence of Acre”–Thorcastlightning

2019-05-02: Map of South Africa's population drawn with one dot per resident

2019-05-02: 1771 map of Australia redd.it/bjcn1o “Whoever was in charge of the west bit didn’t do too bad a job. the guy …

2019-05-02: Indigenous tribes in Taiwan redd.it/bjc79x

2019-05-02: Maine showing only the roads redd.it/bjam1f “I feel like Maine gets the least attention out of all the …

2019-05-02: 1926 map of Europe

2019-05-02: Australia - Contiguous United States area & population comparison (1942)

2019-05-02: Australia / Malaysia (1944)

2019-05-02: India from the Indian Ocean (1944)

2019-05-02: India population density (1944)

2019-05-02: Map of Americas Making (1926) : pictorial map of colonists trails

2019-05-01: 1891 map of Austria-Hungary

2019-05-01: 1797 map of Rhode Island

2019-05-01: 1884 map of the State of Colorado

2019-05-01: Pictorial map of the Transvaal or the South African Republic (1935)

2019-05-01: Japanese 1919 map of the world

2019-05-01: Sardinia from the ISS redd.it/bieu1j “The beaches are amazing and the locals are freaking amazing”–

2019-05-01: EU regional divisions mapped out by GDP per inhabitant, in relation to the EU28 average redd.it/bisb25

2019-05-01: Catholics in the Netherlands by municipality redd.it/bj83ty

2019-05-01: Japanese 1919 map of the Mariana, Caroline, and Marshall Islands in the Pacific

2019-05-01: 1919 Japanese map of Austria, Hungary and surrounds

2019-05-01: Vote in the elections to Spanish Congress, 28 April 2019 redd.it/binzpu “I can see why it’s so low in Galicia, Catalonia, Canarias, Basque …

2019-05-01: Unemployment rate for Europe 2018, NUTS 2 redd.it/bj1s6d “Northern and Southern Italy are truly like two different …

2019-05-01: 1919 Japanese map of Poland

2019-05-01: 1919 Japanese map of south western Germany with its bordering nations

2019-05-01: Forest distribution and composition of Canada by dominant genus

2019-05-01: 1919 Japanese map of Australia

2019-05-01: Annual net internal migration of Canada (2008-2018) redd.it/bj2y00 “The era of the great migration to Alberta is over. Once Alberta absorbed a …

2019-05-01: Mexico 184 years ago redd.it/bixruz “Man they took it on the chin losing California”–Iliamna_remota

2019-05-01: 1919 Japanese map of Greece, the Balkans and western Asia Minor

2019-04-30: 1886 Japanese map of the World

2019-04-30: 1886 Japanese map of Australia

2019-04-30: Southern Africa military map from 1900, showing British, Dutch and Portuguese territories ; as well as Boer Republics - the South African Republic and the Orange Free State

2019-04-30: Economic activity of Ivory Coast (1972)

2019-04-30: Vegetation map of Ivory Coast (1972)

2019-04-30: Tribal groups of Ivory Coast (1972)

2019-04-30: Population density of Ivory Coast (1965)

2019-04-30: Percent Indigenous in Guatemala by Subdivision redd.it/bhk0bb

2019-04-30: The arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh. One of the largest mass poisoning in history redd.it/bhmjkf “Article states that the arsenic was from “superficial artisan …

2019-04-30: Population Density of Oceania redd.it/bhnspb “south east is sydeny more than that the rest of australia is technically a …

2019-04-30: % of the population over 65 years old (Source: World Bank) redd.it/bhnzva “This is not generally something you want a high percentage in (except as an …

2019-04-30: Location of the 50 Cities with the Highest Murder Rate redd.it/bir10f “The new world seems dangerous”–FallenBleak

2019-04-30: Percent White in Puerto Rico redd.it/bix774 “It’s interesting to see how rectangular Puerto Rico is”–sankyu99

2019-04-30: A Travelers Look at Australia, National Geographic Society, 1988 redd.it/biut4d “Australia is such a beautiful country I love it so much even though …

2019-04-30: 12 ways to divide Portugal redd.it/bir2u6

2019-04-30: Protestantism In Ireland 1861 - 1991 redd.it/biq8aw “People like to forget about the exodus that occured after the island was …

2019-04-30: Most common sources of immigrants by Canadian province redd.it/biq2yr “Filipinos are feeling at home in Canada!”–]sh0tgunben

2019-04-30: Ways to Divide New York redd.it/biny6o “But where is Upstate?” Easiest way to start a fight between New …

2019-04-30: France ~ % Without a Religion redd.it/bils4h “Interesting that rural areas in the centre are so irreligious, I would have …

2019-04-30: Hand-drawn map of Lebanon redd.it/bigbfe

2019-04-30: GDP per capita of German states as percent of German average, 1991-2017 redd.it/biezqo “Oh, Berlin. What is Berlin? Berlin, as a city, brings nothing but shame to …

2019-04-30: Dominant Canadian Ethnic Origin, 2016 redd.it/bhno0e “I’m surprised that the majority of Quebecois see themselves as …

2019-04-30: Second Most Common Ethnic Origins in Canada, 2016 redd.it/biejjv “What are the Scots doing in Nunavut? …

2019-04-30: Internal migration in Italy, 2017 redd.it/bie16o “Will the last person in Calabria please turn off the …

2019-04-30: GDP per capita 1815 (Source: Maddison project) redd.it/bidzee “Turkey and the Balkans were wealthier than Norway back …

2019-04-30: Russian Orthodox % in Russia redd.it/biakra “Russia was 42.5% Russian Orthodox as a whole in that survey; the next largest …

2019-04-30: Sunshine duration of Turkey (in hours per day - annual) redd.it/bi8rvj “I figured that the blue parts of the map would be verdant and beautiful, and …

2019-04-30: How the world looked at the time of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ redd.it/bi8mth “It’s crazy that the Romans created such a massive, sort-of uniformed …

2019-04-30: Russia-sponsored breakaways from Eastern European countries since 1991 redd.it/bi1bgd “Visit Russia before Russia visits you”–SezenBerke

2019-04-30: Worldwide air-traffic for 24 hours

2019-04-30: 220 world metro systems redd.it/bhkx0n “Seoul, wtf”–Tacoman404

2019-04-30: Muslim population in provinces of Africa by percentages redd.it/bhjs3o “For Tanzania it’s because of trade during the past few centuries, going back …

2019-04-30: Asia's Military budget as a percentage of GDP. redd.it/bhfh4b “Mongolia submits to whatever Russia and China tells …

2019-04-30: World map using only current marine traffic redd.it/bhf222 “You can really see ships trying to keep their distance from …

2019-04-29: Map of China from 1738

2019-04-28: Map of the American colonies and adjacent country as known in 1776

2019-04-28: Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of the Pacific and surrounding areas (1942))

2019-04-28: Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of New Zealand, showing a Kiwi gazing in Australia's direction (1942)

2019-04-28: Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of Australia, showing bombings (1942)

2019-04-28: Japanese Map of the Middle East, Central Asia and Souh Asia during World War II (1942)

2019-04-28: Japanese map of Pacific during World War II showing Japanese influence and occupation (1942)

2019-04-28: The "Time & tide" map of the Atlantic Charter (1942) - by MacDonald Gill

2019-04-28: 1942 Japanese illustrated map of Singapore

2019-04-28: Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of the Pacific and surrounds (1942)

2019-04-28: Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of New Zealand (1942)

2019-04-28: Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of Australia (1942)

2019-04-28: Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of North America (1942)

2019-04-28: 1918 Propaganda Maps imagining the fate of North America after WWI redd.it/bhs3nv

2019-04-28: The Daily Mail bird's eye map of the British front (1916) - section II, Arras and surrounding area

2019-04-28: The Daily Mail bird's eye map of the British front (1916) - section I, Ypres and surrounding area

2019-04-27: Dardanelles campaign (1915). World War I recruiting poster showing the Dardanelles Strait, Turkey

2019-04-27: 1794 map of Asia divided into its principal states and regions

2019-04-27: 1899 map of the Orange Free State, the southern part of the South African Republic, the northern frontier of Cape Colony,

2019-04-27: 1578 map of South America

2019-04-27: 1720 double hemispherical map of the world

2019-04-27: 1740 world map

2019-04-27: 1752 chart of the northern Pacific and surrounding area

2019-04-27: 1785 map of the Southern Hemisphere

2019-04-27: 1733 map of the Caucasus and surrounding area

2019-04-27: 1733 map of Iran with relief shown pictorially

2019-04-27: 1730 map of northern South America

2019-04-27: 1747 Topographic map of Halmahera Island and Maluku Islands, Indonesia

2019-04-27: 1747 Topographic map of the islands of Saparua, Haruku & Nusa Laut, Indonesia

2019-04-27: 1747 topographic map of Ambon Island, Indonesia

2019-04-27: 1747 Topographic map of the islands of Buru, Ambelau, Manipa - Indonesia

2019-04-27: 1747 Topographic map of Celebes (Sulawesi), Indonesia

2019-04-27: 3D Asia Population Density

2019-04-26: Geological map of South Island, New Zealand

2019-04-26: Geological map of North Island, New Zealand

2019-04-26: Pacific War Map (1943)

2019-04-26: 1596 map of east and south east Asia

2019-04-26: Pictorial Japanese map of the world from 1942

2019-04-26: Japanese WW2 illustrated map of the World (1942)

2019-04-26: Japanese WW2 illustrated map of Australia (1942)

2019-04-26: Military map of Taiwan in Chinese (1950)

2019-04-26: Which countries would US/British/French/German citizens be willing to defend if they were attacked by Russia? redd.it/bh8u0w “So, The Netherlands is just hiding below the sea level I …

2019-04-26: Ethnic Map of the Balkans - 1861 redd.it/bh7op4

2019-04-26: WW2 Soviet military map showing progression of the Red Army troops between April 23rd and 30th 1945 in a fight for city of Wrocław, Poland (Plan based on German 1:25,000 maps dated 1934 - 1936 and updates as of 1944) redd.it/bh6gmu

2019-04-26: Map of Los Angeles if all the ice melted redd.it/bh642x “See you down in Arizona Bay”–CosmicCannaFish

2019-04-25: 1786 Map of the Great Tartary showing Russian Tartary, Independent Tartary, Chinese Tartary, Japan, Korea, and the Northeast Passage

2019-04-25: Topographic sketch map of New Guinea (1938)

2019-04-25: Libya population density (1964)

2019-04-25: "The Argus" map of the seat of war in South Africa (1899)

2019-04-25: Vegetation of Tanzania (1970)

2019-04-25: Economic activity of Tanzania (1970)

2019-04-25: Ethnic groups of Tanzania (1970)

2019-04-25: Population density of Tanzania (1967)

2019-04-25: Isles of Scilly relief map (1933)

2019-04-25: Worldwide prevalence of lactose intolerance in recent populations

2019-04-25: Turkey in Asia (1834)

2019-04-25: Jewish population in metropolitan areas across Europe redd.it/bh25k3

2019-04-25: Legal definitions of villages in the United States redd.it/bh25ge

2019-04-25: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1994) redd.it/bh1c3e

2019-04-25: East Indies 1943 redd.it/bh14zu

2019-04-25: Cairo, Egypt, by Pirî Reis 1525 AD (Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent Atlas) redd.it/bh09gg

2019-04-25: 1555 Universal Cosmography by the French cartographer Guillaume Le Testu redd.it/bh06r6

2019-04-25: Venice, Italy, by Pirî Reis 1525AD (Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent Atlas) redd.it/bgzknm

2019-04-25: Alexandria, Egypt, by Pirî Reis 1525 AD (Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent Atlas) redd.it/bgxavj

2019-04-25: The destruction of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, 1914-17 redd.it/bgx2rb

2019-04-25: Brazilian state governors by party ideology 2010-2018 redd.it/bgvejv

2019-04-25: Map of traditional pocket knives in France redd.it/bgvno2

2019-04-25: What Germans are able to spend in a year per county/city (2016). The east/west divide is sadly still a thing redd.it/bgug8a

2019-04-25: European Countries With The Most Summer Olympic Medals redd.it/bgtgwe

2019-04-25: Comparison of the Jewish population from the 30's to the 00's redd.it/bgp0dv

2019-04-25: The African Immigrant of American countries redd.it/bgq0ml

2019-04-25: Fertility Rates in the World. 1970 - 2018 redd.it/bgmv5d

2019-04-25: The world according to hecatus About 520 BC

2019-04-25: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA in 1886

2019-04-25: Global time zones, 1943 redd.it/bgjlwz

2019-04-25: When in Europe, learn to swear redd.it/bgissp

2019-04-25: Largest Groups of Immigrants in Argentina per Province redd.it/bgiksa

2019-04-25: Nobody lives here - Norway: Green blocks of 25km2 where nobody lives redd.it/bggzpc

2019-04-25: A guide to the British Isles redd.it/bg39wh

2019-04-25: Number of Native Tree Species per U.S. County

2019-04-25: Percent foreign born in Germany by state

2019-04-25: Relief map of Hispaniola, 1859 redd.it/bge2yo

2019-04-25: Ethnic Armenians in Nakhchivan, Present Day Azerbaijan, 1886-1890 compared to 2018

2019-04-25: Administrative divisions and Military Districts of Finland 1942-1944

2019-04-24: German caricature map of Europe on the brink of World War 1

2019-04-24: Philippines need fortification : America's Far Eastern possessions (1941)

2019-04-24: 1856 map of Minnesota

2019-04-24: Map of Korea during Russo Japanese War (1904-1905)

2019-04-24: 1939 map of Poland (in Polish) - published by the Great Britain War Office in 1941

2019-04-24: Europe 1856

2019-04-24: Japanese WW2 Map of the Pacific showing their occupation and influence

2019-04-23: Percentage of Irreligious People in Europe

2019-04-23: True size of Bhutan

2019-04-23: Switzerland's regional income (in-)equality

2019-04-23: Sunni and Shia Muslims in Armenia between 1886-90 and in 2018

2019-04-23: Ethnic groups inside Austrian Empire 1830 redd.it/bg2wjw

2019-04-23: Flag map of Estonian Municipalities Flag map of Estonian Municipalities redd.it/bg2u8c

2019-04-23: Ukraine Election 2019 map (Green -> Selenskyj, Red -> Poroshenko, Grey -> not participated in election) redd.it/bg2mma

2019-04-23: Exaggerated Relief of Italy redd.it/bg2hpv

2019-04-23: Map of a flooded Greece

2019-04-23: 15th century Paris, France redd.it/bg0o6l

2019-04-23: Map of the Caucasus (1854)

2019-04-23: Taiwan Economic Activity (1967)

2019-04-23: Taiwan Land Use (1967)

2019-04-23: Taiwan Population Density (1967)

2019-04-23: A map of part of Tibet : including Sikkim, the Chumbi Valley & Bhutan (1904)

2019-04-23: Railway and tramway map of Melbourne and suburbs (1917)

2019-04-23: Iran Economic Activity (1970)

2019-04-23: Iran Economic Activity (1970)

2019-04-23: Iran Population Density (1970)

2019-04-23: Iran Land Utilization (1970)

2019-04-23: 1860 Map of Crimea

2019-04-23: Map of the central southern tourist district, including Riverina, New South Wales, (1965)

2019-04-23: Percent Mestizo or White in Colombia by department

2019-04-23: Percent Indigenous in Colombia by department

2019-04-23: Percent Afro-descendant in Colombia by department

2019-04-23: Map of leading Canadian ethnicities by 2006 census division

2019-04-23: The Egyptian Delta (1882)

2019-04-23: The Argus map of the British Empire (1887)

2019-04-23: Devon, The Shire of Great Seamen (1855)

2019-04-23: Predominant Economies of the World (1953)

2019-04-23: Shell Highway Map of Florida (1956)

2019-04-23: Iowa -- Physical-Political (1940)

2019-04-23: Globe gore sheets for the eastern hemisphere, with Australia (1710)

2019-04-23: Draplin-inspired design of Victoria

2019-04-23: Out of Africa – Did the Colonial Powers ever Really Leave? (2013)

2019-04-23: Percentage of Forest Cover by U.S. state redd.it/bg7m9b

2019-04-23: 1930s Economic Geographical Map of Switzerland

2019-04-22: Map of the Pacific showing sovereignties, mandates, and claims 1921

2019-04-22: 1854 map of the Western Hemisphere

2019-04-22: 1854 map of the Eastern Hemisphere

2019-04-22: Layout of first neighbourhood of the Woden area, Canberra, ACT (1962)

2019-04-22: "Daily Mail" map of the war in China (1900)

2019-04-22: European exploration of New Guinea - by 1907 (blue) ; 1907 to 1914 (pink) ; 1915 to 1918 (green) ; 1919 to 1934 (orange) - [published 1935] redd.it/bfz8vi

2019-04-22: Topographic map of New Guinea (1935)

2019-04-22: 1919 ethnic map of Romania redd.it/bg7opg

2019-04-22: 1550 manuscript map of the Iberian Peninsula made by Italian cartographer Battista Agnese

2019-04-22: ‘Easter’ in European languages

2019-04-22: 1930 map of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and neighbouring countries

2019-04-22: Egypt and Syria (1917)

2019-04-22: 1915 Map of Sîwa Oasis and Mersa Matrûh (Egypt)

2019-04-22: Proposed Outline Development Plan for the Hutt River Province Principality

2019-04-22: Africa population density, absolute amount of 1.5 million per surface redd.it/bfwo73

2019-04-22: HDI by U.S. state redd.it/bfv3ex

2019-04-22: Life Expectancy by U.S. State redd.it/bfux2a

2019-04-22: Teen birth rate (Per 1,000 people) in the United States redd.it/bfunlg

2019-04-22: Dunwich: then and now, England redd.it/bfulb5

2019-04-22: The Caribbean, 1891 redd.it/bfs36c

2019-04-22: Odds of a white Easter in North America redd.it/bfrrf7

2019-04-22: Language of origin of Germany’s 80 largest cities redd.it/bfqj6u

2019-04-22: Law regarding incest between consenting adults redd.it/bfptal

2019-04-22: Largest Ancestry Groups in the United States by County redd.it/bfpbzu

2019-04-22: British Isles, 9th century redd.it/bfp7v6

2019-04-22: Paris Transit Flow Map 1889 redd.it/bfowyu

2019-04-22: Isochrone Map of Manchester 1917 redd.it/bfow3s

2019-04-22: Average Daily Flow of Airline Passengers in the United States - March 1947 redd.it/bfouet

2019-04-22: Rudest place names in the old world redd.it/bfolr8

2019-04-22: 1919, Woodrow Wilsons proposal to divide the Middle East redd.it/bfofzx

2019-04-22: Territoriality of languages in Switzerland - Territorialité des langues en Suisse redd.it/bfo9nj

2019-04-22: School map of Switzerland (1902) - Carte scolaire de la Suisse (1902) redd.it/bfoag3

2019-04-22: Animating the legalisation of Marijuana in the United States 1995 - 2019 redd.it/bfhl3f

2019-04-22: Greyscale Height Map of the World redd.it/bfo4i0

2019-04-22: A Balloon journey near Chester, England (1786)

2019-04-22: Russia depending on climate and nature quality of life. Orange and pink areas are good enough redd.it/bfnold

2019-04-22: Difficulty understanding Spanish accents in Latin America redd.it/bfkct4

2019-04-22: Number of Deaths WW1 in Europe redd.it/bfjvhq

2019-04-22: Beer vs Wine in the United States

2019-04-22: 1943 Japanese World War II Aeronautical Map of the Malaysian Peninsula and Sumatra

2019-04-22: 1943 Japanese World War II Aeronautical Map of Hawaii

2019-04-22: 1905 Students' map of Palestine, for tourists of Palestine : showing all the most interesting places in Old and New Testament, including the journeys and deeds of Jesus

2019-04-22: 1863 Map of south east Australia constructed for the use of the National Schools of Ireland

2019-04-22: 1940 tourist map of Bali, with a table showing sizes of mountains and b/w photos

2019-04-21: 1892 map of North and Central America

2019-04-21: 1904 Map of the World on Mercator's projection

2019-04-21: 1764 chart of eastern Mediterranean (south coast of Turkey; Cyprus; coastlines of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt)

2019-04-21: An Authentic map of the world on the globular projection (1939)

2019-04-21: Tornado activity in the United States (1950-2006)

2019-04-21: Map of the cosmic microwave background produced by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe

2019-04-21: Japan, the target : a pictorial Jap-map (1942)

2019-04-21: Mongolia and Manchukuo (1936)

2019-04-21: 1911 map of South Polar regions with the Antarctic continent - by Douglas Douglas and the Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain)

2019-04-21: The British Channel (1814)

2019-04-21: Hand-drawn map of Europe, 177 AD redd.it/bffzph

2019-04-21: Map of Paris (16th Century) redd.it/bfcq98

2019-04-21: Map of Rome (16th century) redd.it/bfcmsf

2019-04-21: 6% of the Chinese population lives in the west, the other 94% live in the east redd.it/bfbxjv

2019-04-21: Military map of troop locations and 16 military districts of Austro-Hungarian Empire 1898 redd.it/bfb41h

2019-04-21: Castello plan of New Amsterdam (new York) in 1660 redd.it/bfbtyc In the 1640’s the Dutch inhabitants of New Amsterdam built a 12’ wall to …

2019-04-21: Angevin Empire AD 1189 redd.it/bfahyq

2019-04-21: Canada solar potential redd.it/bf8fl0

2019-04-21: Global Language Families and other assorted regional groupings redd.it/bf7nl2

2019-04-21: Races of the world and where they live (1944) redd.it/ac6n7r

2019-04-21: 2,066 Americans were asked to point out Ukraine on a map redd.it/bf089j

2019-04-21: Map of the Legality of Slavery in the United States Following the Mexican-American War redd.it/bf4u7o

2019-04-21: Federal Lands In the Fifty U.S. States (National Geographic, October 1996)

2019-04-21: U.S. Wind Energy Resources Map redd.it/bf4e7v

2019-04-21: U.S. Solar Resources Map redd.it/bf4dor

2019-04-21: Iran and Turan, 1891 redd.it/bf45b5

2019-04-21: The magnitude of Brazil redd.it/bf30lp

2019-04-21: Population Density in Nebraska - 1970 - 2006 redd.it/bf1wnb

2019-04-21: Kartvelian Languages redd.it/bf1k60

2019-04-21: Number of German Districts away from Berlin redd.it/bf1qji

2019-04-21: Paikallisessa kuppilassa seinällä - If everything had gone as planned redd.it/bf1ghp

2019-04-21: Map of Pre-WWII Europe by faces of leaders redd.it/bf0qqf

2019-04-21: Pictorial map of the Soviet Union, 1931 redd.it/bey7w6

2019-04-21: Azerbaijani territorial claims towards Armenia, Turkey, Georgia and Russia in Paris Peace Conference 1919 redd.it/beoyhc

2019-04-21: Annual Population Growth in Europe redd.it/bex8yo

2019-04-21: Nine ways to divide Lithuania

2019-04-21: More Pigs Than People in the United States redd.it/bfbkqf

2019-04-21: 1900 commercial map of the East showing the Trans-Siberian Railway and its European connections

2019-04-21: Wanderwörter - The Spread of Words Across Great Distances, Often Along Trade Routes

2019-04-21: Observed tornadoes in the lower 48 United States, 1950-2017

2019-04-20: Killdeer (a large plover) breeding range - breeding (orange) ; worldwid (purple) ; non-breeding (blue)

2019-04-20: Incidence of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in human blood samples in European countries which took part in the study in 2008

2019-04-20: Northern Territory of Australia topographic map (1964)

2019-04-20: Wonderland, the Hot Lake region, New Zealand (1906)

2019-04-20: The UKUSA Community: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States

2019-04-20: 1585 map of the east coast of North America from the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Lookout by John White Roanoke ( the first attempt at founding a permanent English settlement in North America- everyone …

2019-04-20: Daytime population density in the central Scotland area

2019-04-20: Daytime population density in the central Scotland area

2019-04-20: The Shape of American Democracy (2018)

2019-04-20: UK Marine Traffic Patterns : recreational vessels

2019-04-20: UK Marine Traffic Patterns : fishing vessels

2019-04-20: Road closures in Canberra today (April 20, 2019). Because -- Tram Launch!!! redd.it/bf4hrq

2019-04-20: More Cows Than People in the United States redd.it/bey99d

2019-04-20: UK Marine Traffic Patterns : passenger vessels

2019-04-20: UK Marine Traffic Patterns : military and law enforcement

2019-04-20: UK Marine Traffic Patterns : port service craft

2019-04-20: UK Marine Traffic Patterns : non-port service craft

2019-04-20: 1834 Map of the Rome region

2019-04-20: Eastern South America Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and the Guianas (1955)

2019-04-20: City Squares : 10 x 10 km squares of 65 British cities at two seconds per frame - by Alasdair Rae

2019-04-20: City Squares : 10 x 10 km squares of 64 British cities - by Alasdair Rae

2019-04-20: City Squares : 10 x 10 km squares of 144 cities - by Alasdair Rae

2019-04-19: Youth participation in the 2014 European Parliament elections

2019-04-19: Remastered 1635 map of Europe by Willem Blaeu

2019-04-19: An Americans Guide to European Capitals

2019-04-19: One degree of population

2019-04-19: The most expensive areas of London, 1995-2016

2019-04-19: The 2017 General Election of Great Britain in 30 seconds

2019-04-19: Red areas with more than 10 people per square kilometre in Great Britain

2019-04-19: Red areas with more than 100 people per square kilometre in Great Britain

2019-04-19: Red areas with more than 10,000 people per square kilometre in Great Britain

2019-04-19: Red areas with more than 1,000 people per square kilometre in Great Britain

2019-04-19: Historical probability for a White Easter in North America

2019-04-19: 8 views of the World - by Richard Harrison (1943)

2019-04-19: Map of the lake district between Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales (1906)

2019-04-19: Map of British New Guinea (1900)

2019-04-19: Wangaratta region, Victoria (1941)

2019-04-19: Map of Sumatra, Indonesia (1945)

2019-04-19: Marriage success by countries: Syria among the top redd.it/bdgk78

2019-04-19: This map shows where each US state's largest immigrant group comes from, excluding Mexico. redd.it/berfzg

2019-04-19: Percentage of Third Party Votes and Write-Ins in US Presidential Elections (2000-2016) redd.it/bephi0

2019-04-19: A map of European Mathematics Departments, in the Interbellum period redd.it/bej0yq

2019-04-19: Number of active civilian airports by European country redd.it/bervso

2019-04-19: 1936 US Presidential Election - Largest Landslide in Presidential Election History redd.it/bevmm1

2019-04-19: Parts of New Zealand with no inhabitants living per one square kilometre redd.it/beur6a

2019-04-19: Map of all US governors (D.C. mayor) by hair colour. Nebraska's governor is bald redd.it/beu11b

2019-04-19: Dogs of the World redd.it/betj9e

2019-04-19: First Map of the Transvaal - 1875 redd.it/beskdr

2019-04-19: Intricately detailed map of the United States - 1802 redd.it/besjvn

2019-04-19: Afghanistan, Physical redd.it/berma3

2019-04-19: Tasman Peninsula tourist map (1963)

2019-04-19: West Canada, 1891 redd.it/beqsrd

2019-04-19: 98% of Australian population lives outside the yellow area redd.it/bep5i0

2019-04-19: Map of Europe 1809 showing targets of Napoleon key campaigns since his rise to power redd.it/bep5ap

2019-04-19: Scotland exaggerated relief redd.it/bemhmp

2019-04-19: Tracking global migration of the World's richest: Australia sees highest gains as China sees most losses redd.it/beklso

2019-04-19: Map of top-selling car in every country redd.it/bekc9v

2019-04-19: Map of the 1842 solar eclipse over the Austrian Empire redd.it/bekb6j

2019-04-19: A SATIRICAL GEOPOLITICAL MAP OF EUROPE published by Presso Manfredi Manfredo Editore Via Venezia N. 1749 of Bologna, Ital redd.it/bejuia Based on the numerous events portrayed on the map such as the defeat of the Papal …

2019-04-19: Proposal for the creation of an Assyrian-Chaldean nation at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919 redd.it/bejr0p

2019-04-19: Etymology map for the word 'NERVE' in Europe redd.it/bejqs7

2019-04-19: Global water scarcity redd.it/bejp6g

2019-04-19: China's claimed territorial waters vs UNCLOS Standards redd.it/bejhft

2019-04-19: Population growth (per year) in Poland redd.it/beijw4

2019-04-19: The Great Southern Ark Initiative -- To save its native wildlife, and prevent predation by foxes and feral cats - an area of the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia is going to be fenced off, and restocked with indigenous species redd.it/ape020

2019-04-19: A massive relief map of Montenegro, commissioned by the occupying Austro-Hungarian army in 1917. It is scaled precisely at 1:10,000 and features detailed models of towns and villages (also depicted at scale) redd.it/befaq4

2019-04-19: 2019 Finland Parliamentary Election, parties with the most votes by municipality redd.it/beeizn

2019-04-19: Map of where Missouri French (“Paw Paw French”) was once spoken redd.it/becoqt

2019-04-19: 1991 population census in Bosnia redd.it/becopv

2019-04-19: Democracy and Corruption: Comparing Russia and the World redd.it/beatrt

2019-04-19: Bribery / Corruption in Central - Eastern Europe

2019-04-19: Fertility Rate, 1950 redd.it/beao7y

2019-04-19: Territorial evolution of Australia redd.it/be9he4

2019-04-19: US state highway system 3D print map redd.it/be9e92

2019-04-19: Map of the Negotiated Boundaries between the United States and Mexico following the Mexican-American War redd.it/be8h4w

2019-04-19: Manchester, England 1889 redd.it/be6y30

2019-04-19: Manchester and its environs circa 1851 redd.it/be6lez

2019-04-19: Distribution of non-Hungarian first language speakers in the area of present-day Hungary by current district, 1910

2019-04-19: Geologic Map of France 1905 redd.it/be31ly

2019-04-19: Relief Map of Morocco redd.it/be2xcz

2019-04-19: Mendoza, Argentina 1889 redd.it/be2w8m

2019-04-19: Map of the Dying Great Barrier Reef redd.it/be2mno

2019-04-19: Indo-Gangetic Plains : The Red Area has a Higher Population Than Europe redd.it/be21dh

2019-04-19: Canada Sales of Alcoholic Beverages per capita redd.it/be1wwk

2019-04-19: Java and Crete redd.it/be0sro

2019-04-19: Map from the First Atlas of Russia - 1745 redd.it/bdzrqd

2019-04-19: Abortion Law in Africa by country as of April 2019 redd.it/bdxwdl

2019-04-19: Land Utilisation of North Yemen (1970)

2019-04-19: Population density of North Yemen (1970)

2019-04-19: Language map of Lithuania and East Prussia (1919)

2019-04-19: Cloth evasion map of central New Guinea from 1944 - a topographic map issued as war survival equipment to airmen during WWII

2019-04-19: 1959 map of Norfolk Island

2019-04-19: Topographic map of the Innisfail area, Queensland (1943)

2019-04-19: 1942 map of Lombok, Indonesia

2019-04-19: 1935 topographic map of Bali redd.it/beowvr

2019-04-18: 1942 motor map of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

2019-04-18: Global tree density - now and what could be (current forests are green, potential forests are yellow) redd.it/bejwd8

2019-04-18: Topographic map of the area around the Horn of Africa

2019-04-18: Poland Language Map (1945) redd.it/berg9s

2019-04-18: Population density of Zambia (1970)

2019-04-18: Economic activity of Zambia (1970)

2019-04-18: Tribes of Zambia (1970)

2019-04-18: Vegetation map of Zambia (1970) redd.it/beq85u

2019-04-18: The Excursionist's Map (Victoria - 1870's)

2019-04-18: 1917 tourist map of Adelaide, South Australia

2019-04-18: 1946 road map of Canberra

2019-04-18: The War in Europe - extract from the Sunday Sun (April 1944 - Sydney) - verso

2019-04-18: The War in Europe - extract from the Sunday Sun (April 1944 - Sydney)

2019-04-17: Putting things into another perspective redd.it/bdzpd5

2019-04-17: Pasture map of Australia (1935)

2019-04-17: 1952 Geological map of Australia and New Guinea

2019-04-17: 1884 map showing European possessions in Africa

2019-04-17: 1938 map of Java, Indonesia - complete with B/W photos redd.it/be4rbl

2019-04-17: 1938 map of Java, Indonesia redd.it/be1nbj

2019-04-17: Voting Patterns By U.S. County In The Past Three Presidential Election redd.it/bdwqj1

2019-04-17: Europe and the Byzantine Empire, 525-565 redd.it/bdwb30

2019-04-17: Tannu-Tuva, 1941 redd.it/bdug7h

2019-04-17: Ethnographic map of the Julian March (a geographic region in the southern Central Europe, divided among Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) ; 1910-1911 by Josip Roglić redd.it/bdueyg

2019-04-17: Countries with population decline, 2010-2015 redd.it/bdu8rw

2019-04-17: Growth of Habsburg Dominions 1282-1914 redd.it/bdu08v

2019-04-17: Origins of the words for "university" in various Asian languages, color-coded by root language redd.it/bdsvc4

2019-04-17: Most and Second Most Spoken Language in each Inḍian State redd.it/bdsczx

2019-04-17: Punjab : The Land of Five Rivers redd.it/bdqco8

2019-04-17: Percentage of red haired people in Europe redd.it/bdq5bs

2019-04-17: How often each U.S. state votes for the winning presidential winning candidate (%) (1789-2016) redd.it/bdp524

2019-04-17: Putting Australia into perspective redd.it/bdl343

2019-04-17: Simplified Ethnic Map Of Bulgaria redd.it/bdjphl

2019-04-17: Gastronomic map of Italy (1962) redd.it/bdijpm

2019-04-17: Canberra redd.it/bdi29y

2019-04-17: German map of Europe, 1943 redd.it/bdfjv3

2019-04-17: Largest religion in Southeast Asia by country redd.it/bdeajm

2019-04-17: 3D map of Austin, Texas redd.it/bd7o4p

2019-04-17: Red and Orange Areas have Equal Populations redd.it/bdaf4i

2019-04-17: Primary target locations in the USA for Soviet nuclear strikes during 1980s. The resulting fall-out is indicated with the darkest considered as "lethal" to relatively fall-out free yellow zones redd.it/bda2wa

2019-04-17: 1956 Map of Norfolk Island

2019-04-17: 1940 motor map of Palestine redd.it/be08ji

2019-04-17: 1940s tourist map of Tasmania

2019-04-16: 1849 plan of a part from Melbourne Town - from southern Spencer Street, end of Collins Street to the Yarra River

2019-04-16: Topographic map of Guam (1953)

2019-04-16: Europe 1867

2019-04-16: 1948 road map of Ireland

2019-04-16: Orange and Red Areas have Equal Populations redd.it/bd9zj8

2019-04-16: Canada mapped only by rivers, streams & lakes! redd.it/bd8vcj

2019-04-16: Italian regions with their own flags redd.it/bd4r8f

2019-04-16: Frequency of armed conflicts in Africa redd.it/bd4ghs

2019-04-16: Cisleithania and Transleithania (internal division of Habsburg Empire and population in 1910) redd.it/bd3owy

2019-04-16: Germany, 1941

2019-04-16: German Confederation 1815-1866

2019-04-16: Italy pre-unification 1860 redd.it/bd2vay

2019-04-16: 1857 map of South Asia, East Asia, and Indochina

2019-04-16: 1865 map of the world on Mercator's projection

2019-04-16: 1886 map of Japan showing various tables and charts

2019-04-16: 1943 Japanese aeronautical map of Australia

2019-04-16: 1943 Japanese map of Tasmania

2019-04-16: 1935 road map of Connecticut

2019-04-16: 1807 map of Scotland

2019-04-15: 1840 map of the British Isles

2019-04-15: Map of the U.S. Western States And Territories (1869)

2019-04-15: Map of the State Of California And Nevada Territory (1863)

2019-04-15: Bursting Britain : population cartogram

2019-04-15: Sheep per thousand acres of occupied land in Australia (1956)

2019-04-15: Distribution of Merino Sheep in Australia (1956)

2019-04-15: Percentage of lambs marked to ewes mated in Australia (1956)

2019-04-15: Percentage of intended matings to wool type rams in Australia (1956)

2019-04-15: U.S. Midwest crop combination regions ; 1939 ; 1949

2019-04-15: 1959 map of the central northern district of New South Wales, east of Darling River from Walgett to Mudgee, Manilla and the Queensland border

2019-04-15: Llama decline in the United States, 2002-2017

2019-04-15: 1953 map of the southern portion of South Australia

2019-04-15: Mining district, map of Victoria (1866)

2019-04-15: The colony of Victoria : from a model executed at the Surveyor General's Office (1866)

2019-04-14: The Republic of Estonia redd.it/bd1hmi

2019-04-14: West/South Asia, population density, absolute amount of 1.5 million per surface

2019-04-14: Population density in Europe (inhabitants/km^2) redd.it/bd0j42

2019-04-14: U.S. Counties by Population Density redd.it/bcwcj0

2019-04-14: Russian Fertility Rate (2015) redd.it/bcvlnd

2019-04-14: Ice Age Europe redd.it/bcv4vn

2019-04-14: Pivot Counties, US Counties that voted Obama in 2008, Obama in 2012 and then Trump in 2016 redd.it/bcuosr

2019-04-14: Observed and projected climate shifts 1976–2100 (Köppen-Geiger climate classification) redd.it/bctqls

2019-04-14: Expansion of the Russian Empire under different rulers from 1598 up to Nicholas II redd.it/bcr5ce

2019-04-14: Global Jewish Population, 1930's and 2000's redd.it/bcqvig

2019-04-14: Hungary and Galicia, 1907 redd.it/bcqmjt

2019-04-14: European population in Kyrgyzstan (2009 Census) redd.it/bbi2x7

2019-04-14: Post-WWII Germany divided as per the Roosevelt plan redd.it/bcq1xx

2019-04-14: Trialist proposal for Austria-Hungary turning it from Dual to Triple Monarchy by elevating Croatia to equal status, Henrik von Hanau 1905, Vienna redd.it/bcpj8q

2019-04-14: Japan population change map 2015-2018, bluer colors showing decline, redder colors showing growth, note the growth hot spots in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka redd.it/bcnga2

2019-04-14: Fertility Rates in the World. 1970 - 2017 redd.it/bcmlus

2019-04-14: Areas in Africa where elevation is above 2000 meters redd.it/bclbe2

2019-04-14: The map of NYC's boroughs looks like a bouquet of flowers. When repeated, it makes a floral print redd.it/bclav1

2019-04-14: Number of German districts away from the coast redd.it/bcl77c

2019-04-14: UK population map in the style of Joy Division redd.it/bcj1ob

2019-04-14: Corruption covictions per capita rankings by US state

2019-04-14: All 779 Guantanamo Bay Prisoner's country of origin redd.it/bck5qc

2019-04-14: Partition of Czechoslovakia, 1938-1939 redd.it/bcij5a

2019-04-14: German map of Europe, 1941 redd.it/bcib1n

2019-04-14: Map of Paleo-Siberian languages redd.it/bch4on

2019-04-14: Languages With ~5 Million Speakers redd.it/bcg2eh

2019-04-14: 3D Population Density Map of New Jersey - separated by county redd.it/bcyyt2

2019-04-14: 1914 road map of 100 miles round Brisbane redd.it/bcymnb

2019-04-14: US Average test scores Map (grades 3-8)

2019-04-14: 2016 Election 'Purple America' Colorblind version. Darker Counties being blue, Lighter Counties being red redd.it/bcf4n8

2019-04-14: 2016 Presidential Election 'Purple America' map, showing counties in shades of red or blue based on percentage of redd.it/bceutt

2019-04-14: Ethnicity vs Per Capita GDP in Xinjiang, the far western province of China

2019-04-14: The route of Horatio Nelson Jackson, the first man to drive a car across America redd.it/bcebt9

2019-04-14: Chronological dispersal of Austronesian people across the Pacific Ocean redd.it/bcdjwy

2019-04-14: Number of wars each European country has been involved in since WW2 redd.it/bcba8y

2019-04-14: Distribution of Italian, Latin, and Roman territory during the 90s BC

2019-04-14: Hand drawn map of Wisconsin - by Jerry M. Wilson redd.it/azbslm

2019-04-14: U.S. Education Spending Map redd.it/bc9jwu

2019-04-14: Map of the State of Nevada - 1866

2019-04-14: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Arid, desert, hot (BWh)

2019-04-13: 19th century Japanese pictorial map showing countries of the world, their people, and distances from Japan

2019-04-13: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Canada (2071-2100)

2019-04-13: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Canada (1980-2016)

2019-04-13: Hand drawn map of Maryland / Jerry M. Wilson

2019-04-13: Hand drawn map of New Mexico / Jerry M. Wilson

2019-04-13: Hand drawn map of the Roman Empire - 180 AD / Jerry M. Wilson redd.it/bcjvyl

2019-04-13: Hand drawn map of the historical provinces of Oklahoma / Jerry M. Wilson redd.it/b5y2hh

2019-04-13: Hand drawn map of the historical provinces of France / Jerry M. Wilson

2019-04-13: Hand drawn map of the neighborhoods of Manhattan / Jerry M. Wilson

2019-04-13: The Byzantine Empire, circa 1025 / Jerry M. Wilson

2019-04-13: Hand drawn map of Sonoma County, California / Jerry M. Wilson

2019-04-13: The indigenous people of North-West America and their many languages / by Jerry M. Wilson

2019-04-13: Satellite view of Southern Africa showing the major topographic features

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Botswana (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Bhutan (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Arid, steppe, cold (BSk) (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Arid, steppe, hot (BSh) (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Brazil (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Bolivia (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Bulgaria (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Bangladesh (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Burkina Faso (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Benin (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Belgium (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Tropical, savannah (Aw) (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Burundi (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Arid regions (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Azerbaijan (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Austria (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Australia (2071-2100)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Australia (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Asiatic Russia (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Armenia (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Argentina (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Iranian Watersheds

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for United Arab Emirates (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Albania (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Angola (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map for Afghanistan (1980-2016)

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map of the world - present and future

2019-04-12: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map of Greece

2019-04-12: Australian Population Density redd.it/bc76ql

2019-04-12: The original Thirteen US Colonies, extended from coast to splendid coast redd.it/bc4zew

2019-04-12: Military Powers Ranked 2019 Global Firepower Index redd.it/bc4ycf

2019-04-12: The motto of every U.S. state redd.it/bc3oox

2019-04-12: Number of visits to each state by a presidential candidate during 2016 Presidential Election redd.it/bc2ptk

2019-04-12: Where death penalty is still practiced (red=practiced, yellow=legal, but not praticed, green=only practiced at special situations like war, blue=illegal, not practiced) redd.it/bc2hz2

2019-04-12: Russian regions by population redd.it/bc0xsw

2019-04-12: Map of Forts, Rendezvous and Cities in the American West 1820-1840 redd.it/bc0c0p

2019-04-12: Panoramic View Of The Yellowstone National Park (1915) redd.it/bc0al9

2019-04-12: Center of global economy 1980-2050 redd.it/bbzvkp

2019-04-12: Europe in 1821 if Napoléon slipped on a banana redd.it/bbz7yz

2019-04-12: Cartoon map of the old wrestling territories and their stars redd.it/bbulhw

2019-04-12: Map of the Arctic Ocean Floor redd.it/bbygnz

2019-04-12: Percentage of Total US State Population Living in the Metropolitan Area of the Capital redd.it/bbydns

2019-04-12: Sex ratio of women:men in Europe (2013) redd.it/bbwanr

2019-04-12: World Average Annual Relative Humidity redd.it/bc76zv

2019-04-12: 3D South America Population Density Map redd.it/bc728p

2019-04-12: The size of U.S. states if (while keeping the same total overall population) they had the population density of (i) California, and (ii) New Jersey

2019-04-12: Antarctica without ice redd.it/bbugao

2019-04-12: Religion in the Philippines in the late 1800s redd.it/bbufma

2019-04-12: Religions in Egypt redd.it/bbu6if

2019-04-12: Soviet map of the world, 1928 (in Russian) redd.it/bbtrin

2019-04-12: Russian map of Australia (1928)

2019-04-12: 1694 map of Denmark redd.it/bbr25v

2019-04-12: Deforestation in New Zealand redd.it/bbom0b

2019-04-12: What if The Gambia followed the entire Gambia river? redd.it/bbmpes

2019-04-12: Europe: border changes between 1914 and 2008 redd.it/bbmig5

2019-04-11: Average speed on the German Autobahn

2019-04-11: Europe and North Africa 1600 redd.it/bblqa5

2019-04-11: Majority home languages spoken in South Africa redd.it/bbfu81

2019-04-11: Mash-up map of the most widely accepted regions (with transition zones) in the United States redd.it/bbbvuv

2019-04-11: How Europe Votes

2019-04-11: Facebook AI producing the most accurate population map of Africa to date redd.it/bb9hfi

2019-04-11: Horizontally flipped map of continental USA. Shows how large the western states are redd.it/bb9hdv

2019-04-11: Irreligion vs. Religion in Germany. Yellow = Catholics, Purple = Protestants, Green = (Predominantly) Irreligious. Intense color = absolute majority, Pastel = simple majority redd.it/bb8rq8

2019-04-11: Whether Every Country Imports More from China, the EU, or the US redd.it/bb8k8d

2019-04-11: Gaza (1986)

2019-04-11: Gaza Strip (1986)

2019-04-11: 3 different propositions for unification of Germany during 19th century

2019-04-11: 3D Africa Population Density Map

2019-04-11: Wheat production in Australia

2019-04-11: Light pollution map of Java and Bali

2019-04-11: The occurrence of place names that contain the words “Swamp”, “Pond”, “Lake”, “Spring”, “Bay” and “River” in the United States

2019-04-11: The occurrence of place names that contain the word “Swamp” in the United States

2019-04-11: The occurrence of place names that contain the word “Bay” in the United States

2019-04-11: The occurrence of place names that contain the word “Pond” in the United States

2019-04-11: The occurrence of place names that contain the word “Spring” in the United States redd.it/bb7q7a

2019-04-10: The occurrence of place names that contain the word “River” in the United States

2019-04-10: The occurrence of place names that contain the word “Lake” in the United States redd.it/bb7pjq

2019-04-10: Europe at the dawn of the Great War, 1914. Muir, Ramsay, and George Philip. Philips' Historical Atlas: Mediæval and Modern. 6th ed., George Philip & Son, Ltd., 1927 redd.it/bb7hse

2019-04-10: Percentage of Muslims in Europe

2019-04-10: 1845 Historical Map of Michigan

2019-04-10: European Countries that once invaded Poland redd.it/bav80w

2019-04-10: Areas of Scandinavian Settlement in Great Britain and Ireland

2019-04-10: Map of Ethnic Groups in the Middle East

2019-04-10: Historic and present distribution of lions redd.it/batce4

2019-04-10: Places of origin of European Royal Dynasties 1914 redd.it/basx7r

2019-04-10: Europe (1933) redd.it/basvzy

2019-04-10: Saint Barthelemy Island,1801 redd.it/barkv0

2019-04-10: Northeast Megalopolis. As of 2010, it had a population of 52 million, 17% of the US the US’ total population redd.it/barkm1

2019-04-10: Map of Australia using indigenous tribal groups that have existed for thousands of years redd.it/barkfg

2019-04-10: Historical range of Gray wolf redd.it/bap4bb

2019-04-10: Historical range of Brown bear redd.it/bap30j

2019-04-10: Language families of Europe - the small diamonds indicate minority languages

2019-04-10: The Canning Stock Route relative to Lake Disappointment

2019-04-10: Backwards Europe

2019-04-09: The Death of Indigenous African Religions, 1900-1990 redd.it/baokot

2019-04-09: Deforestation in Europe redd.it/baokn5

2019-04-09: Köppen–Geiger climate classification map (1980-2016) redd.it/bb22pn

2019-04-09: Travellers Map of the United States - 1852

2019-04-09: Map of Africa using ethnically drawn borders, rather than those drawn by imperial powers redd.it/bamkby

2019-04-09: Prevelance of Circumcision redd.it/bam9h8

2019-04-09: Deforestation in Paraguay redd.it/balab5

2019-04-09: Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest redd.it/bal979

2019-04-09: Deforestation in Mozambique redd.it/bahz06

2019-04-09: Turkic and Mongolian Empires redd.it/bahwgs

2019-04-09: Longest straight-line walk you could do without ever hitting the ocean, 13,572.5 km redd.it/baehud

2019-04-09: Madrid in 1777, Spain redd.it/bah7tg

2019-04-09: US states populated less densely populated than Russia redd.it/bagpd1

2019-04-09: London boroughs as countries with similar GDP PPP per capita redd.it/bagpbb

2019-04-09: Federal Prisons in the United States redd.it/bafvt5

2019-04-09: Share of ethnic Estonians, who can speak a dialect of Estonian language (2011) redd.it/bafc67

2019-04-09: Mobilized force per population, Europe, WW1 redd.it/baf42o

2019-04-09: Young people aged 15-24 neither in employment nor in education (2017) redd.it/baew1n

2019-04-09: The red area has smaller population than US prison population redd.it/baeul4

2019-04-09: More Homicide or more Suicide

2019-04-09: Farthest point from ocean/land in each ocean/continent

2019-04-09: Map of Russia without Autonomous Okrugs and Republics redd.it/baaekw

2019-04-09: London and the British Isles. Circa - 1300

2019-04-09: A map of public transport in Dublin in the 1920s redd.it/ba7s38

2019-04-09: Distribution of the Wild Yak

2019-04-09: Cross Timbers region of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas

2019-04-09: Dialects of autochthonous languages of Switzerland redd.it/baz7vh

2019-04-09: Yakutians in Yakutia (2010)

2019-04-08: Exaggerated Relief Map of southern Africa - at night

2019-04-08: If Alaska Were a Storage Unit, What Countries Would Fit Inside?

2019-04-08: Vegetation map of Cameroon (1969)

2019-04-08: Radioactive cloud spreading over Europe during the Chernobyl disaster

2019-04-08: The Major Long Distance Hiking Trails in America

2019-04-08: The city of Baku in the 17th century, its history inextricably linked with the oil wells that had been well-known and extensively used since the middle of the first millennium AD, Azerbaijan

2019-04-08: Europe 1800

2019-04-08: I just noticed that Finland is at the same latitude as Greenland

2019-04-08: Results of the 1903 Australian federal election (red: Labor ; blue: Protectionist ; green: Free Trade ; yellow: Revenue Tariff ; grey: Independents)

2019-04-07: Municipalities in Spain with Population density less than 8.0 and 12.5 Inhabitants per KM2

2019-04-07: Map of most common education level among 30-34 year olds in Europe

2019-04-07: Countries with population less than the urban area of Tokyo (2019)

2019-04-07: Connecting population to nearest road in Africa

2019-04-07: Drunk shopping into the billions by US state

2019-04-06: Size Comparison between Australia and the United States

2019-04-06: The remaining land wilderness (green) and ocean wilderness (blue) in the world

2019-04-06: Illustrated Wall Map of the United States (1930)

2019-04-06: Victorian Watersheds

2019-04-06: The Voyages of James Cook

2019-04-06: 1741 map of France

2019-04-06: 1700 Double Hemisphere Map of the World

2019-04-06: Silesia and Moravia (1679)

2019-04-06: 1690 map of the Western Hemisphere

2019-04-06: 1688 map of the southern part of South America

2019-04-06: 1936 map of the Orkney Islands

2019-04-06: 1936 map of the Shetland Islands

2019-04-06: 1936 map of Guernsey

2019-04-06: 1936 map of Jersey

2019-04-06: 1936 map of Sark

2019-04-06: 1943 Pictorial Map of India's Industries

2019-04-06: Omaha, Nebraska (1980)

2019-04-06: Nevada, the silver state (1960)

2019-04-05: Remain Land and Leave Land : maps of the UK, based on areas who voted Remain or Leave the EU in the Brexit Referendum

2019-04-05: Long Island, 1873

2019-04-05: Part of Russia with population equal to Moscow

2019-04-05: Language families of Europe

2019-04-05: Agriculture in Middle East

2019-04-05: Occupation zones of France 1815

2019-04-05: Modern European borders superimposed over Europe 1914

2019-04-05: Hainan Island, China

2019-04-05: Angle of the sun throughout the year (at Midday GMT)

2019-04-05: Topography of Ethiopia

2019-04-05: Very detail map of Scotland in 1947

2019-04-05: Germany (1906)

2019-04-05: Papua New Guinea by % forest cover

2019-04-04: New Zealand’s Hardest to Reach Places

2019-04-04: Alternate names for Australia in maps

2019-04-04: Road to Paris / Vascular France

2019-04-04: EU cow population bubble grid map

2019-04-04: Uninhabited land in Brazil

2019-04-04: How day length (hours of daylight) varies throughout the year

2019-04-04: Ordnance Survey poster showing topographical maps of Great Britain's National Parks

2019-04-04: Centres of Italy

2019-04-04: Nobody Lives Here, New Zealand

2019-04-04: Map of places mentioned in Red Hot Chili Peppers songs Mali - One Big Mob

2019-04-04: Italy land use 1972

2019-04-04: Japan land utilization 1971

2019-04-04: Artificial sky brightness of Africa and the Middle East

2019-04-04: Light pollution of the Central African Republic

2019-04-04: Nobody Lives Here (Canada)

2019-04-04: Gabon vegetation, 1968 redd.it/b8rm0d

2019-04-04: Chad ethnic groups, 1969 redd.it/b8rl9w “The Chad Muslims vs the Chad Animist-Christians”–banjonator1

2019-04-04: USA Diurnal Temperature Variation redd.it/b8qagh “Diurnal = daily”–shind

2019-04-04: USA counties religious adherence redd.it/b8q44r “independent churches (evangelicals) were not counted in the survey for some …

2019-04-04: Europe earthquake risk redd.it/b8i58v “Turkey : “chuckles” I am in danger”–Ali_Altan

2019-04-03: Land systems of the Kimberley region, Western Australia

2019-04-03: United States Regions According to NBA Divisions redd.it/b8g17l “How can you conclude that West Virginia is in the Central and not the …

2019-04-03: How far each US county is from the ocean (within the US) redd.it/b8cxnv “Mini-florida in.. Kentucky/Tennessee(?) 😁”–meatballlady

2019-04-03: United States Regions Map redd.it/b8cqv1 “Who knew that Santa Barbara California and San Antonio Texas were both in the …

2019-04-03: Total snowfall accumulation in contiguous United States from September 30 2018 to April 1 2019 redd.it/b8aj7t “There are places that got 50 feet of snow??”–MrRabinowitz

2019-04-03: Europe 1648 after Treaty of Westphalia and end of Thirty Years' War redd.it/b882fs “France in yellow and spain in blue upset me so much more than they …

2019-04-03: Ethnic Russians in Russia redd.it/b86yov “I dont think many people live on Novaja Zemļa”–]guntars0876

2019-04-03: Land use in Iran redd.it/b7zhul “This map is actually surprising to me. Looking at Iran on a satellite map, …

2019-04-03: Local Elections and other maps of Turkey redd.it/b7yrlq

2019-04-02: Australia 1773

2019-04-02: The Madagascar Plan : a Nazi proposal to relocate Jewish people in Europe to Madagascar

2019-04-01: Bassoon (musical instrument) in European languages redd.it/b7pxe6 “Fun fact: The Danish word for trombone is basun”–redd.it/b7pxe6

2019-04-01: Map of when different universities were founded in Europe redd.it/b7oz0l “The university of Murcia, in Spain, was founded in 1272”–AdrianRP

2019-04-01: Gniezno in the early 11th century, the cradle and the first capital of Poland redd.it/b7ovlb “The Cathedral in the middle of the city is still standing to this …

2019-04-01: Bird Migration in the Americas redd.it/b7nedg “I love this one, I have a copy hanging in my room!”–ONEWINDIGO

2019-04-01: Australia split into 4 parts of equal population

2019-03-31: Alaska, Far North Frontier (1981)

2019-03-31: The Karoo in South Africa

2019-03-31: United States Territorial Acquisitions

2019-03-31: The Conquest of Space (1969)

2019-03-31: Eastern South Australia Satellite Map

2019-03-31: Railway map of Central Asia and the Caucasus (1991)

2019-03-31: Railway map of the Soviet Union (1991)

2019-03-31: Berlin at night is still seperated due the different use of street lanterns. The orange lights are former east Berlin

2019-03-31: Picturesque Map of Havana, Cuba 1853 redd.it/b7d1ts

2019-03-31: Population density of Sweden redd.it/b7d1ma

2019-03-31: Landmarks of Bulgaria redd.it/b7b079 “Where is Russev?”–350Points

2019-03-31: Physical Map of Africa redd.it/b79xw4

2019-03-31: Ancient Middle East - 1275 BC redd.it/b79ujs “Now this is map porn”–theya222

2019-03-30: Map of German Settlements in Eastern Europe redd.it/b70ds5 “My ancestors were Volga Germans which made up that large spot deep in …

2019-03-30: Territorial evolution of the United States redd.it/b6y37w “I’m the one who built …

2019-03-30: Slavic lands in Europe (Shafarik, 1842) redd.it/b6wowq “Quite a cool map. Didn’t know there were that many Greeks in the …

2019-03-30: Monte's 10 foot Planisphere of 1587 - The Largest Early World Map

2019-03-30: WW2 Military Panorama of the Theatre of War

2019-03-30: Geological map of China

2019-03-29: Geological Map of Europe (1962)

2019-03-29: 1915 map of Japan, Korea & Taiwan

2019-03-29: Mexico 1895/96

2019-03-29: Map showing the different ethnic groups that lived in the Soviet Union redd.it/b6rdsr “the actual number of jews that lived in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast was …

2019-03-29: 1906 proposal by Romanian-Austrian politician Aurel Popovici for reformation of Austro-Hungarian Empire redd.it/b6p4tp “Nationalism has tried to call you You have 99 unread …

2019-03-29: Ethno-linguistic map of modern day China redd.it/b6nem1 “Manchu is functionally extinct - it had twenty native speakers in …

2019-03-29: Vienna, January 1913. Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Tito, Freud, Emperor Franz Joseph and Archduke Franz Ferdinand lived there redd.it/b6ktf1 “Stalin was in Vienna for a month or so”–badgers1987

2019-03-29: Castles in Czech Republic redd.it/b6j4vy “I envy Czechs so many well-preserved medieval …

2019-03-29: Filming locations in California (with photos) redd.it/b6hf6m “California has an amazing landscape”–Duriaaaannnn

2019-03-29: Ó versus Mac in Ireland redd.it/b6gduc “Protestant families in Northern Ireland often have some Scottish ancestry, …

2019-03-29: Last year of death penalty and methods in Europe redd.it/b6e6ar “France and Belarus are really living up to their …

2019-03-29: NSW Legislative Assembly (Lower House) Election Results redd.it/b6c9m9 “Gotta be dissappointing for the labor”–RustyShackles69

2019-03-29: The traditional words for "wolf" in Norway and their origin redd.it/b6bzup “TIL Gråtass betyr ulv, og ikke bare er en traktor”–foca9

2019-03-29: Africa in 1805 redd.it/b66xdk “Cartography during the last millennium was so …

2019-03-29: Map of Doggerland redd.it/b66x2k “This is like a Dutch wet dream”–flagautism

2019-03-29: Daily Mail 1914 War map of Europe showing supposed military strength of Great Powers redd.it/b66ry4 “Blimps and Battleships oh my!”–]snuzet

2019-03-29: Italy in 1000 redd.it/b66jd4

2019-03-29: Cyrillic alphabet vs. Latin alphabet vs. Greek alphabet redd.it/b660v1 “Why is it that European languages mostly use one of two alphabets, whereas in …

2019-03-29: Unification of Italy 1859-1870 redd.it/b65nck “I’ve always been surprised how the attack on Sicily went down so …

2019-03-29: Comparing the latitude of Europe and North America redd.it/b65hxz “Western Sahara went from “no data” to not …

2019-03-29: 1662 Willem Blaeu - Map of Granada and Murcia

2019-03-29: Japanese prefectures with their names translated into English

2019-03-29: Cockatiel Range redd.it/b5zyh9 “OMG…dangerous land”–rwang8721

2019-03-29: Literal Translation from Cambodian 25 Provinces redd.it/b5zqbw “is grandpa island their version of florida”–ilikeyourboat

2019-03-29: How big is the "little piece of land" called Golan Heights? redd.it/b5x9fk “So pretty small”–Begotten912

2019-03-29: Building up the world country by country in order of population density redd.it/b5wydg “Very cool, I always think of China as super dense, I was surprised to see …

2019-03-29: Route for a 1915 competition to circumnavigate the globe by plane for the first time! redd.it/b5wvas “Interesting: B.J.S. Cahill made this map. He was the architect of The …

2019-03-29: GDP per capita of Japanese prefectures redd.it/b5wui6

2019-03-29: 1716 Homann Map of Burgundy, France

2019-03-29: Women's suffrage in the Middle East redd.it/b5t69u “Should have put a sidenote somewhere that Kuwait suspended womens suffrage …

2019-03-29: Greater Finland redd.it/b5szir “More like federation of depressed alcoholics”–tiiger200

2019-03-29: The years that African nations gained their independence redd.it/b5phsu “Crazy to think our Grandparents growing up during the world wars saw a …

2019-03-29: Ethnic map of modern day China and the regions they are located in redd.it/b5k7uk “The map is showing its age… it states 6% of the population, or about …

2019-03-29: The Netherlands compared to sea level

2019-03-29: Impressions of Tasmania

2019-03-27: Percentages of Azerbaijanis (Turks) in provinces of Iran

2019-03-27: Latvia – U.S. area comparison

2019-03-26: Willem Blaeu - Map of Granada and Murcia (1653) redd.it/b5gqaw

2019-03-26: Ethnic composition according to the last census before the break-up of Yugoslavia redd.it/b5csbc “Interesting region. Also strategically important today. Erdogan invests …

2019-03-26: Map of the world (1936) redd.it/b59xyv “Poland cannot into a Polish map”–KrakenSandwich

2019-03-26: Lake Eyre Basin with heavy rain : NASA Earth Observatory image (April 25, 2018), using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey

2019-03-26: 1716 Homann Map of New England "Nova Anglia"

2019-03-26: Geologic map of Nevada

2019-03-26: World country subdivisions by HDI

2019-03-25: The red area has 2/3 of Suriname's population redd.it/b54bij “Crazy thing about meeting people from Suriname… took some acid at a …

2019-03-25: Close to half of Mongolia's population live in the green redd.it/b5aefy “Thats where the Starbucks is”–travislaker

2019-03-25: North Korea as seen from the ISS at night redd.it/b54bpt “They have to be like the most environmentally friendly country though …

2019-03-25: 1715 map of New Zealand

2019-03-25: 1715 map of Tasmania

2019-03-25: What the world would look like with a decreasing shore length

2019-03-25: French comical map of Europe 1880 redd.it/b4ygzk “They already drawn the Eurotunnel”–ArchdukeFranzRIP

2019-03-25: The Middle of Nowhere (Alaska)

2019-03-25: The Middle Of Nowhere (U.S.) redd.it/b57jzj “Lovin that northern Maine blob”–Goose_Man_Unlimited

2019-03-25: Europe in 18th century (Thomas Kitchin, 1780) redd.it/b4womc “Back when Sweden was an entire penis!”–tjnsn

2019-03-25: An Incredibly Detailed Map of the Roman Empire At Its Height in 211 AD redd.it/b4s0kt “Crazy, there are still some old, barred of mineshafts in my area and I knew …

2019-03-24: Contiguous 48 Counties with Interstate Highways

2019-03-24: Half of US GDP is created in a handful of cities located near rivers and ports (which makes them suitable for trade) redd.it/b4mcun “While dfw is technically on a river, I’ve never seen any …

2019-03-24: Ramla in 1668, a small Ottoman town particularly popular with Christian pilgrims, yet only a shadow of its former Ummayad-Abbasid glory, Israel redd.it/b4ka8l “My father was born in Ramla back in the late 40’s. His family …

2019-03-24: London before the Fire of 1666 redd.it/b4tdqa

2019-03-24: The Island of California (1670)

2019-03-24: A literary map of Canada (1936)

2019-03-24: Tig Tag or It redd.it/b4ry5s “In my country we call it “catching”–teo_jack

2019-03-24: Land utilization of Hong Kong and Macao (1970)

2019-03-24: Land utilization of Israel and occupied territories (1968) redd.it/b4ojkt “So even in a three or two state solution, with full settler evacuation, the …

2019-03-24: Sierra Leone ethnic groups (1969) redd.it/b4o25s “Gotta love Colonialism”–Venboven

2019-03-24: Narcotics Smuggling (1985)

2019-03-23: Central Europe (1986)

2019-03-23: Mediterranean Sea of Australia redd.it/b4dk9n

2019-03-23: United States colored by the linguistic source of each state's name redd.it/b4crbg “Get it together “Idaho”…. if that is even a real …

2019-03-23: Largest Ancestry in the United States by County, 2010 redd.it/b49wj4 “I’m willing to bet that most of the ‘Irish’ you have in the …

2019-03-23: Spheroidal World map, 1862 redd.it/b48q3g “This map appeared in a French atlas of 1862, called ” Atlas spheroidal …

2019-03-23: South Korea replaced with Ireland “It took me a moment I thought it was just a normal red map of Korea …

2019-03-23: Population Distribution of Northeastern US in 2015 (ft. Southeastern Canada) redd.it/b45dfs “That’s legit pretty cool”

2019-03-23: Population distribution of East Asia in 2015 redd.it/b45bdn “Whoa Bangladesh calm down!”–dubiguity

2019-03-23: Countries of the Americas by 2nd largest foreign nationality redd.it/b44v3m “Eh, so does “2nd largest foreign nationality” mean there’s …

2019-03-23: Night Lights of Java

2019-03-23: Map showing mean annual wind speed across Europe redd.it/b43mbf “Surprised about the mean wind data across the mainland…especially in …

2019-03-23: Proposed map of the United States of Greater Austria, a federalized Austro-Hungarian Empire, superimposed on the major ethnic groups of the empire redd.it/b41v4c “At least they would have gotten the Slovak and Check division …

2019-03-23: 1630 Portuguese map of Asia redd.it/b41qcn

2019-03-23: Map of most popular Sport in Canada redd.it/b409f9 “I thought that it was just surviving in the north”–Kart_Kombajn

2019-03-23: Venetian map of the North Pacific, 1776 redd.it/b3xwv6 “R.I.P. in peace, Dodos”–mastovacek

2019-03-23: New Silk Road redd.it/b3vqjh “I was in Kyrgyzstan last summer and I saw the road construction site …

2019-03-23: Relief map of Iceland redd.it/b3v4e8

2019-03-23: Artistic map of central Chile redd.it/b3v2wx “I once saw Bryan Adams play a show at Vina del Mar”–Petrarch1603

2019-03-23: Ethnic groups in southern Soviet Union and neighboring Middle Eastern countries (1986)

2019-03-23: Gunbarrel Highway Map, Australia

2019-03-23: United Steaks of Ameristralia

2019-03-23: Ethnic map of Burma (Myanmar) 1961

2019-03-23: Central Africa from a Japanese map (1932) redd.it/b4amah

2019-03-23: Highest elevation of countries

2019-03-23: Map of northwest South Australia showing the boundary of the APY Lands and the main infrastructure

2019-03-23: Mount Davies Road - a remote unsealed outback track in north west South Australia redd.it/b47oqp

2019-03-23: Sheep Distribution in Australia, March 1963 redd.it/b47d77

2019-03-23: 1580 map showing the coast from Dublin to Carrickfergus, Ireland redd.it/b4763o

2019-03-23: Distribution of sheep, 1963, South Island, New Zealand redd.it/b47an3

2019-03-23: Water in European Languages source: jakubmarian.com/water-in-… redd.it/b46mii “The basque standing out as usual …

2019-03-23: California and Corfou - similarly shaped islands from maps produced in 1720 redd.it/b46gni

2019-03-22: 1721 double hemispherical map of the world

2019-03-22: Philippines 1721 redd.it/b441dw

2019-03-22: The Island of California (1722) redd.it/b43k4h

2019-03-22: 1724 Map of Cambridgeshire, England - by H. Moll

2019-03-22: 1724 map of the Eastern Hemisphere

2019-03-22: 1724 map of the Indian Ocean and surrounding regions

2019-03-22: 1724 Map of Southeast Asia and Australia

2019-03-22: 1725 map of the world

2019-03-22: 1725 map of Asia

2019-03-22: Venetian map of the North Pacific, 1776 redd.it/b3xwv6

2019-03-22: Relief map of Iceland redd.it/b3v4e8 “Shading method by Daniel P Huffman”–mapsbyy

2019-03-22: Europe after Congress of Vienna 1815 redd.it/b3rx9w “Tuscany was part of Austrian Empire? Really?”–Duzlo

2019-03-22: The Click Language of Africa - the only click language ever found outside the continent is the (now-extinct) ritual "Damin" language of Australia redd.it/b3rbjt “Click bait”–GeddyLeesThumb

2019-03-22: The Mediterranean Sea in 218 BC redd.it/b3rgvq “The amount of tribes included on this map is beautiful”–KonniBOI

2019-03-22: Changes in Happiness from 2005-2008 to 2016-2018 redd.it/b3njro “I can literally see no reason as to why Nepal and even Pakistan is that high …

2019-03-22: Maximum speed limits in the United States redd.it/b3j5fu “Wow 85”–Ramzavail05

2019-03-22: Shaded relief hand-painted map of Alaska blended with NASA imagery by John Nelson redd.it/b3x8nj “I like Alaska’s interesting outline. Makes up for all those boring neat …

2019-03-22: Travel time from Rome in antiquity redd.it/b3gtk9 “If you’re interested, ORBIS lets you calculate all kinds of …

2019-03-22: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, are only 1.6 km (0.99 mi) apart

2019-03-22: Vienna and Bratislava, two capital cities that are 35 miles apart redd.it/b3gmmf “56 km”–medhelan

2019-03-22: Electoral System for Country's Lower House (or only House if unicameral) redd.it/b3gcbd “How dare you leave off San Marino’s semi-proportional, majority bonus …

2019-03-22: Map showing Germany's loss of territory as a result of the World Wars redd.it/b3g15c “Look how they massacred my boy”–Macquarrie1999

2019-03-22: Colorado Front Range redd.it/b3c9bq “Well, the northern front range at least”–]lash422

2019-03-22: Population density of France, 1999 redd.it/b3c8oi “FYI, Tuamotu & Grenier were nuked many times when their islands were used …

2019-03-22: Population density of Spain, 2008 redd.it/b3c8dm “Surprised that the Canary Islands have a higher density than most of mainland …

2019-03-22: Connecticut redd.it/b3bubz “Looks like a hairy, veiny butt–Vurumai

2019-03-22: Commuting in Ireland mapped from Electoral Division centroid (ED) to ED Centroid redd.it/b3bpxn

2019-03-22: Vermont redd.it/b3bmbb “Would love a NH map!!”

2019-03-22: Satirical Maps of the First World War by Louis Raemaekers in 1915 redd.it/b3b53o “You know it’s accurate when Switzerland is just chillin out in the middle …

2019-03-22: Sexual orientation laws in the world (2019) redd.it/b3aikv “The Caribbean is pretty conservative. A lot of party paradises in the world …

2019-03-22: Foreign-Born Population in USA redd.it/b37wmc “what I found more interesting is the outlier counties”–VoightKent

2019-03-22: The French Empire redd.it/b376qg

2019-03-22: The British Empire redd.it/b36y0q “United india ❤️”–kishucrazyboi

2019-03-22: Percent of English literacy by country redd.it/b36em4 “I’m surprised South Africa is so low.–badjayplaness

2019-03-22: Australian Residents by country of birth redd.it/b36dol “A lot more in Asian countries than I would have …

2019-03-22: 1500 yrs of river channel. Willamette River, Oregon. Lidar scanned redd.it/b367ww “This map was created by Daniel E. Coe”–Petrarch1603

2019-03-22: How accurate 12 noon is to when the sun is highest in the sky, across time zones redd.it/b3582d “The joke goes: what time is it in Tibet? Answer: whatever time Beijing tells …

2019-03-22: Counties of Kansas (the US state) by when they last peaked in population (colors inspired by foliage) redd.it/b3498d “The Gods Hate Kansas”–[–]Kallikrein5

2019-03-22: Languages of Sardinia redd.it/b341hk “These two islands are quite interesting”–annihilaterq

2019-03-22: West Africa city network redd.it/b33bnv “cities are categorized by 4 different colors by its size yellow, brown, …

2019-03-22: Elective Government in Europe c.1590 redd.it/b33d1r

2019-03-22: World Rainfall Proportion redd.it/b3381k “ok Brazil save some for the rest of us”–buttholdestr0yer

2019-03-22: Uncle Sam's Mail board game from the 1890s. Players move around the United States by horseback, stagecoach, steamboat, and railroad to deliver their randomly drawn pieces of mail redd.it/b32s8o “It’s interesting to me that a board game from 1893 doesn’t have Arizona and …

2019-03-22: French Revolution 1789-93 redd.it/b32gk5 “This is great one , thanks.”–Randis_

2019-03-22: Map of Professional US Wrestling Leagues as of roughly the late 1970's redd.it/b31xs7 “Man. And to think only Puerto Rico survived the …

2019-03-22: Map Descriptive of London Poverty, 1898-9 sheet 7 of 12) by the Social Reformer, Charles Booth, and a team including his cousin, Beatrice Potter redd.it/b31uy2 “Lowest class. Vicious, criminal Holy shit”–Generic__Eric

2019-03-22: European Separatism redd.it/b31n8u “Hey it’s my map!”–bezzleford

2019-03-22: Forum Hadriani, the northernmost Roman town in continental Europe, modern-day Voorburg in the Netherlands redd.it/b31hhy “The Roman town, which may have been founded immediately after the Batavian …

2019-03-22: 1902 map of the Shire of Torres, Queensland

2019-03-22: 1902 map of the Shire of Diamantina, Queensland

2019-03-22: The average cloud cover across the world in 2018

2019-03-22: McDonald’s locations in Europe (2017) The number of McDonald’s restaurants in Europe (2017) Germany – 1480 ; France (including Monaco) – …

2019-03-22: 1822 Clark’s chart of the world -- exhibiting the prevailing religion, the form or government, state of civilization, and the population of each country

2019-03-21: Detailed Terrain Map of Denmark and the surrounding region

2019-03-21: American countries by largest foreign nationality redd.it/b2yk55 “2005-2010”–TechnicalfruitNinja

2019-03-21: Military recruitment districts of Austro Hungarian empire, 1894 redd.it/b2y6xw “I’m a simple man, I see Austria-Hungary, I upvote”–Benyano

2019-03-21: Drainage basins of the principal oceans and seas of the world redd.it/b2wzf8 “First time I’ve heard of the American Mediterranean Sea and …

2019-03-21: Poland according to Poles (satirical map) redd.it/b2whng “Ao if I get this correctly, many Ukrainians migrate to …

2019-03-21: Yugoslav wars redd.it/b2vvaz “Look how they massacred my boy”–darkoverlord7

2019-03-21: Map showing cities with a population greater than 15,000 redd.it/b2v9ea “Greenland has stopped working”–eshfesh

2019-03-20: Share of total population having neither a bath, nor a shower in their dwelling - EU-SILC survey %

2019-03-20: Maps of Human Development Index (HDI) for six selected years over the study period of 1990-2015

2019-03-20: Major landscape types in the Everglades, Florida before human action

2019-03-20: North America - No Manifest Destiny

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Peak', 'Mountain', 'Ridge', 'Plain' and 'Field' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Mountain', 'Valley', 'Plain' and 'Field' in the United States

2019-03-20: Distribution of wild dogs and livestock in Australia

2019-03-20: Fault zones of New Zealand

2019-03-20: Oceania map of Koppen Climate Classification

2019-03-20: River Basins of Australasia in rainbow colours Watersheds of Australasia imgur.com/gallery/r…

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Peak' and 'Plain' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Mountain' and 'Plain' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Desert', 'Prarie', 'Forest' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Field' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Plain' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Valley' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Ridge' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Peak' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Desert' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Prarie' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Forest' in the United States

2019-03-20: Place names that contain the word 'Mountain' in the United States

2019-03-20: At least 380 small and large fires burned in Victoria in the first week of March 2019

2019-03-20: Tree Diversity in the United States

2019-03-20: Local government areas (municipalities, shires and divisions) in Queensland, March 1902

2019-03-19: Deserts and xeric scrublands

2019-03-19: Northern Territory Watersheds

2019-03-19: 3D Population Density Map of Adelaide

2019-03-19: 3D Population Density Map of Melbourne

2019-03-19: Forest cover map of Bhutan

2019-03-19: Map of Indian Territory (Oklahoma) 1889

2019-03-19: Native American (American Indian) population by county, 2017

2019-03-19: Indians of South America - National Geographic Society (1982)

2019-03-19: 1861 map of the West India islands of Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico

2019-03-19: Map of the partition of India (1947)

2019-03-19: Vancouver Island, physical map 1913 redd.it/b2sed8

2019-03-19: A 1793 reproduction of the Zeno Map, a hoax in an attempt to perpetuate a claim that Venitians discovered the New World before the Genoan mariner Christopher Columbus (note the phantom islands off the coast of Iceland) redd.it/b2q9oe Wikipedia article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeno…

2019-03-19: Balkans, Ottoman and Austrian Empire 1815-1859 redd.it/b2kq0y

2019-03-19: Nine Names for Bread-Lumps by Ryan Starkey 2018 redd.it/b2kba5 “Coventry and Wirral are batch-mates. Who would have …

2019-03-19: The Greater White North: An Alt-Canada in 2015

2019-03-19: Where palm trees are found in the United States redd.it/b2jk0x “The map illustrates the density of native palm species in the United States. …

2019-03-19: Olives in Australia, 2005-06 source article: …

2019-03-19: Monarchies in Europe in 1924 redd.it/b2inly “Hungary, the kingdom without a king ruled by an admiral without a …

2019-03-19: Tennis courts in Germany redd.it/b2h8k “Wenn ich im Westen bin und einen Tennisplatz sehe denke ich mir immer: …

2019-03-19: Railway map of Russian Empire (LV) - 1910 redd.it/b2i2h4 “Ukraine was quite dense with those railways”–redd.it/b2i2h4

2019-03-19: Potential distribution of the olive trees across the Mediterranean Basin redd.it/b2hu88 “So that’s what the Romans were up to”–Tequorie

2019-03-19: Ethnic map of Caucasus redd.it/b2hl1b “The fact that Mongolian is spoken this far West is always fascinating to …

2019-03-19: Most watched Football League in Europe (Between the 4 Big Leagues) redd.it/b2hf41 “You can clearly see the divide between Flanders-Wallonia, Romania and …

2019-03-19: Yangtze River delta cities (largest: Shanghai) with their prefectural (administrative) population in millions. Scale for distance added. Whole area has 40% more people than Germany redd.it/b2gszl “that feel when most of those cities have bigger population than my …

2019-03-19: Stylized map of Pangaea redd.it/b2efch “I mean I ain’t complaining but that looks like a flat earthers wet …

2019-03-19: Number of heads of federal subjects of Russian Federation since 1991 redd.it/b2e25p “The amount of Heads (leaders) since 1991”–aelimian

2019-03-19: Number of cheek kisses when greeting a friend in France redd.it/b2bq5h “I guess 18% of Corsicans have a lot of time on their …

2019-03-19: Japanese advances in South East Asia and Oceania in WW2 redd.it/b2axfb “you forgot forceful penetration in the key”–ragggaerat

2019-03-19: The Byzantine Empire during its Golden Age, 1025 redd.it/b2aiqq “Crimea been through a lot”–Gladiator6969

2019-03-19: Brazil map of Köppen climate classification

2019-03-19: Population of Croatia, 1857-2001, darker color=fewer people redd.it/b2aesc “Rural flight really kicked in post ww2”–1ngebot

2019-03-19: English counties and their flags redd.it/b26rns “I kind of want this as a ridiculous …

2019-03-19: Closest National Park to an Area in the United States redd.it/b29oa8 “This is about the only map where the western “States” are the …

2019-03-19: Nebraska’s Waterways redd.it/b296ga “I find it hard to believe that it has more waterway mileage than Alaska, even …

2019-03-19: Distribution of Germans in Central Europe (1892) redd.it/b28jfq ” Btw i love it how Dutchmen was counted as Germans in the 19th century among …

2019-03-19: Vilayet of Bosnia (1909) redd.it/b285zt “Bosnia : I want to swim!! Croatia NO”–dannywat3rm3lon

2019-03-19: Extremely detalied map of "Colombia Prima or South America" from arround 1800 redd.it/b27ib7 “Great map. Now I’m curious who explored / discovered each area and how many …

2019-03-19: Landlocked Countries redd.it/b27777 “You missed Switzerland”–Seriously_Mussolini

2019-03-19: Size of Antarctica to the continental United States redd.it/b25cb9 “Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, windiest and brightest of the …

2019-03-19: 1726 map of North America

2019-03-19: 1726 map of Charlestown, South Carolina

2019-03-19: Carolina 1726

2019-03-19: Beavers making Dams in Niagara (1726)

2019-03-19: Louisiana 1726

2019-03-19: Locations of all attacks on Australia in WW2 redd.it/b24vkh “The ships aren’t necessarily all Australian ships, the majority are Ally …

2019-03-19: Battlefronts of Europe, August 1, 1916 redd.it/b24mu4 “Interesting as it is, the angle makes it looks so… …

2019-03-19: Life Expectancy in the United States redd.it/b23l55 “Don’t count on it”

2019-03-19: Nuclear weapons in Europe redd.it/b22wif “Imagine if Ukrain still had nukes”–guntars0876

2019-03-19: Illiteracy in Yugoslavia in 1961 & 1971 redd.it/b21obu “There’s a lot of legitimate reasons to criticize 20th century communism …

2019-03-19: Map of most spoken languages by municipality in Bolivia redd.it/b20l3v “I am trying to improve my spoken Salt Flat, but it’s so hard to find …

2019-03-19: Production of cow's milk on farms across European regions in 2017 redd.it/b21na5 “Why have North Norwegia so many milk production? It’s not too cold for …

2019-03-19: Valeriepieris circles for Brazil redd.it/b2016h “For those unfamiliar with the concept, Valeriepieris circle is a region that …

2019-03-19: Map of Chinatown's Alleyways, San Francisco redd.it/b1zgtw “Mm I can smell the pee from here”–oaknollestates

2019-03-19: The "Mappa Mundi" (The medieval map of the world) compared with a modern map redd.it/b1x4zo “👏When👏 Will 👏 People 👏 Learn 👏 That 👏 The 👏 Map 👏 Isn’t 👏 Supposed 👏 To 👏 Be …

2019-03-19: Alcohol Consumption Per Capita (liters) redd.it/b1wlnx ​ “I have data on the Isle of Man. They love the …

2019-03-19: Time needed to earn 1€ with an average net wage redd.it/b1wglo “The pointer to Luxembourg makes it almost look like negative time is …

2019-03-19: Satellite image of western South America in July

2019-03-19: Current and Future MEGACITIES redd.it/b1uvuo “I’ve been to quite a few of these cities, but none gave me quite the …

2019-03-19: "Now the U.S. must fight for its life - March 1942 LIFE Magazine Map showing where the Germans and Japanese might land on the continental U.S. -- Plan Two Japanese invasion of the West Coast

2019-03-19: "Now the U.S. must fight for its life - March 1942 LIFE Magazine Map showing where the Germans and Japanese might land on the continental U.S. -- Plan One “Plan ONE calls for a Japanese hop-skip-and-jump across the northern Pacific in great …

2019-03-19: Traditional dialectal isoglosses in Innherad, Norway, and surrounding regions redd.it/au24mv “the coast and city are generally counted as Fosenmål, one of the “Outer …

2019-03-19: 1863 map of Basque languages - by Louis-Lucien Bonaparte redd.it/avf9d0 “Louis Lucien Bonaparte was an interesting character in linguistics and …

2019-03-19: Map of Malay varieties in southern Sumatra

2019-03-19: Languages of Northern Sumatra redd.it/azstnt “Gay in Aceh? Absolutely haram”–CheraCholaPandya

2019-03-19: Ethnic composition of Latvia 2018 by the government statistic office redd.it/b2jyp4

2019-03-18: Average annual precipitation of China

2019-03-18: Land Cover and Cropland Density of South America

2019-03-18: Maps of Greater Jakarta, Indonesia

2019-03-18: Australia Mean Annual Rainfall

2019-03-18: New Jersey (1819)

2019-03-18: 1801 Map of Asia

2019-03-18: Regions in Europe with GDP per capita lower than East Germany redd.it/b1ujtl “Wow, didn’t expect to see Barcelona to be lower than the former …

2019-03-18: 1884 map of Bornholm, Denmark

2019-03-18: 1884 map of the Danish West Indies (St Thomas, St Croix and St Jan.)

2019-03-18: 1884 map of the Faroe Islands

2019-03-18: 1884 map of Iceland in the shape of a Codfish

2019-03-18: Tourism map of Denmark, 1884(?), including the then Danish Iceland and West Indies islands of St Thomas, St Croix and St Jan. redd.it/b1uivp “I like how Iceland is shaped like a dried …

2019-03-18: ETHNOGRAPHIC MAP OF THE RUSSIAN POPULATION IN THE KINGDOM OF GALICIA" / 1878 Borders of Kingdom of Galicia & Lodomeria by Yakov Fedorovich Golovatsky redd.it/b1ubeh “This map covers what is today the western Ukraine north of …

2019-03-18: The civilian and military towns of Aquincum, a Roman colony on the shores of the Danube, modern-day Budapest, Hungary

2019-03-18: Western Australia annual rainfall

2019-03-17: 1726 map of New England, New Scotland & Newfoundland

2019-03-17: 1727 map of Taiwan

2019-03-17: A map of Bunce Island in Sierra Leone drawn c. 1727

2019-03-17: 1727 London Map by Danet

2019-03-17: Gibraltar 1727

2019-03-17: A Chart of the Great Western Ocean with the Coast of Europe, Africa and America, 1728

2019-03-17: Regio Canaan Seu Terra Promissionis Postea Iudea Vel Palestina Nominata Hodie Terra Sancta Vocata, 1728

2019-03-17: 1729 Map of Scythia and Tartary, or western U.S.S.R., Mongolia and northern China, showing the Great Wall of China

2019-03-17: Captain Dampiers new voyage to New Holland etc in 1699 ... (publshed 1729)

2019-03-17: J. De Cordova's Map Of The State Of Texas (1856)

2019-03-17: Forests of Colorado and the southern Rocky Mountains

2019-03-17: Forest cover map of Australasia

2019-03-17: Urban Areas in France

2019-03-17: Languages of Finland

2019-03-17: Ethiopia Climate Map

2019-03-17: Ethnic Russians in Estonia

2019-03-17: Eritrea physical map

2019-03-17: Equatorial Guinea offshore oil & gas

2019-03-17: El Salvador : The Inevitable Revolution (1982)

2019-03-17: Travel Time to Cities in Egypt

2019-03-17: Climate of Ecuador

2019-03-17: Imprisonment in the United States

2019-03-17: Catholic dioceses of East Timor

2019-03-17: Population Density of Dominican Republic (2010)

2019-03-17: Forests (green) and Woodlands (red) of Djibouti

2019-03-17: Denmark Population Density (2007)

2019-03-17: Elevation map of czech Republic

2019-03-17: Ethnographic distribution in Cyprus 1960

2019-03-17: Tourist brochure of Cuba (1949)

2019-03-17: Croatian dialects in Croatia and Croatian majority areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1991)

2019-03-17: Large 3D Printed Topographic map of Costa Rica

2019-03-17: Republic of the Congo map of Koppen Climate Classification

2019-03-17: Zaire (Congo) - Population Density 1970

2019-03-17: Indigenous population of Colombia by municipality

2019-03-17: Population Density in China, East vs West

2019-03-17: Chile divided in three regions of nearly-equal population (as of 2012 census)

2019-03-17: A satellite image of Chad

2019-03-17: Satellite map of the Central African Republic

2019-03-17: Geological map of Canada

2019-03-17: Ethnic map of Cameroon

2019-03-17: Ethnic map of Cambodia (1972) in Macedonian

2019-03-17: Population density of Burundi

2019-03-17: Burkina Faso map of Koppen Climate Classification

2019-03-17: Bulgaria 1878

2019-03-17: Districts of Brunei

2019-03-17: Whites in Brazil

2019-03-17: Botswana 1982

2019-03-17: Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995)

2019-03-17: Map of the locations of the indigenous settlements of Bolivia

2019-03-17: Elevation Map of Bhutan

2019-03-17: Benin - Economic Activity (1970)

2019-03-17: Regional map of Belize

2019-03-17: Poverty in Belgium

2019-03-17: Birth rate 2014 Belarus

2019-03-17: Population density in Bangladesh

2019-03-17: Map of the governorates of Bahrain in Arabic

2019-03-17: Languages of Azerbaijan

2019-03-17: Köppen climate types of Austria

2019-03-17: Topography of Armenia - mountainous and volcanic

2019-03-17: Map of Argentina with its provinces literally translated to English

2019-03-17: Angola tribes 1970

2019-03-17: Andorra, 1977

2019-03-17: Tribes of Algeria

2019-03-17: Languages of Albania

2019-03-17: Ethnographical map of Afghanistan, 1947

2019-03-17: Sunflower production map of Pakistan

2019-03-17: Rabi peanut production map of India

2019-03-17: Rapeseed production map of Turkey

2019-03-17: Rapeseed production map of Iran

2019-03-17: Rapeseed production map of Europe

2019-03-17: Peanut production map of Paraguay

2019-03-17: Palm oil production map of Colombia by department

2019-03-17: Sunflower production map of Brazil

2019-03-17: Sorghum production in Mexico

2019-03-17: Soybean production map of the United States

2019-03-17: Rye production in Australia

2019-03-17: 1791 map of northeastern North America

2019-03-17: 1784 map of northeastern North America

2019-03-17: 1774 map of northeastern North America

2019-03-17: Rice production map of Pakistan

2019-03-17: Kharif peanut production map of India

2019-03-17: Rapeseed production map of Turkey

2019-03-17: Wheat production map of Syria

2019-03-17: Rice production map of Iran by province

2019-03-17: Oat production map of Europe

2019-03-17: Rapeseed production map of Paraguay

2019-03-17: Coffee production map of Peru

2019-03-17: Cotton fiber production map of Colombia by department

2019-03-17: Soybean production map of Brazil

2019-03-17: Rice production in Mexico

2019-03-17: Peanut production map of the United States

2019-03-17: Oat production in Australia

2019-03-17: 1763 map of northeastern North America

2019-03-17: 1713 map of eastern North America

2019-03-17: 1840 Liberia

2019-03-17: Temperature and vegetation of Australia & New Zealand (1896)

2019-03-17: A map showing comparative administrative divisions of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and Modern Azerbaijan redd.it/b1slx1

2019-03-17: Page from book: Atlas of Kansas City, Missouri and environs (1925) redd.it/b1sgiv

2019-03-17: Map of alliances and battlefronts of Austro-Prussian war 1866 redd.it/b1sf8k “Orange and yellow-Austrian Empire and its allies. Darker and lighter …

2019-03-17: Europe 1763 ​ redd.it/b1s9qk “Crazy to think that Russia, Poland and Turkey shared …

2019-03-17: Ancient Middle East - 1375 BC redd.it/b1r6k1 “I’d be interested in Middle East 1375 AD. …

2019-03-17: Roman legion camp Vindonissa in Switzerland at around 80 AD redd.it/b1qvwp “Current name is Windisch”–SantiGE

2019-03-17: WW2 map of Ireland to deter invaders redd.it/b1q5ri “R H E U M A T I S M”–anarchy-advocate

2019-03-16: Change in Serbia's population: 1981 to 2011 redd.it/b1p093 “Sandzak Bosniaks and Bulgarians vanished from Serbia”–Episkt

2019-03-16: Jewish East London, 1899 redd.it/b1lclh

2019-03-16: Vatican City redd.it/b1jvwj “Vatican always felt like such a comfy place to live …

2019-03-16: Illustrated Map of European Russia 1903 redd.it/b1ixdm “Looks like a fantasy map. I love it.”–]lorenzomiglie

2019-03-16: Texel, a Frisian island, part of Holland redd.it/b1i9an this where the last nazis surrendered in ww2, iirc–default-dance-9001

2019-03-16: Claimed Irish Ancestry in the United States redd.it/b1i7m0 On average, 12.1% of respondents nationally claim Irish ancestry–DrewMaggelet

2019-03-16: Administrative map of the German Empire in 1900 redd.it/b1fv2j Preußens Gloria

2019-03-16: Percentage of schoolkids using the Norwegian written form Nynorsk in 1950. Small white dots are towns redd.it/b1fu4m Nynorsk always fascinated me. I don’t think there’s anything else quite …

2019-03-16: By day and by night - exaggerated relief map of Western Europe redd.it/b1foo6 Spain always looks like a wasteland in these–CeterumCenseo85

2019-03-16: How would the The Netherlands be divided if highways marked the province borders? redd.it/b1e2ko You have some crazy highways between Utrecht and Amsterdam–Kivabamue

2019-03-16: Nights spent at tourist accommodation establishments in Europe (2017) redd.it/b1e2a5 Interesting that the U.K. got more than France, but a lot of the visits are probably …

2019-03-16: Commuting in Ireland redd.it/b1dff8 Poor unlabeled Limerick–kayelar

2019-03-16: Italy according to foreigner Youtubers that live there redd.it/b1ddbr that could really just be called “italy according to Milanese …

2019-03-16: Percent Ecuadorian by US state redd.it/b1ahsc

2019-03-16: Percent Nicaraguan by US state redd.it/b1ahjy

2019-03-16: Percent Romani by European country redd.it/b19dve Germany may not have that many Romani in the whole country, but there are sooooo …

2019-03-16: Percent of Time U.S. States have been in the Union redd.it/b18d9f Interesting to see how the civil war impacted said time, Texas and Wisconsin entered …

2019-03-16: A map of New Zealand portraying her agricultural products & fisheries (1931)

2019-03-16: Top 10 countries in the Americas by Japanese population redd.it/b187gy I remember Peru had a president of Japanese descent, Alberto Fujimori. His daughter, …

2019-03-16: Colombia y Ecuador (1890) redd.it/b17q56

2019-03-16: Chinese population in Argentina per province redd.it/b15nll

2019-03-16: Reliance on Russian crude oil imports 2017 redd.it/b130qx The atlantic imports 40%-60% of russian oil?–Bonomaniac

2019-03-16: Exaggerated relief map of the southern portion of South America redd.it/b11etv Oh we’d be alllllright if we make it round the Horn.–Lysergicassini

2019-03-16: Migration Rates of African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and Europeans within the United States redd.it/b10xef

2019-03-16: HDI of Chinese Provinces redd.it/b10u3h No rich people. if everyone is poor, then you have a low HDI. However, HDI is a …

2019-03-16: GDP per capita of Europe in 1938 (Converted into 2018 dollars) redd.it/b10th7 You can clearly see the effects of the Spanish Civil War on this map–Sodi920

2019-03-16: Battle of France 1940 redd.it/b10f5b “Typically today you’d see this kind of map as colored areas of control …

2019-03-16: The geographical distribution of animals in sub-regions on Latin America - 1876 - 1.Chilian 2.Brazilian 3.Mexican 4.Antillean redd.it/b10exh “This map is the ultimate wet dream for each and every …

2019-03-16: Map of Most of British Isles made by where people live redd.it/b0zwcy “People in the Republic of Ireland are so evenly spread out”

2019-03-16: What the 50 US states might look like if they were redrawn today based on economic connections redd.it/b0zcv7 “Montana: “Do I mean nothing to you?”“–paulwesley91

2019-03-16: A wind map of the United States redd.it/b0v2ly “I’m in Kansas and my plastic chair ended up in my neighbors yard because of …

2019-03-16: World population growth through time redd.it/b0yau9 “R was used for data manipulation and animation …

2019-03-16: Map of the world Circa 1700 A.D. redd.it/b0y8gh “Oh man, French encircled Brits in America, soon entire North America will be …

2019-03-16: Cities in Australia with over 100,000 people redd.it/b0wyhd “Western Australia (state) is about 1/3 of the country and only has one city …

2019-03-16: Allies of The USA redd.it/b0w6n7 “No Saudi Arabia?”–ChrisTinnef

2019-03-16: Physiographic Regions of Alabama redd.it/b0ui91

2019-03-16: Washington Trewartha Map redd.it/b0ug0y “I’ll never not be amazed how quickly it goes from rain to desert in the …

2019-03-16: Austrian Quadrilateral (part of northern Italy) - late 19th century redd.it/b0tpp0 “the Austrian Quadrilateral was the backbone of the Austrian Empire’s …

2019-03-16: Klamath Falls, Oregon circa 1909 redd.it/b0td2i ” we used to have to drive 90 miles to Klamath to find a Wal Mart and …

2019-03-16: European countries sized according to their national GDP redd.it/b0ji6o ​ “Russiah Stronk”–dragolineage

2019-03-16: Ethnic Map of Austria-Hungary in 1910 redd.it/b0rsfy “It’s amazing it lasted as long as it did with 10 separate ethnic groups …

2019-03-16: Britain during the Danelaw (867-927) redd.it/b0rec0 “Just after Wessex illegally annexed the Celtic kingdom of Cornwall eventually …

2019-03-16: Statistical Map of North America 1835 redd.it/b0yzzf

2019-03-16: The countryside around Rome (1816 map) redd.it/b0z08z

2019-03-16: Sea Coasts of France from the late 17th century redd.it/b0zme0 “G”–Samosmapper

2019-03-16: Catalonia from a rare 17th century atlas redd.it/b0zdzo “As this map is dedicated to the British king Charles II, it means it was done …

2019-03-16: Early Map of New England, 1677 redd.it/b0zl1i “This perspective makes my head hurt”–whidbeysounder

2019-03-16: Ethnographical map of Austria-Hungary (1918)

2019-03-16: London as an Island by Stephen Walter redd.it/b1dxrb “The moment when you realize that the grass is not grass, it’s …

2019-03-16: The Crystal Palace Game (1855) redd.it/b1dxuo “This is a fascinating map”–ZebraTheWPrincess

2019-03-16: Map of Canterbury, England 1588 redd.it/b1e2q4 “The titans surely wouldnt be able to get through the walls”–tye_h

2019-03-16: Map of Pennsylvania circa 1688 redd.it/b1dxad “Note: Map is oriented with West UP”

2019-03-15: North Africa by Joan Blaeu - circa 1670 redd.it/b0sm1j

2019-03-15: Bosporus 1819 redd.it/b0sdqi

2019-03-15: Syria circa 1657

2019-03-15: Great Western Railway Guide of the midwest USA, 1856 redd.it/b0r1u5

2019-03-15: Largest Protestant denomination in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia-Slavonia by county, 1900 redd.it/b0omsk “Damn the Hapsburgs”–guntars0876

2019-03-15: The Nile from space at night

2019-03-15: Mandatory vaccinations in European countries redd.it/b09brn “We got vaccinations in school when we were 12, we just assumed it was …

2019-03-15: Europe from the eyes of a child redd.it/b0a80x “The kid was, according to OP, his 13-year old little sister from …

2019-03-15: Religions in Europe 1900 redd.it/b0aywr “All the Armenians are kicked out”

2019-03-15: Over 5 million births in EU in 2017 redd.it/b0hcil “In 2017, 5.075 million babies were born in the European Union (EU), compared …

2019-03-15: Blood Alcohol Concentration (Drink-Drive) Limit in Europe redd.it/b0j508 “That’s some quite heavy-tailed Czechoslovakia”

2019-03-15: Typical response to a sneeze in different European languages redd.it/b1252g “French is wrong. “Santé” is for a toast. Sneezing is “A vos …

2019-03-15: Life Expectancy at birth by EU NUTS2 region redd.it/b15r09 “Pray. For. Glasgow.”

2019-03-15: GDP per capita of Europe 1913 (Converted into 2019 Dollars) ” redd.it/b15o90“ “Portugal has been honorary Eastern European for a quite long …

2019-03-15: Geographic distribution of the Yenish (2007) hauptregionen = all regions wichtige= important region weitere - further region wichtige orte = …

2019-03-15: Districts of Europe with more than 1 million people redd.it/b0ofss “I love ireland”–EoinBeirneNumber4816

2019-03-15: Country of birth of largest immigrant group by area (Montreal) (Source: Le Monde Diplomatique) redd.it/b0nqzh “The dark blue near it is Cote-St-Luc, where about 7% of the population speaks …

2019-03-15: Kentucky 2015 Governor Election by County Blue-Democratic Hold Dark Red-Republican Hold Light Red-Republican Pickup from 2011 redd.it/b0n937

2019-03-15: Ottoman map of Europe. 1803 redd.it/b0n47l “Borders of Poland-Lithuania are from between the first [1772] and second …

2019-03-15: Cities where the oldest printing offices in Europe were located (red, before 1480 - green, between 1480 and 1500) redd.it/b0mey0 “More important than the Internet. Be sure to visit the Gutenberg Museum in …

2019-03-15: USA & Canada overlaid on Europe at the same latitudes redd.it/b0lwh6 “Yeah Ireland is actually really far north compared to America but …

2019-03-15: Central Europe, Prussia and Austria and their acquisitions 1815-66 redd.it/b0lu0a “i believe there was not yet Austria-Hungary before like 1860s, just …

2019-03-15: Artillery Map from World War One redd.it/b0lcu2 “Intersting how batteries never aim for the target in front of them. I can …

2019-03-15: New England Seaboard circa 1755 redd.it/b0l906 “Crazy to see how some spellings have changed (i.e. Lake Winnipesaukee)”

2019-03-15: The Amazon river basin covers about 40% of South America and is home to the world's largest rain forest redd.it/b0l7k7 “This actually makes the position of Brasilia way more interesting”

2019-03-15: Light pollution of New Zealand

2019-03-15: Rapeseed production map of Pakistan

2019-03-15: United States 2018 temperature compared to all other years redd.it/b15s5i “Stay cool, Louisiana Purchase!”

2019-03-15: Map showing where 2018's precipitation ranked compared to all other years (Alaska-centric version)

2019-03-15: United States 2018 precipitation ranked compared to all other years redd.it/b15rlk “Hey Oregon, what gives?”

2019-03-15: Peanut production map of India

2019-03-15: Aus season rice production in Bangladesh

2019-03-15: Cotton production map of Turkey

2019-03-15: Corn production map of Turkey

2019-03-15: Mixed grain production map of Syria

2019-03-15: Cotton production map of Iran by province

2019-03-15: Cotton production map of Europe

2019-03-15: Peanut production map of Paraguay

2019-03-15: Wheat production map of Peru

2019-03-15: Corn (traditional) production map of Colombia by department

2019-03-15: Soybean production map of Brazil

2019-03-15: Cotton production in Mexico

2019-03-15: Sorghum production in Haiti

2019-03-15: Cotton production map of the United States

2019-03-15: Cotton production in Australia redd.it/axkni7 “My uncle runs a few hundred hectares of GM cotton on his farm (plus a few …

2019-03-15: 1763 map of northeastern North America

2019-03-15: Water Catchments of the World

2019-03-15: Forest Cover of the World

2019-03-15: The size of U.S. states if (while keeping the same total overall population) they had the population density of (i) California, U.S. states if they had the population density of CAL and NJ

2019-03-15: Prisoners per 100,000 in the United States, 1979-2012

2019-03-15: Changes to the world's population over the centuries

2019-03-15: What the world would look like with a decreasing shore length

2019-03-15: How America's source of Immigrants has Changed over Time

2019-03-15: Land use / land cover of Gabon

2019-03-14: Largest Ancestry Group in Massachusetts, by county

2019-03-14: A new and correct map of the United States (1824) redd.it/b0ym6v “I like the mountain ridges extending from the Mississippi/Missouri seemingly …

2019-03-14: Temperature and precipitation map of Brazil (1977)

2019-03-14: 1848 Newspaper article about the gold discovery in California redd.it/b0s4ab

2019-03-14: Rio Grande de Magdalena, a map by Alexander von Humboldt redd.it/b0kkq9

2019-03-14: Denmark from an 18th century atlas redd.it/b0hh6r “WENFUFFEL!”–Worsaae

2019-03-14: Vestiges of ancient Rome redd.it/b0l6i1 “I wasn’t expecting so high def”–willbinich

2019-03-14: Vermont and New Hampshire Road Map (1920) redd.it/b0ks4r “New Hampshire represent!”–fluffychicken61

2019-03-14: Congressional Seats per Residents of each state, 2018 redd.it/b0grxz “Average of all states was 2.16959E-06 in 2018”

2019-03-14: 18th century map of Cambridgeshire redd.it/b0t3f5

2019-03-14: Map of Cambridgeshire, 18th Century

2019-03-14: [USA] Massachusetts Bay circa 1905 redd.it/b0riri “Neat! That’s when the South Bay was still …

2019-03-14: Chosŏn dynasty map of Korea redd.it/b0r2dn “Trypophobia trigerring”–Catalyst_AM

2019-03-14: Map of Maryland and Delaware from 1797 redd.it/b0rcbl “Surprised how accurately cartographers depicted the shape of the state. I …

2019-03-14: 14th century Portolan Chart of the Mediterranean Sea redd.it/b0ey1c

2019-03-14: How to find Kentucky on the map redd.it/b0eudj “Mimal the chef! (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, …

2019-03-14: Islam in Great Britain (2011)

2019-03-14: 1900s Map of the History of Austria-Hungary

2019-03-14: Western Europe 2012-2016 - new light is blue and extinguished light is pink

2019-03-14: Cameroon Land Cover

2019-03-14: Forest cover of northern Europe

2019-03-14: Bird Migration in the Americas (1979) - National Geographic

2019-03-14: The Sea of Marmara 1786 redd.it/b0h80g

2019-03-14: Dutch world map circa 1675 redd.it/b0h3gc “Seems very German too me”–simongerman600

2019-03-14: Baltic Touring Map 1993 redd.it/b0h1rh

2019-03-14: Territory of New South Wales, 1791 redd.it/b0h1j7

2019-03-14: Reconnaissance over Bruges (1940)

2019-03-14: Canada, Louisiane et Terres Angloises (1755) redd.it/b0g2j1 “Poor lower peninsula of Michigan”

2019-03-14: Vanuatu 1817 redd.it/b0g1zc “Ahh, a time before the 83rd Island”–mouse85224

2019-03-14: Karakoram Himalayas, 1892 redd.it/b0fofe “Oh my god, this is amazing … this map really got me excited … …

2019-03-14: Map of the seat of war between the Russians, Poles and Turks, 1787 redd.it/b0fo3g “Even back then they called it Turkey, interesting”–TheWiseBeluga

2019-03-14: Albania redd.it/b0f7g3 “Albannia …albannnnia. You border onnnn the ad-dreee atic. Obscure …

2019-03-14: Torres Strait Map used by Joseph Conrad (1882) redd.it/b0etgv

2019-03-14: The Western Coast of Africa 1789 redd.it/b0eij0 “Good find!”–LordGrovy

2019-03-13: Oregon Territory 1838 . redd.it/b0e38z “54° 40’ or Fight”–keeeeshawn

2019-03-13: Voronoi diagram of Regions and Provinces in Italy redd.it/b0d3qm “This map shows Italian Provinces (bigger map) and Regions (smaller map) if …

2019-03-13: Global Geopolitical Alliances redd.it/b0cd8a “Isn’t Pakistan Chinese-aligned?”–holytriplem

2019-03-13: Vaccinations in Europe redd.it/b0cspe “You know if the EU wants to do something useful, vaccination should be at the …

2019-03-13: Colonial Africa, hand drawn

2019-03-13: 1782 map of the southern hemisphere redd.it/aue6pk “Flat Earth Society would like to know your location”–StevenGannJr

2019-03-13: Forests (green) and Woodlands (red) of Bolivia redd.it/audy0h “Direct sunlight hits the ground in woodlands”–facetiae_uvidae

2019-03-13: Stereotypical Map of New Zealand as of 2017 redd.it/auad25

2019-03-13: Before the beginning of the 19th century, Australia did not have an official name. Here are some names given to Australia on maps at the end of the 18th century redd.it/au9jax “How did the French miss Australia?”–blotblagtig

2019-03-13: Nicholas Lane terrestrial pocket globe (1776) - redd.it/au794r

2019-03-13: German Empire in Europe 1914 redd.it/au5py4 “Blessed brings me joy… I love the German Empire (No not NAZI …

2019-03-13: 1780 map of Oceania redd.it/au5nm8 “I wonder why the cartographer left Fiji out”–sandollars

2019-03-13: South Australia Forest Cover redd.it/au5i36 “this is sad :(“–aggressivemagpie

2019-03-13: Land surface difference from 200-2012 average on January 14 - 28, 2019 in Australia redd.it/au1g94 “What are these statistics talking about? There is no climate change! …

2019-03-13: Köppen Climate Classification for United States and the percentage of land using that classification redd.it/au0cbr “West coast: W H A T I N T H E F U** K”–stroopwaffen797

2019-03-13: Africa and South America do have similar shapes!!! redd.it/atsydv

2019-03-13: Forest density of the world redd.it/atsm0m “It’s showing forest density. No surprise that the ocean and desserts have the …

2019-03-13: Railway map of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina redd.it/atkrqe “If it’s up to date, im totally saving it for future use …

2019-03-13: Poverty in Kyrgyzstan redd.it/atir0u “Hm hm… uuuh…. and…. where would that be? types google …

2019-03-13: 1938 Japanese pictorial map of Australia redd.it/aqztp1 “Just a road in Tasmania”–T0N372

2019-03-13: 1792 map of The Dutchy of Silesia redd.it/atcu70 ”(Prussians breathing hard)“–jamesjamersonson

2019-03-13: Hindoostan, or the Mogul Empire [South Asia] 1788 redd.it/atct7b “Woof, can’t believe that one of the largest cities in the world was …

2019-03-13: Watersheds of Russia redd.it/atbvaz “the almighty volga dominates west of th Urals, the east is more impressive, …

2019-03-13: Dutch New Guinea (1957) redd.it/at279v “Why was this area never rly colonized?”–1ngebot

2019-03-13: Place names that contain the word 'Prarie' in the United States redd.it/at1bc1 “Florida has a number of dry lakes and lowlands that form prairies”

2019-03-13: Clock-driven Chinese celestial globe 1830

2019-03-13: New Zealand 1832

2019-03-13: Australian regions by GDP growth (2015-2016) redd.it/asyyvg “Victoria and New South Wales struggling to diversify growth outside of their …

2019-03-13: 6 ways to divide New Jersey redd.it/arxf9s “If Camden is the armpit, I’d say Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth etc. …

2019-03-13: 1930s Pictorial Map of Australia / designed by Margaret Whiting Spilhaus redd.it/9rso1o

2019-03-13: Chick Chick Boom!!! redd.it/asr3be “Y’all mind if I eat North America?”

2019-03-13: Trend in annual average leaf area in south and east Asia (% per decade, 2000-2017) redd.it/aso1gz “It’s an increase in the amount of leaves not including current leaves”

2019-03-13: 1730 map of Birmingham, England

2019-03-13: 1730 Homann map of Asia

2019-03-13: 1731 terrestrial globe in a mahogany stand, focussed on Australia

2019-03-13: 1731 terrestrial globe in a mahogany stand, centred on East Asia

2019-03-13: 1731 terrestrial globe in a mahogany stand, centred of Africa

2019-03-13: 1732 map of Ireland

2019-03-13: 1738 map of southern Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa

2019-03-13: Corn production map of Pakistan

2019-03-13: Rice production map of Sri Lanka

2019-03-13: Cotton production map of Pakistan

2019-03-13: Cotton production map of India

2019-03-13: Corn production map of India

2019-03-13: Boro season rice production map of Bangladesh

2019-03-13: Aman season rice production map of Bangladesh

2019-03-13: Barley production map of Turkey

2019-03-13: Barley production map of Syria

2019-03-13: 1734 Philippines

2019-03-13: View of Savannah as it stood on (29th March, A.D. 1734) for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America

2019-03-13: 1735 map of the Prince-Bishopric of Speyer (in yellow, plus the four enclaves in aqua) [Germany]

2019-03-13: 1735 Homann Heirs Map of China

2019-03-13: 1735 map of East Asia

2019-03-13: Africa Iuxta Navigationes Et Observationes Recentissimas Aucta Correcta Et In Sua Regna Et Status Divisa: ca. 1735

2019-03-13: An historical map of Roman Empire and the neighbouring barbarous nations to the year of our Lord four hundred, when the empire began to be rent with foreign invasions (1736)

2019-03-13: Exaggerated Relief Map of the Persian Gulf Region at night

2019-03-13: 1737 map of far north east Asia

2019-03-13: 1737 D'Anville Map of Asia

2019-03-13: Map of the Antarctic expedition of Jean-Baptiste Bouvet de Lozier, during which he discovered Bouvet Island in 1739

2019-03-13: English pamphlet with maps of the Caribbean and main Spanish cities in the region, published in 1740 to build public support for the ongoing war against Spain

2019-03-13: The Spanish Galeon Treasure Route Past Florida and From Havana 1740 ca

2019-03-13: 1740 Detailed map of the Holy Land, showing the travels of Christ and the Apostles. By Dutch Carthographer Johan Wetstein

2019-03-13: A map of Japan made in the Ottoman Empire (1728) redd.it/b0blu2 “Pretty accurate for 1728”

2019-03-13: Solar Farm Growth in Australia redd.it/b0avcw

2019-03-13: Origin of our common vegetables redd.it/b0a9rn “No veggies in Australia?”

2019-03-13: Percentage of HIV-infected by subjects of the Russian Federation redd.it/b0adfr

2019-03-13: U.S. Time Zone Gerrymandering

2019-03-13: Ottoman defeat and territorial losses after failure of great siege of Vienna 1683 and Austrian and …

2019-03-13: Africa finally got some water redd.it/b09t8p “Bless the rains”

2019-03-13: Nitrogen dioxide world emission

2019-03-13: Percentage of native residents retained in each state

2019-03-13: British, French, German and Spanish cultural/language institutes redd.it/b090ql “Why the …

2019-03-13: Optimistic to Pessimistic Projections of Freedom in the World, 2018 redd.it/b092qi “Generally has more to do with fundamental rights and a working democratic …

2019-03-13: Trails of England, Wales and Scotland redd.it/b0ceqa

2019-03-13: Ordinance Survey Maps Britain's most trodden routes redd.it/b09rwd “this was pretty alarming until I realized what it meant”

2019-03-13: Transcaucasion Socialist Federative Soviet Republic redd.it/b07ipk “ЗСФСР just rolls off your tongue!”

2019-03-13: Maurya Empire, 246 BC redd.it/b07kmx “No one conquers the Tamil kings”

2019-03-13: Chinese in South East Asia redd.it/b07y3n “why is papua new guinea never considered SE-asia? its right there”

2019-03-13: Budapest's housing price boom redd.it/b07ep8

2019-03-13: Location of gulags in the USSR redd.it/azytsd “Very interesting how this specific USSR map depicts the Karelian SSR. You do …

2019-03-13: Areas served by Paris' major railway stations redd.it/b06aiq “All (Rail)Roads Lead to Paris.”

2019-03-13: US states by population share redd.it/b054q5

2019-03-13: Map of the German advance in the Soviets put into the USA redd.it/b047gq “Yeah this is an info graphic made for propaganda.”

2019-03-13: Percent of White non-hispanics by US county

2019-03-13: Map showing Sir Francis Drake's path on silver by Michael Mercator

2019-03-13: Bird Diversity in Brazil

2019-03-13: Spanish as Dominant Language by County in the United States. Pure white = 0 Spanish speakers

2019-03-13: Cropland intensity of Europe (1992)

2019-03-12: Barley production map of Syria

2019-03-12: Corn production map of Iran by province

2019-03-12: Barley production map of Iran

2019-03-12: Corn production map of Europe

2019-03-12: Barley production map of Europe

2019-03-12: Soybean production map of Uruguay

2019-03-12: Sunflower production map of Uruguay

2019-03-12: Cotton production map of Paraguay

2019-03-12: Corn production map of Paraguay

2019-03-12: Rice (crop mask) production map of Guyana

2019-03-12: Rice production map of Guyana

2019-03-12: Rice production map of Peru

2019-03-12: Corn (yellow) production map of Peru

2019-03-12: Corn (technical) production map of Colombia by department

2019-03-12: Sorghum production map of Brazil

2019-03-12: Corn production in Mexico

2019-03-12: Rice production in Haiti

2019-03-12: Corn production map of the United States

2019-03-12: Barley production in Australia

2019-03-12: Eastern North America 1713

2019-03-12: Word Map by Passport Colour

2019-03-12: Tasmania mid 19th Century redd.it/b01df8 “Fun fact: they changed their name from Van Diemens Land because of the stain …

2019-03-12: Aussie Meat!

2019-03-12: Western Africa 1851 redd.it/azzx6b

2019-03-12: Pictorial Map of China (in Chinese) by Aleksandra & Daniel Mizielińscy redd.it/azy3br “It’s from a Polish book that contains maps of many countries”

2019-03-12: Macquarie Island geology map

2019-03-12: Shrinking of Aral Sea redd.it/azxdcz “Mister central Asia, I don’t feel so good…”

2019-03-12: The 1566 map of Iceland DA ISLANDIA INSULA has no known author redd.it/azxo40 “If you flip the country over and turn it 90° right, you can see that it …

2019-03-12: Period when states first established diplomatic relations with Israel redd.it/azxrn2 “Most of those are just “when they became countries”.

2019-03-12: Cultural Regions of America

2019-03-12: CO2 emissions per capita (In metric tons)

2019-03-12: Global Sugar Beet Output redd.it/azva5o “Missing the tiny dot for Schrute Farms”

2019-03-12: Gains and Losses of Iran redd.it/azvm41 “They got full control over Baluchistan I guess…”

2019-03-12: Is the scone gone or alone in England?

2019-03-12: 'The Island Formosa and the Pescadores', depicted by Johannes Vingboons in around 1640

2019-03-12: Linguistic Map of the Caucasus (1880)

2019-03-12: South Carolina - participating religious group with the largest number of adherents, 2010 redd.it/9geg6w “Man, southern baptists …”

2019-03-12: German Map of Great Britain and Ireland (1801)

2019-03-12: Languages of Bolivia redd.it/9flemq “Wow. Bolivia is very indigenous”

2019-03-12: Australia Temperature Change Since 1910

2019-03-12: Scottish Wildness redd.it/9bjzcx “Aye pure meantal”

2019-03-12: Roads of Florida redd.it/9bxw44 “Just the veins”

2019-03-12: Virginia - Industry Sector with Largest Employment (1987)

2019-03-12: Land use zones in Botswana - the Conservation Zones (green colours) and the Agricultural Zones (brown colours)

2019-03-12: Irish Free State and Northern Ireland Portraying Their Agricultural Products & Fisheries (1929) redd.it/9jloa1 “Oh wow. I am in love with this map style!!”

2019-03-12: 1749 map of Central Asia

2019-03-12: Relief Map of Ethiopia redd.it/a2fnq2 “I dunno why but Ethiopia’s shape is just very pleasing to me”

2019-03-12: First-round support for Alexander Lukashenko in the 1994 presidential election of Belarus

2019-03-12: Western Australia pro-secession map of Australia from the 1930s. It argues that Perth is closer to Singapore than Sydney, and that “WA’s natural trade” flowed north and west. Red is marked as “the area that blocks the West’s progress” redd.it/9l7y4e “As a Tasmanian this is typical”

2019-03-12: The Alps, Europe's Backbone (1965) - National Geographic Society

2019-03-12: Topographic Map of San Francisco (1914)

2019-03-12: Theater of War in Europe, Africa and Western Asia (1939) - National Geographic Society

2019-03-12: 1829 panorama of Salzburg, Austria - by Johann Michael Sattler redd.it/9sa289 “I thought this was a red dead screenshot”

2019-03-12: Chart of map history from Antiquity to the 1930s redd.it/azupg4 “From excellent cartographer Erwin Raisz’ 1938 book “General …

2019-03-12: When were most Hungarian homes built by settlement redd.it/aztpto

2019-03-12: Population of the Netherlands compared to other countries

2019-03-12: Ethnological Map of Venezuela circa 1927 redd.it/azo88k

2019-03-12: Waterways of France 1911 redd.it/aznbv7 “Shows you how easy it was for the Vikings/Normans to raid the interior of …

2019-03-12: State of Minnesota, 1879 redd.it/azi4dh “Found Dodge! Get the hell out of it!”

2019-03-12: Lorraine and the Westrich, by Martin Waldseemüller (1508)

2019-03-12: Kansas & Nebraska, 1857 redd.it/azlmy5 “As a Nebraskan we got it worse”

2019-03-12: Italian Americans by county, 2013-2017 redd.it/azkfpg

2019-03-12: Admission of Statehood in the United States redd.it/azkh85 “If you ain’t from the 13 OG colonies don’t even talk to me”

2019-03-12: Map of Texas compiled by Steve Austin (1839) redd.it/azjy50

2019-03-12: Map of World War II from [Oficina Cartografica Montenegro Paz] redd.it/azjc42 “Map is not from Montenegro the country. It’s from Oficina Cartografica …

2019-03-12: Pre-WWII highway proposal (1938) submitted by Jan Antonin Bat'a that would have connected the easternmost parts of Czechoslovakia to the Carpatho-Ruthenian regions of the country through a series of new roads redd.it/azje8o “the purple lines are railways”

2019-03-12: Religious services attendance in Europe redd.it/azhteq “Turkey is interesting”

2019-03-12: Redrawing of a 10th century world map by Persian geographer Istakhri

2019-03-12: Decline of German Power in the Baltic Region (1380-1560) redd.it/azhd3j

2019-03-12: The Danube River Basin redd.it/azgmtq

2019-03-12: Ottoman Empire at its peak redd.it/azgv0c “Also Ottoman armies did raid very far north from their administrative …

2019-03-12: World's smallest country vs largest building redd.it/azg3h0 “Vatican City: Only country in the world with 100% literacy and 0% birth …

2019-03-12: Churchill, Manitoba 1933 redd.it/azfk38

2019-03-12: United States 2008 presidential election result by precinct

2019-03-12: 10 longest stretches of Interstate without interchanges with other Interstates redd.it/azen9i “These are all about the distance an average Scotsman would walk and then …

2019-03-12: Map of Indonesia divided by how they call a pancake-like street snack redd.it/azeq9x “We have Apams in South India too”

2019-03-12: Bird's Eye View of South Africa redd.it/azd8ii “more mountainous than i thought”

2019-03-12: WWE has produced 1345 episodes of RAW and here is a map that shows which state had the most redd.it/ayyxdm “How have they never run a RAW in Albuquerque?”

2019-03-11: The Boundary Lines of the Czech-Sclavonian state redd.it/azblet “Excellent find!”

2019-03-11: Parliamentary Election Map of the British Isles 1885 redd.it/azazqw “Interesting to seeing London being so Tory back then”

2019-03-11: Magnetic declination in USA 2015 redd.it/azb244 “And here I am using the sun LIKE A FOOL”

2019-03-11: Size of US States Compared to Asian Countries

2019-03-11: Summer temperatures in the Arctic redd.it/az9uac “The true members of the nordic nations”

2019-03-11: Germanic People in Europe (Eupedia) redd.it/az9vyo “Surprised Aberdeenshire is the same colour as most of Finland and …

2019-03-11: High-speed rail networks in Europe redd.it/aza0uq

2019-03-11: Ottoman map of England (1840) redd.it/azae4c “East Anglia lookin’ thicc”

2019-03-11: "Tricontinental" Chile redd.it/az9anp “Chile Antarctica is not real, just a military wet dream”

2019-03-11: Federal dependencies of Venezuela redd.it/az9c70

2019-03-11: Dominant Languages in Switzerland (Red for German, Blue for French, Green for Italian and Yellow for Rumantsch) redd.it/az9epk “the german spoken in that one red dot in the very east surrounded by rumantsh …

2019-03-11: US population center vs. geographic center by state redd.it/az9goh “New York feet are in New Jersey”

2019-03-11: Anomalies in death causes by country redd.it/az9i9s “Interesting to see how this map shows almost perfect divide between east and …

2019-03-11: Forest cover map of the Americas “the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia has more biomass than …

2019-03-11: The percentage of Catholics in U.S. counties, 2010 redd.it/azs4qr

2019-03-11: Largest mother tongue (other than English) in New York City by community district in 2012 “Washington Heights = Japanese. Interesting because after WW2, the US had a housing complex in …

2019-03-11: Europe daily mean temperature for March “russia is cold…” redd.it/azmg1k

2019-03-11: Territorial Authorities (regions, districts, municipalities, etc) in New Zealand

2019-03-11: Range of the Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat “Clermont, home of the Piano in the Tree” redd.it/azmc7p

2019-03-11: Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway (1911) redd.it/az8wzg

2019-03-11: All Major Tribes of Iraq (Includes adjenct areas) “only Mespotamia and Kurdistan have a fairly high population density” redd.it/az9032

2019-03-11: Southern Cone at night “Damn, that’s a lot of oil rigs off the coast of Argentina and the Falklands” …

2019-03-11: Map of the Murray Darling Basin “There seem to be a whole lot of fail rivers that go nowhere in Australia” …

2019-03-11: EU sheep population bubble grid map (no data for Poland) “It’s not very distinguishable, but Slovenia is counted in” redd.it/azlyqz

2019-03-11: Travel time by car or ferry from the geographical center of Europe “The difference between Americans and Europeans is that Americans think 100 years is a long …

2019-03-11: Map of Estonia’s capital Tallinn in 1922 “nice” redd.it/az6nlv

2019-03-11: 1746 planisphere of the northern hemisphere superimposed on the southern hemisphere (in French) redd.it/azlsdu

2019-03-11: 7 cartograms of Brazil redd.it/az93gj

2019-03-11: Sandwich Islands to New Caledonia 1863 redd.it/az89px

2019-03-11: Spread of different Langauges in the Middle East redd.it/az893e

2019-03-11: Southern Angola circa 1932 redd.it/az8bst

2019-03-11: Boundaries between world's oceans and seas “No one could come up with a better sea name than “The Coastal Waters of Southeast Alaska and …

2019-03-11: Bullfighting in Spain by province “Note that ‘high’ is still pretty low in absolute terms. Almost nobody cares about …

2019-03-11: The Nuclear Weapons Complex Transportation Routes (1988)

2019-03-11: Proportion of Swedish speakers in southwestern Finland by municipality in 1900, 1950 and 2003 redd.it/az7s5d

2019-03-11: Total number of tourists per 100,000 inhabitants in Europe

2019-03-11: Benelux language/dialect zones “Do they not speak in Flevoland?” redd.it/az7ybh

2019-03-11: Baku and Vicinity 1992 redd.it/az6mm9

2019-03-11: Muslim world in 2050

2019-03-11: Education degrees of European country leaders (2019)

2019-03-11: Islands in the Atlantic redd.it/az71vf

2019-03-11: Johannes Janssonius - Kingdoms of Fez and Morocco (1635) redd.it/az72r1

2019-03-11: A Description of the Empire of Prester John, that is to say, of the Abysinians (1564) …

2019-03-11: Andalucia 1837 redd.it/az78r5

2019-03-11: Estonia at night redd.it/az74qb “Wow, just look at that coastal settlement at Juminda and Pärispea peninsulas. …

2019-03-11: Coffee Map of the Republic of Colombia (1939) redd.it/az7b5z

2019-03-11: Feudal Map of Japan end of Sengoku period, Age of Warring States

2019-03-11: Russian Map of Finland, 1860 redd.it/az6jvj “RIP Karelia”

2019-03-11: Driving directions in Europe, 1922 redd.it/az65so “Mixed? The hell”

2019-03-11: American Council on Soviet Relations Map of the USSR (1941) redd.it/az6k3l “Gotta wonder …

2019-03-11: Railways of Belgium circa 1855 redd.it/az5y93 “I can say it pretty much stayed the same over …

2019-03-11: Every territory owned by Poland and the amount of years ruled over it redd.it/az5xwa …

2019-03-11: Iceland in the 12th Century - (from an 1878 map) redd.it/az5ydk “The red Roman letters are …

2019-03-11: American foreign troop deployment around the world since 1993 redd.it/az4yk5 “What the hell …

2019-03-11: Kent: Battle of Britain 1940-1941 by Ernest Clegg redd.it/az4luu “Amazing map.”

2019-03-11: Government censorship in Europe 2017 redd.it/az4so5 “God bless Slovaki”.

2019-03-11: Blonde hair in the World

2019-03-10: World map showing only large cities

2019-03-10: Joaquín Torres García’s América Invertida (1943)

2019-03-10: Pompei Excavation Progress 1850 redd.it/az48h1

2019-03-10: Hammond’s large scale war map of the Western Front (1917) redd.it/az48jg

2019-03-10: GDP (PPP) per hour worked (international dollar) in Europe redd.it/az3g58 “Why is Portugal …

2019-03-10: Map of Trebizond Empire, c. 1300.

2019-03-10: Latin America, population density, absolute amount of 1.5 million redd.it/az2n86 “Argentina …

2019-03-10: Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and it’s ethnicities in 1914 redd.it/az2qqf “And they …

2019-03-10: Every town in SA with a population over 1,000 people redd.it/azbpve “Wow just comapring …

2019-03-10: Palm oil production map of Ecuador

2019-03-10: Barley production map of Colombia by department

2019-03-10: Peanut production map of Brazil

2019-03-10: Palm oil production of Guatemala

2019-03-10: Rice production in Cuba by province

2019-03-10: Barley production in Mexico

2019-03-10: Corn production in Haiti

2019-03-10: Barley production in Canada

2019-03-10: Barley production map of the United States

2019-03-10: Canola production in Australia

2019-03-10: Eastern North America 1667

2019-03-10: Canada 1867

2019-03-10: Ancient Middle East - 1450 BC redd.it/az285o “Looks like Assyrians are still at their same …

2019-03-10: Connected network of cities in Africa - obtained by taking the coordinates of 7,447 urban …

2019-03-10: Kosovo war death toll, 1998-1999 redd.it/az0hhl “Fino je ovo Miloše”

2019-03-10: Lighthouses of the British Isles 1858 redd.it/ayzweg

2019-03-10: Japan: Distribution of Waterworks 1945 redd.it/ayzx1v

2019-03-10: Five Miles Round the City of Bath (1771) redd.it/az00jn “Included in this map is the …

2019-03-10: Map of the East Indies (1606) redd.it/az068o

2019-03-10: Patches of Deforestation in Oregon redd.it/az06bw “Forests in the Pacific Northwest are …

2019-03-10: Chicago, incorporated as a town (not a city) in 1833 redd.it/ayzviw ““

2019-03-10: Springs of Florida redd.it/ayz4ra

2019-03-10: Size of US States Compared to European Countries

2019-03-10: Types of monarchs by country redd.it/ayyiuu “The Danish King / Queen actually has some …

2019-03-10: Middle Eastern cold war. (Iran vs Saudi Arabia proxy war) redd.it/ayyo88 “Oman’s just …

2019-03-10: Radio Stations of Europe, 1936 redd.it/ayxujd “Now this is beautiful”

2019-03-10: Rough sketch map of the Bechuanaland Protectorate shewing land reserved for natives redd.it/ayxylc …

2019-03-10: Birthright citizenship worldwide. Shaded by unrestricted, restricted, formerly had, and never had

2019-03-10: Ashland County, Wisconsin: showing railroad sections (1887) redd.it/ayxec3 “It was incentive …

2019-03-10: King of Great Britains Dominions in Germany redd.it/ayxf9e “Hanover was in personal union …

2019-03-10: Free Homes for the Million (Wyoming and Nebraska) redd.it/ayxgpj “The back of this map is …

2019-03-10: Highways of Maine 1915 redd.it/aywvfi “Huh, there’s a Canabis, Maine”

2019-03-10: Holocaust in Yugoslavia: Identified Jewish victims (in thousands) by their pre-war residence …

2019-03-10: NASA Visible Earth’s September Blue Marble Next Generation projected to Ginzburg V …

2019-03-10: Tower of London circa 1682 redd.it/aywpoq

2019-03-10: Distances saved by the interoceanic canal of Nicaragua and Costa Rica 1894 redd.it/aywtd9 …

2019-03-10: Aeroplane Map of Glacier National Park circa 1935 redd.it/ayx4xo

2019-03-10: Population cartogram of California counties redd.it/ayx5xb “Uh… What’s wrong …

2019-03-10: Over 15000 casualties of the Kosovo conflict and its aftermath, 1998-2000 redd.it/ayw6gq

2019-03-10: Caucasus circa 1919 redd.it/aywead

2019-03-10: Japanese Map of Northern Australia from World War 2 redd.it/ayweqc “Where we landing boys …

2019-03-10: Map of Africa for Dr. Mayor’s Universal History Ancient and Modern (1802) redd.it/ayweul …

2019-03-10: Indochina at night, with exaggerated relief redd.it/ayvjmh “Interesting how you can very …

2019-03-10: A GIF demonstrating the relationship between the standard Mercator projection of the Earth’s …

2019-03-10: How would The Netherland be divided if highways marked the province border? redd.it/ayrxs8 …

2019-03-10: Percent GDP growth between 2010 and 2017 in Europe redd.it/ayv8y8 Ireland be 🔥 Greece be 📉

2019-03-10: Beautiful map of colony New Amsterdam on Manhattan based on situation 1662. With canals, parks, …

2019-03-10: Length of the common name of each country

2019-03-10: “Woman” etymology map in European languages redd.it/ayt7to “Polish language: …

2019-03-10: USA PIXELART MAP!! redd.it/ayth7o “Looks like this would be a very long Pokemon region to …

2019-03-10: Colorized Sentinel 1 of the Sundarbans redd.it/aysk7k “The colors were applied on pixel …

2019-03-10: Dravidian languages redd.it/ayssne “Apparently Tamil itself is not mutually intelligible to …

2019-03-10: Italy according to “posh” Italians redd.it/aysefm Corsica is included “Because …

2019-03-10: Actual European discoveries

2019-03-10: You can force a practical tie in the US House when you make a distinction based on whether …

2019-03-10: Moscow is closer to Quebec City (Canada) than to Kuril Islands (Russia) redd.it/ayrlbm …

2019-03-10: Korean Peninsula at night from space redd.it/ayqvmn “Aside from a very long list of negatives, …

2019-03-10: Highest heat index minus lowest wind chill - this map shows the range of “feels like” …

2019-03-10: Following the Viking invasions in the 9th century, the kingdom of Wessex was left as the only …

2019-03-10: Map of routes to the Gold Region of Western Kansas (actually Colorado) 1859 redd.it/ayq2wk …

2019-03-10: German Playing Card Maps circa 1820 redd.it/ayq3k1 “What a shame that the name New Holland …

2019-03-10: Historic Liquor Regulations of the United States redd.it/ayq5xi “Prohibition was the big cause …

2019-03-10: Korea during North-South States Period 8th century redd.it/ayq8nc “North Korea stronk!”

2019-03-10: Borders of Ex Bantustans overlaid on top of the 2001 Population density map of South Africa …

2019-03-10: Chicago 1857 redd.it/ayplf2 “it was apparently created before Streeterville was created but …

2019-03-10: Borneo 1602 redd.it/aypm67

2019-03-10: 1788 map of New York, showing native lands and ten counties redd.it/aypwy8 “I’ll be in …

2019-03-10: Median Age of Population by EU NUTS 3 region in Europe

2019-03-10: Ostsiedlung — German colonization of the east redd.it/aypbx7 “Ostsiedlung is the German word …

2019-03-10: Australia over Europe, it’s a big country redd.it/ayoptj “Yugoslavia lol”

2019-03-10: “North and South Carolina” / An 1851 map originally published in “Mitchell’s …

2019-03-10: When did women get the vote? redd.it/ayo84m “Good job New Zealand!”

2019-03-10: Australian Operating Mines Map 2018 redd.it/aynu3i “Geoscience Australia (the Federal …

2019-03-10: South Asia, a different perspective redd.it/aynuun “you made India communist”

2019-03-10: Clark’s Chart of the World (1822)

2019-03-10: 1822 map of Australia

2019-03-10: Workers’ rights in Europe in 2018

2019-03-10: 1751 Leonard Cushee globe centred on the Pacific redd.it/aynjcd

2019-03-10: Bahrein (Bahrain) Island redd.it/aylwng

2019-03-10: Wytfliet’s Map of the World 1598 redd.it/aylysk

2019-03-10: Nautical chart of the Mediterranean area, including Europe with British Isles and part of …

2019-03-10: Rigobert Bonne - Part of the eastern coast of Africa with the island of Madagascar and the inserts …

2019-03-10: Map and profile of the Port of Mogodor (1767) redd.it/aym2mt “Damn this is a good map!”

2019-03-10: Manitoba, 1964 redd.it/aym4oo “I gotta say lake Winnipeg is absolutely massive. What a …

2019-03-10: Map of europe, but the most populous country is swapped with the least populous country, and so on …

2019-03-09: The Daily Telegraph map of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) circa 1935 redd.it/ayldm1

2019-03-09: Turkish Map of France (1795) redd.it/ayljk2 “Turkish maps are usually impressive for their …

2019-03-09: Share of the civilian labor force 16 and over that works for public administration in the United …

2019-03-09: Ainslies Travelling map of Scotland (1783) redd.it/ayl53l

2019-03-09: Canada’s Quebec-Windsor Corridor

2019-03-09: Greenland is farther East, West, North, and South than Iceland redd.it/ayj1kv

2019-03-09: Perth, Western Australia at night from Space redd.it/ayigoi “A town that they stayed at …

2019-03-09: The Island of California, a long-held myth among Spanish mapmakers during the 16th century …

2019-03-09: Topographic map of South East Australia

2019-03-09: Map showing the partitioning of Ottoman Turkey according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) …

2019-03-09: Sweden from 1.5 million lines (roads, paths, connections, etc) and nothing else redd.it/ayhrap

2019-03-09: Ethnic composition of Yugoslavia by county (srez) according to the 1953 census redd.it/ayh2vd

2019-03-09: Johnson’s 1866 [dated 1865] map of Nebraska, Dakota, Idaho and Montana

2019-03-09: Legality of recreational weed in Australia redd.it/ayp297 -

2019-03-09: If America was broken up by concentric circles

2019-03-09: Indochina at night, with exaggerated relief

2019-03-09: U.S. states in which the coldest temperature was recorded between June-August (1950-2017)

2019-03-09: Tundra Swan range map

2019-03-09: Map showing expansion of Prussia into the German Empire (1918) redd.it/aybdip

2019-03-09: High-speed rail across the world redd.it/aygpon - “there’s no real incentive for …

2019-03-09: Canadian Cultural Regions by Census Division redd.it/ayg5mo - “I used to live in the town of …

2019-03-09: Ottoman Empire rail network (1914)

2019-03-09: Urban areas in Europe redd.it/ayfgeh ”“places dominated by the built environment”

2019-03-09: History of repeal of the ban on interracial marriage redd.it/aye95c

2019-03-09: World at night, American side redd.it/aydfnv - “More like there are no people in the …

2019-03-09: Europe at night redd.it/aydg8j - “Moscow looks like it’s rotating”

2019-03-08: Map of vegetation zones (in Russian) redd.it/aydlli

2019-03-08: Public sector corruption index in Europe redd.it/aydn0n

2019-03-08: World’s largest building compared to the world’s smallest country redd.it/aydr6e

2019-03-08: Ontario Koppen Climate Map redd.it/aydz0w

2019-03-08: Population densities on the China-Russia border redd.it/ayd2n9

2019-03-08: Number of WrestleMania events hosted per US state redd.it/ayddt7

2019-03-08: Night Lights of the Levant redd.it/aydfyn

2019-03-08: In the Heart of Harlem (1953) redd.it/aycgiy

2019-03-08: 1746 map of the Middle East

2019-03-08: 1754 terrestrial globe by Nathaniel Hill redd.it/aycbtv

2019-03-08: Last time countries had a male head of government

2019-03-08: 1746 map of Central Europe

2019-03-08: Size of US states according to moose population redd.it/9y9iit

2019-03-08: 1746 map of Asia

2019-03-08: 1746 planisphere of the northern hemisphere superimposed on the southern hemisphere (in French)

2019-03-08: The Geography of the Great Solar Eclipse… 1748

2019-03-08: 1749 double hemispherical map of the world

2019-03-08: Bear projection redd.it/a8fm5w

2019-03-08: Japan and Korea at night redd.it/6ksxbz

2019-03-08: Exaggerated relief map of Chukotka, Alaska and the Bering Strait redd.it/6hh2d1

2019-03-08: If U.S. states had the same population density as New Jersey, would would their size be? …

2019-03-08: Night lights of Korea redd.it/7ivde7

2019-03-08: Roads either side of the border: Finland vs Russia redd.it/ab23m2

2019-03-08: Japanese impressions of northern Europe from 1932