Languages that are secretly different languages

“Today in modern Arabic, german, Chinese and Thai speaking countries everyone understands each other. But this is because they all learn a standardised lingua franca of their dialect continuum. All Germans speak high German, but how well would a high German speaker understand Swiss? What if they had never had any instruction in high German? That is the question the map poses”–Gabliang

Amount of Norwegians who write in dialect instead of standard Norwegian in casual contexts

“It’s a whole bunch of craziness. Norwegian has two official standardised dialects, one of which is a West Scandinavian dialect (Nynorsk) and the other an East Scandinavian dialect (Bokmål). Basically, they are from separate linguistic branches, but lumped together under a national “Norwegian” umbrella term. Then, there are two more standardised non-official dialects, Riksmål (precursor to, but still contemporary of Bokmål) and Høgnorsk, which is basically Nynorsk that rejected a bunch of reforms”–Faelchu